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Old Dec 24th, 2013, 01:46 PM        Secret Santa Haul!
OK, so here's the cool stuff I got from my Secret Santa! (Sorry this is late, but it turns out I post photos in a forum precisely once a year, so I have to figure it out every time...)

As I mentioned, I don't know who my SS is, but I got a Priority Mail box sent right to my door (Oooh, PRIORITY!), and the return address is Arlington, TX (Oooh, ARLINGTON!). First up:

I love Archer, and the DVD is great, because I'm a sucker for special features. We're in a ZONE...

Season Three of Archer! We're heading further into a ZONE of DANGER, Lana!
And speaking of Lana, let's just take another look at that Season 2 cover art...

Nicely drawn, FX.

It's Blade Runner: The Final Cut!
I love this movie, but somehow I've never picked up the DVD. I'm not sure if I've even seen this version - the last few times I've seen BR is on cable...
(A new edit! I wonder if Roy's still going to get all emo in the rain...?)

And for some delicious snacking during my DVD's:

But not just ANY bag o'Skittles - these are from the Dark Side...
Check out these edgy flavors:

I'm wondering how Midnight Lime is different from regular lime; I'll let you know.
(Do not ask about the blue one. IT IS FORBIDDEN!)

So here's the whole thing. Looks like I've got some viewing to do! Thanks, Secret Santa, whoever you are!