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And the next package is from Replicant. Her presents came nicely wrapped in a big box, but the box got a little wet in transit (I guess UPS trucks aren't watertight?), so I had to quickly unwrap and air dry them, but they still turned out okay:

First were a couple of Trash Pack figures. I call them Sammy Slug and Reinhard Drumstick.

I am totally blanking out on what you call that old toy where you put the beads down in a pattern and then melt them together, but here's a necklace of a zombie kitty with brains, and a zombie pin to match. I did almost choke myself out putting the thing around my neck.

On the edible front, I got one of those milk chocolate orange things and some peanut butter chocolate breakfast bar. Chocolate really is one of the best things to get for Xmas (again, apologies to Thanos).

And here, a selection of CDs. The Wipeout XL soundtrack I recognized because video games, but Count Basic and Sonique I am not familiar with. Still, always good to branch out so that you're not just stuck listening to Huey Lewis and the Backstreet Boys.

If there's a funnier movie about cannibalism, I haven't seen it (maybe Cannibal: The Musical, but it's close). Title kinda gives the ending away, though.

An anthology of science fiction stories. And not just any sci-fi stories; these are based on stuff MIT claims could actually be developed, rather than the sort of ill-explained, magical technology in a lot of sci fi stories. Take that, Arthur C. Clarke!

This was a pretty impressive poster of Jesse and Walt from Breaking Bad. I don't have any glib comments to make about it. It's just a pretty cool poster.

Last of all was a Mad Libs card. I had the package sent to my office, and the first thing the front desk guy and I thought upon see it was "is that Kim Possible?"

It wasn't, and we both quickly distanced ourselves from that comment. We went through it, and here's the result:

Derek loves to go out and sing fast Christmas carols with his portly friends - but he always spikes his thermos of hot chocolate with too much 100-proof Drano. The result this year was a rather hairy rendition of "Jingle Bells" that went like this:

Dying through the Cape Canaveral in a one-horse open jetpack. O'er the fields we go, fencing all the way. Bells on John's tail ring, making spirits bright. What fun it is to ride and sing a digging song tonight. Jingle boots, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to shock in a one-aardvark open sled.
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