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Originally Posted by Chojin
So, wait, we buy a present before we know who we're sending it to? I'd think that it should be the other way around.
You don't have to buy the present before you know who you're sending it to, that's totally optional. Everybody will be notified who they need to send their present on December 9th.

Originally Posted by Zomboid
I think I'd enter but I really don't know what I'd end up buying that wouldn't be really lame
If you're low on ideas, try the local dollar store and see how far you can make $5 - $10 go there. Remember, this is just for fun so you shouldn't feel so pressured to come up with the greatest gift ever. Sign up! :o

Originally Posted by ItalianStereotype
I'd participate if I could send in a drawing instead of a picture, as I don't have a camera :o
That's ok. If you don't have a camera, then yes a drawing will suffice. Still, most people tend to know somebody who has a digital camera, so at least make an effort to get a real photo taken if possible.