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Old Apr 21st, 2006, 10:59 AM        FORUM EVENT: "TRANSFORMERS: BEAST MACHINES!"
Our latest I-Mockery forum event has arrived, and this one is for the TRANSFORMERS: BEAST MACHINES COMPLETE SERIES DVD SET!


The goal of this contest is to come up with a whole new series of Transformers that you guys create by either photoshopping various pictures of animals and robotic parts together, or simply drawing them by hand. You can pick ANY kind of animal you like - mammals, insects, fish, reptiles, whatever - and then all you have to do is combine it with some robotic parts.

You have until May 25th, 2006 to make your contribution to this contest.

After the contest is completed, it will go up on the I-Mockery.com homepage as a new article to be viewed by all! (this is pending it's actually worth posting on the site, so make your posts good ones!)

Additionally, we (the admins) will vote for 'best picture' and give out the prize!

GRAND PRIZE (1 Winner): "The Transformers: Beast Machines Complete Series DVD Set!!!" (click here for info on the dvd set)
THE REST OF YOU: Your contribution might be immortalized on i-mockery.com and/or a pat on the back and/or a thankful middle finger!


Anyone with a registered I-Mockery.net account can participate.


1. No "not safe for work" material.
Do not post anything that you wouldn't show your grandmother. We at i-mockery love our grandmothers. And yours. But not in "that way" if you know what we mean. Perverts.

2. .JPG and .GIF file formats only.
No .bmp, .png, .tga, or whatever else you assholes are going to try to pull.

3. No hotlinking.
The image uploader for this event is linked at the bottom of this post, so please use that to upload your pictures. Do not host them on your own space.

4. Images must include content that somehow combines/fuses any kind of animal with robotic elements.
When we say animal, we mean any kind of animal. Mammals, insects, fish, reptiles...whatever you like.

5. Give your new animal/robot character a name.
Please give your character a name, whether you include the name in the actual picture, or simply type it in with your post.

6. Images must be equal to or below 600 pixels in width.
So that you don't stretch out peoples' web browsers who run in 800x600 resolution. Also, make sure your image file sizes are within 300k.

7. Submit as many entries as you like.
There is no limit to how many entries you can submit to this contest, so if you have more than one idea for a character, go ahead and submit them all!


You may draw your images by hand on paper (you can even use crayons if you like) and scan them in, or you can draw them on the computer. Images created in any digital editing program are accepted, be it Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, MSPaint, or others. If you don't want to draw, you can always feel free to "Photoshop" some images of animals and robots together.

Here's how you participate:
- Create an image combining any kind of animal with robotic elements - it should be a fusion of the two, an animal/robot hybrid. You can draw it by hand on paper or on the computer, photoshop various images together, whatever you like. Your entry will be judged on creativity and humor, NOT artistic skill.
- You must include a name for your new animal/robot hybrid!
- Upload your image using the program included at the bottom of this post.
- Post your submission(s) in this thread by May 25th, 2006.

Alrighty, that's it! Now get to work on creating some of the greatest animal/robot hybrid Transformers the world has ever seen! :o


Talent, vigor, drive...
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