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Originally Posted by Mockery View Post
The one that used to be at Yeah that site was from a looong time ago. We were still on a Microsoft server at the time and all of our pages were coded in ASP. When we switched over to PHP, that site and the music reviews site were never converted over - particularly because they weren't coded very well and the spam in the comments was getting out of control. We kept the old classic game reviews site online since it was the busiest of the review sites by far, but removed the comments due to all the spam. With the Weeklies section now on the site, there's no need for those older review sites. Hope that answers your question.
Yup, that answers my question, lol. Once I start getting a little more free time in my schedule, I'll be shooting reviews of things your way, probably primarily movies and games. Just been swamped as of late.
I like snow. If winter's going to be cold anyway, at least have it be fun to look at. Probably why I was with my ex for so long...
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