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Old Jan 8th, 2009, 04:03 PM        Fake Blurbs
I found these on my computer, they're about three years old. I used to do this a lot when I was younger. I'd get a story idea but rather than actually write the story I'd just write the blurb for it.

The Beast of Mvormok!

Detective John is on his last night of active duty before being quietly fired. A scapegoat chosen for being least involved in an incident perpetrated by the precincts unofficial kingpin Detective Roger. His last case, just handed to him, quadruple homicide! A strange case but an open and shut one. All he needs is the confession of the suspect. Even without it there's no way Gorplak won't be convicted. A strange person, large and misshapen. John usually wouldn't bother with the personal details of a suspect when they're fates were so obvious but under his circumstances John decides to indulge in a flight of fancy and find out what the story is behind mister Gorplak. Before the interrogation is through John will find out that Gorplak is not entirely human.

The Pathologist's Box

Dr. Bogdan is in mourning for his his wife. He muses over various things, how he misses her, how strange it is that when she was alive he wasn't even sure he loved her but now it was obvious, then his thoughts begin to drift towards dangerous things when the doorbell rings. Package Delivery! A very peculiar package, three feet wide and six feet long and heavy enough to need three men to carry it into his garage. There is a note on the package, its from John. His wifes nephew, a drug addict as he remembered him. John's wife, having a soft spot for the boy had spent a fortune in trying to get him clean but eventually had to give up. The letter gives Bogdan his condolences on the passing of his wife and then tells him whats in the box so they're no unnecessary surprises. It's a corpse, John's corpse. It seems his been dead for years but how can that be? Inside the box is his memoirs chronicling the events that led to this conclusion and it is fascinating!

Maybe this will be the first I-mockery Creative Writing Project. Write a fake blurb to an imaginary story.
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Battle Net Edition Battle Net Edition is offline
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Old Jan 10th, 2009, 10:53 PM        I will support this
Immanuel "Lesser of the 3rds" Bojangles Jenga-SmIth was always looking for love in all the wrong places; that is, until he discovered he had somewhat longer than average nipples! And on a cold day in Bangor Maine he must discover just how far the rabbit hole goes. Now Immanuel must do everything it takes to retain his dignity in a world without hope, in a city that never sleeps, in a movie with generic style.

Coming this First Fiscal Quarter from Disney/Pixar (who brought you such great hits as that ripoff of Shark Tales}: I "<3" BJS with awkward nipples starring Greg Kinnear! Featuring writing by great soap opera stars Steven King and Gary Larson and a soundtrack done by this local band I know <dude, if you just listen to this one song they do you'll totally get them, y'know?>, prepare to have your world slightly ass-queued!
I'm gonna be a hero
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ZeldaQueen ZeldaQueen is offline
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Old Jan 11th, 2009, 09:04 PM       
Untitled (Just thought of the idea...)
It was 1982 when Adam died. In 2008, he was seen hiding in on a college campus. Evan and Carol are the ones who find him. At first they think he's crazy. Some homeless kid who can't afford meds. But soon they learn about God and how He must leave the universe every Millenia or so for secret business. How the angels left in charge of Heaven went on strike, forcing all souls, innocent or sinful, to be redirected to Hell. And how Hell, unequipt to deal with the arrival of innocent souls, was closed down and emptied of all its residents due to technical problems. All souls were given new bodies to last them until Hell was back up and running, but most of the dead have scattered. Adam died before his time and wants to live out the rest of his life with Evan and Carol. But will a flustered Satan and emotionless Death let him?

The Library of En Moll (This I actually have been writing and have nearly finished it)

Imaginative and curious, Bree has always loved to immerse herself in books. But she goes a step farther one day, when she falls asleep in her own library- and awakens in the Library of En Moll. In this fantastic Library, the books are living people and are headed by a Staff whose members have great power. The head of the Library, the mysterious Writer, has gone missing and Bree must participate in a strange game (the board game) to find her.

The Last Shepherd

In the sleepy town of Phoenix Crossing, few come in and fewer ever leave. Quiet and self-contained, life goes on. The residents live, work, and deal with the various objections of [FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']the Holy Church of Divinity (a hate group headed by the homophobic Reverend Falton). The tiny world is shattered one evening, when an openly gay high school boy is brought beaten and bleeding to local hospital. With that single event, the Holy Church and the residents of Phoenix Crossing stand up and take sides in the most powerful event of the town's history.[/font]
"I refuse to prove that I exist," says God, "for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing." "But," says Man, "The Babel fish proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't." "Oh dear," says God, "I hadn't thought of that," and promptly vanished in a puff of logic.
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