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Originally Posted by MarioRPG View Post
Ho ho ho! Just got back from a lengthy visit to the post office, my recipient should have the package in his grubby hands on Monday. Also, I'd like to say that I'll be in Las Vegas from the 6th - 10th, so if I seem absent that's why!
I went to Vegas for the first time back late September-early October. People thought me and others were crazy for being there over 9 days but there is so much to do. I don't know if this your first time but make sure you go to the Pinball Museum (hole in the wall...but sooo awesome - they have change machines but bringing quarters is good too), Insert Coin (take lots of quarters) in Freemont, and Monta Ramen (will need a taxi to get there). Also, check out the Candy Store dessert sampler at Holsteins over at the Cosmopolitan! :D

I really hope to get back there. P.S. Have a blast!