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OK, so I have this wonderful witch in a rocking chair that rocks and has that same traditional halloween music (my favourite song).

She was my grandmothers, and she is quite old. She had arms that moved up and down with the rocking part, but also legs that kicked. So back forth, moving limbs, light up eyes, that music, rocking chair.

I feel like this is based on that same design, just reused molds, sand more mechanical parts like arms & legs.

My witch rocks slower, but then she's powering 4 limbs as well. I swear this has to be the same "stuff" reused.

Sadly my witch is so old I cant really turn her on, arms fall off, rocks too far forward and cant sit up, old motor or whatever.

But I want to buy one of these "halloween"s and maybe salvage my old girl, or something.

Where did this come from exactly? yes, I know china, but how would I find it to buy for instance?

Thanks, I love seeing my granma's old decoration redone for the 21st century.
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