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The Labor party leader is Peretz...who is a different guy then Peres, who was one of the old guard that formed Kadima.

Honestly, I think one big terror attack and Kadima is done for. They'll ride the sympathy vote, and get a lot of hype for a while, but a lot can happen in Israeli politics in a span of a few months. It's hard to say. I would never have expected Sharon to be treated as a martyr or discussed with the same reverance normally given to characters like Gorbachev.

They're talking as if Kadima was a lock to win, but that was far from the case. Gaza was Olmert's plan since the 70's, and the move hasn't exactly proven to be rewarding for Israel. There is now talk that there needs to be a buffer zone between the borders...but Gaza WAS the buffer zone before they developed it. Sharon was set to steamroll ahead and return the WB without a vote... and the move would have been suicidal, both political, and otherwise. Nobody else could pull that off without riots. That said, how does Netnyahu step in and reverse the commitments Sharon made?
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