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Fizzle out, peter out, fade away, quiet down, disappear...

Look, as we're all experienced historians, political scientists, and all around know-it-alls, I'm sure we can dispense with the small details. This Iran giving Iraq weapons shit has been floating around since Rummy was running the War Department. What has come of it? A lot of posturing by Bush and Ahmadinejad and a lot of discussion threads on forums.

I don't see troops crossing any borders or planes dropping any bombs between the US and Iran. And while Dubya and Mahmoud may both be fucking retards, neither seriously wants to be that guy. So, the accusations, threats, and threads will continue until Obama or Clinton take office. War mongering and profiteering has been fun, but the good ol' boys in the White House and Pentagon are gonna take their money and run.

Bottom line, we ain't going to war with Iran unless McCain takes office, and even in that case it would be highly unlikely. I only say that he'll make it happen because the Republican party of late has needed Middle Eastern terrorism, illegal immigration, etc. to fuel their fear campaign and keep Americans oblivious to real issues. I'm not particularly worried about who's giving Shiite militias weapons when I'm spending 3 fucking dollars and 80 god damned cents on a gallon of gas. Fucking $3.80 for the cheap shit, man.
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