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A-bomb & obihahn - You're most welcome! If I can help warn others of the horrors that lurk within this DVD, then it's a worthy sacrifice.

Zounds - Christmas Story 2 has been on my list... and though I doubt it's as insanely awful as Christmas Vacation 2, I just don't know if I wanna put myself through two atrocities in one holiday season. Exposure to so much crap could potentially turn me into the Grinch.

Mister Tea - He was great as a supporting role, but Cousin Eddie definitely can't carry an entire movie.

MeowMixMaster - Heheh, my old "Things That Must Be Destroyed" lists are too good for this movie. There's a special place in hell reserved for this flick.

HowardC - While I'd gladly give a new theatrical Vacation film a chance, I wouldn't get my hopes up about it. After all, Vegas Vacation wasn't a particularly good movie.
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