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Originally Posted by kahljorn
Would you call a cancer patient stupid when they take pain medication? Huh? Would you? IF YOU ANSWER ONE QUESTION ANSWER THAT ONE, in fact, if you don't answer it I'll consider whatever "Point" you try to make in response invalid. I'm sure we could also recite famous drug addicts/cancer patients who were also quite intelligent/influential.
Oh, aren't you persecuted. Look, some of my favorite people are drug addicts, but what the hell does any of that have to do with cancer patients ? Not all substance abuse is the result of a disease, sorry. That was never my point, so take your stoner logic elsewhere. A great deal of senseless drug intake comes from the inability to cope with life, and emotional problems. You can equate it to posting on message boards, or any other recreational hobby you want....if it makes you feel better. They might all lower your IQ about as much, but only drugs, and booze change your chemistry and eventually break down the body.
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