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VinceZeb VinceZeb is offline
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Old Apr 18th, 2003, 09:26 AM        Pearls of wisdom from Neal Boortz
source: http://www.boortz.com/nealznuz.html

Does anyone remember the American media making as big a deal of looting in an American city as they did of the looting that took place in Baghdad?

The equation is so simple. Manufacturers are laying off workers because they’re making less because people are buying less because they have less disposable income. Increase the disposable income and people will buy more and retailers will sell more and manufacturers will hire more people to make more. How do you increase a person’s disposable income? You don’t take it from them in the form of high taxes.

There has never been any evidence to show that merely spending more on education actually leads to better results. We’re pouring money into an unfixable junker. Time for something new. The 2004 Voucher looks like a good bet.

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist, Joey Ledford, is bemoaning the lack of taxpayer funding of motorcycle rider training classes. If these characters can afford their motorcycles, they can afford to pay for the classes themselves. A question at the Centcom briefing this morning: “Under what conditions are the four captured members of the Iraqi regime being kept? What are the dimensions of their cell?” Yeah, that’s what’s important right now. How big is that cell you have Saddam’s half-brother in?”

You need to be aware that France’s major business federation, Medef (the Movement of French Enterprise), has now ruled that Americans “must keep products and services of our enterprises outside their quarrel (with the French governmnent).” So typically French. Instead of asking us to support French businesses, we are told that we “must” do so.

Some 420 pound lard-ass is suing McDonalds because they refused to hire him to work behind the counter. Do you realize he weighs the equivalent of 1,280 quarter-pounders? Who would want to buy food from this behemoth? The health of the American people would be instantly improved if we could put one of these corpulent countermen at every fast food emporium.
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Old Apr 18th, 2003, 10:52 AM       
I'm sorry, what does the opening paragraph have to do with the rest of the essay?

And you forgot to say "Preach on" after your cut n' paste.

Did you figure out that saying 'preach on' makes you look like a huge dorky 'netgeek' weiner?
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FS FS is offline
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Old Apr 18th, 2003, 12:19 PM       
Ah, pearls for swines.
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