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Gus, you're right to stay away from cape comics, they're pure shit.

Even if you are averse to the JAPANIMES, allow me to recommend Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, the greatest comic ever.

It's not just my favorite comic book, it's my all-time favorite work of fiction, period. It's an epic, masterfully written, beautifully drawn post-apocalyptic fantasy concerning giant insects and toxic jungles and warring kingdoms and all-around badassery. It is completely fantastic and everyone should read it.

It's Miyazaki, if that's worth anything to you, so it's not going to be your typical Naruto power-level "BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIENDS!" bullshit.

You probably already have heard of these, but also check out:
Transmetropolitan (especially if you like Preacher)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Y The Last Man
Dark Knight Returns if you can stand the horrible art
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