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Old Apr 12th, 2011, 05:32 PM        Pretty sure I have THE worse relationship in the entire history of mankind
I'm constantly refereed to as a "faggot ass mistake", "stupid ass bastard child", and always being wished upon to "just go fucking die already". I'm always finding a bubbly spittle of water on the back of my head which can be referred to as spit. Here's my favorite part that I can't stress enough; I love the fear of being punch randomly in the face while driving along with the fear of my steering wheel being jerked while driving. I virtually have no more friends to talk to about my problems. Any friends I do have are to busy trying to impress ugly fat chicks in tight jeans and think have decent friendships were for when you was high school. I've tried to end this relationship but I've seriously gotten way to attached. It's been 4 years or so and all I can do is being a shit head who cares about a bigger shit head. I'm seriously more depressed in my life than I have ever been. Just got done recovering over some bogus surgeries and stuck in the hole with thousand of dollars just in medical bills. I'm busy trying to help this bitch by helping to pay for some of her lawyer costs for some disability shit. I have no idea what to do, I'm definitely not the same person any more, I'm just some grumpy piece of shit with literally no life anymore. I can't even find fun in what I love most, all I can do is just sit around and watch shitty television. All because a woman dug a pit for me just to shove me in when I wasn't looking.

I really don't know why I'm even stating this here, maybe it's truly because I have absolutely no one to talk to and I'm so pathetic to come to a place and lament to people that completely despise me. I guess it's all in hope that maybe something good might come out, or maybe it's that I'm completely blind and pathetic. It doesn't matter, I have nothing to lose anymore as it is.
"That's how much fuck fish." -John Laroche
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