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Originally Posted by bebop cola View Post
You are in the FAQ. That is freakin awesome. You need to be like that Simpsons episode where Kent Brockman is like "Take two tickets and see the game! *Warning tickets are not to be taken orally*" and Homer with FULL PRIDE goes "SEE!? Because of ME they now need a warning!"
There's something to this. I will give another example:

I went to see Jimmy Pardo last month. He is known as a mostly crowd work comedian. He will goof on, insult, and generally make fun of you quickly if he can. For someone like me, who is a fan, an admirer if you will, there could be no greater honor than for him to single me out in his act. Last month I got my wish as he goofed on my laugh (because it sound stunted as I tried to cut it off so I wouldn't be interrupting him, so it did sound funny). It was a thrill to have 10-20 seconds of his act devoted to goofing on me.

If you think so highly of i-mockery, why not think of being singled out in a rule as an honor instead of a reason to have a dork tantrum?

Originally Posted by hot Kukuro
and being compared to Coolinator?... just plain insulting.
The Coolinator was annoying and didn't get it. You are annoying and don't get it. If you want such comparisons to stop, I suggest you look into eliminating the parts of yourself that you have in common with him
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