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Originally Posted by zeldasbiggestfan
Bought? No. There was no buying. Thats all shit I found. Seriously. Im sorry Seth.
Zelda, you have broken the rules. The contest specifically stated that you needed to purchase a gift that was valued between $15 and $30. Since you just found some random crap, which doesn't even work and you can't prove it is worth $15, I'm giving you two options:

1) You send out a new gift to Seth immediately. And I mean BUY a gift that's worth at least $15.00


2) You get banned.

The choice is yours. I realize you're fairly new here (and young) so perhaps you didn't "get it" but the fact remains that you didn't play by the rules and what you did was shitty, so action is being taken.

Seth, that's extremely cool of you to play along with the gift you got and your story was fucking hilarious. Excellent work.

Microshock, I just sent you a PM because your package is at your post office. Your secret santa just notified me because they attempted to deliver it to you and now it's being held at the post office since you weren't there. Details are in my PM.
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