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Awesome list! Especially Scut Farkus. The beating of a child never generated such glee in the annals of movie history.

But how could you possibly leave out Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life? He's the guy who probably inspired half the people on this list! Mrs. Deagle is a direct homage to him! He's so well remembered as the quintessential Christmas asshole that 70 years later SNL made a sketch that consisted entirely of him getting his ass kicked!

Other's I might have included would be:
*Mr. Shirley from Christmas Vacation (though you already did a sweet review of that film)

*Marty from Ernest Saves Christmas (he actually has Santa arrested!)

*Tim Curry in Home Alone 2 (he does a perfect immitation of the Grinch's evil grin)

*Voldar from Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (horrible movies have assholes too)

*Blackadder from Blackadder's Christmas Carol (The anti-Scrooge. He starts out nice and turns into one major asshole)
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