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Ha, I figured it was something like that. If I hadn't suddenly found out that I was fucking COMPLETELY INELIGIBLE for a Cal Grant and therefore had to pay my own goddamn tuition by working forty-fifty hours a week on top of school, I would have bugged the hell out of you... so it all worked out beautiful, in a fucked up way. Which is appropriate.

However, while the subject is brought up, there is no summer school at LCAD so I'm going ahead and starting a gag-a-day webcomic this summer. I have fifty of them written, who knows how many I'll have time to finish before next term ANYWAY, barring a financial disaster, some time in the next year I'm going to get the site up. If you have a personal project or something, and have a large number of pages COMPLETED by the time I get this online-artist colony thing up, I'd love to have you contribute a regular strip for it
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