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When I got out of high school and I was trying to figure out what was up with life I got an offer to do illustration work with Halliburton. I had never taken an art course or anything so it was pretty intimidating. I wound up not taking the job because I wanted to do the whole college thing and if I'd gotten the boot from Halliburton I would have been sitting on my ass without any degrees or anything. I used to regret it but in the end I know I probably would have been unhappy there.

As for Gus' website. I've got a whole lot of shit I want to do and some weird strip ideas (Rob Saves His Dad, Future Ass Nigga Lutron, a reboot of my old webcomic, Dad 'n Me, and weird/creepy thing called Carl and Ross Fall In Love.) This summer I hope to near completion on some of the children's books I've been getting together.

I really just need to start getting out there, I guess.
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