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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 04:49 AM        Weekly Movie Review: Cat's Eye
Automatically generated comment thread for Weekly Movie Review: Cat's Eye.
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Julio Julio is offline
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 09:27 AM       
All smokers shoould be put to such a creepy regime in order to convince them that they are killing themselves and the ones around them.
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caffman caffman is offline
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 09:59 AM       
I always thought this was under-rated. I'll have to dig out my VHS copy!
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LadyMage LadyMage is offline
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 10:08 AM       
I remember my seventh grade english teacher showed this in class for halloween one year, it was a good movie (and yes the teachers in my school in seventh grade where that cool

@julio: while smoking is bad, I would rather not force anyone to quit, personal freedoms and all
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Doctor_Who Doctor_Who is offline
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 11:52 AM       
This one and the Tales from the Darkside film are both underrated classics. And both feature awesome cats.

The cat in Darkside does something so awesome that if you have seen it you instantly know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't I could never do it justice.
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robo_rob robo_rob is offline
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 12:17 PM       

That's exactly what i thought when I saw you covering Cat's Eye. Easily one of my favorite anthology movies ever. This used to show regularly on HBO when i was a kid and I never missed a showing. Excellent movie.
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All Hail Duke All Hail Duke is offline
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 04:59 PM       
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Wyldflame Wyldflame is offline
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 08:02 PM       
Nobody likes a quitter and smoking is fantastic.
...stupid pink lung safety nazi rhetoric...

Anyway I'm going to have to check this flick out, and man am I glad to be back around here, just in time for the season at that.
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Julio Julio is offline
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 08:51 PM       
LadyMage: Don't take it as if I wanted to force smokers to kick the habit. I do believe in the personal freedom of every individual and all, it is just that I have met plenty of people (assholes) who bring up the most absurd of reasons to let them smoke, even in closed spaces. That's why I thought it would actually be quite funny if some secret organization could be stalking them in order to check if they really wanted to quit.
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Wyldflame Wyldflame is offline
You'll thank me later...
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Old Sep 9th, 2009, 08:57 PM       
Well it's legal and many a person happens to enjoy it, what more reason does one need? the closed spaces thing though, well this isn't the place to get into all that but "the man" likes to tell us things about things they don't like us to do that arn't necessarily... lets say factual. But anyway, it's all good.
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Dungeonbrownies Dungeonbrownies is offline
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Old Sep 10th, 2009, 02:24 AM       
Will watch, also typo, "with a with." Anyways i love these reviews, i usually find your tastes well suited to my own and your ideas trusty and true.
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Cheesoboy Cheesoboy is offline
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Old Sep 10th, 2009, 02:25 AM       
For the sake of those interested whether you've seen the movie or not (you should!), both Quitter's Inc. and The Ledge are short stories in one of King's collections of short stories called "Night Shift." The book is honestly one of my favorites and has short stories that inspired a HUGE number of classic horror/King movies including "Graveyard Shift", "Trucks" (aka Maximum Overdrive), "Sometimes They Come Back," and probably the most popular, "Children of the Corn."

General was my hero as a kid horrified of the boogeyman and trolls in the walls (probably as a result of my mom letting me read things like Night Shift in 2nd grade...but hey, I'm a highly literate grad student now so I guess it paid off:-P). I really need to find a copy of this...I wonder if it came out on DVD?
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spidergremlin spidergremlin is offline
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Old Sep 10th, 2009, 02:42 AM       
It is on DVD. My mother owns a copy. I haven't watched all the way through yet, mainly because I only watch the bit at the start with Christine in it.
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Nick Nick is offline
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Old Sep 10th, 2009, 08:21 AM       
I still need to see this.
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10,000 Volt Ghost 10,000 Volt Ghost is offline
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Location: Buffalo, NY
Old Sep 10th, 2009, 02:21 PM       
Cat's eye was pretty good. I still like the book version of quitters, inc better. I remember it being a lot more outrageous but it was still pretty close.
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Copper Copper is offline
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Old Sep 11th, 2009, 02:21 AM       
Funny, I remember the ending of "Quitters, Inc." and "The General" (reminds me ever so slightly of Brom's "Plucker," though I haven't gotten through all of that.) but I don't remember the ending to "The Ledge" at all. Strange.
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Aries Aries is offline
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Old Sep 11th, 2009, 01:28 PM       
I once had a huge crush on a girl who told me she liked this movie, but had only seen it once and didn't remember the name. From her vague descriptions I finally figured out that it was Cat's Eye. I decided to surprise her with a copy. No store had it in stock, so I ordered it from Amazon and paid extra for fast shipping, since I was going to see her at the club in a couple of days. I presented her with the DVD, and she informed me that she didn't have a DVD player. Bitch never liked me anyway.
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Kybo Ren Kybo Ren is offline
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Old Sep 12th, 2009, 01:27 PM       
I love this movie!!
scored a Stephen King 4pack, Cat's eyes; Dolores Clairborne; Creepshow; Dreamcatcher for $7. go target.

so my plan is to take out a life insurance policy on my wife and go to Quitter's inc, were i fail to stop smoking. This way I can pay for my cancer treatments later in life.
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nilus nilus is offline
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Old Sep 14th, 2009, 07:59 PM       
I always confuse this movie with Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. I think its because there is the Cat that kills the old guy in that one.
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Mockery Mockery is offline
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Old Sep 14th, 2009, 08:01 PM       
You could also confuse it with Stephen King's "Sleepwalkers" which also involves plenty o' cats... and "Pet Cemetery" too. But yeah, Tales from the Darkside is fantastic, definitely a Halloween favorite of mine.
Talent, vigor, drive...
You'll eat peanut butter the rest of your life.
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Travis touchdown Travis touchdown is offline
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Old Sep 15th, 2009, 07:19 PM       
i loved this movie when i was a kid
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