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(copy-pasted from previous years)

Suppose I should share something too. While I won't say what you should get me, as there's certainly more than enough info on this site about what I like based on all the articles from the past 15 years, I will tell you what I don't need:

-Movies (I have so many movies I haven't even had a chance to watch yet, so I definitely don't need any additional DVDs or Blu-ray discs.)

-Posters / Art (similar to the movies, I have more than enough prints & posters that I don't even have room on my walls for, so I'd avoid those too.)

-Music (again, I have plenty, so no thanks)

-Clothing (thanks, but I'll stick with my own shirts 'n all)

Other than that, I think everything else is fair game, so have at it!

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