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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 02:20 AM        县委书记抱央视女主持引热议 当地称系活跃气氛
  昨天,志丹县县委办公室副主任韩永明给出回应,“祁书记认为活动现场与主持人亲密互动十分正常,并无大 碍。 ”而对网友的评论,祁玉江表示“颇为意外”、“很难过”。   网曝:   演出现场两抱管彤夸其“俊白美”   25日,为庆祝志丹县西区采油厂原油年产量达上百万吨,志丹县特意举办《红都欢歌》文艺演出,县委书记 祁玉江作为领导代表出席,央视著名女主持管彤则受邀担任该活动的女主持人。在这场文艺演出现场,祁玉江不仅 当场熊抱主持演出的央视女主持人管彤,夸管彤“俊,白 HA{PPPY NEW YEARS 2009,美”,还追问对方“我是不是男人” BAGFUL OF DOORKNOBS。   称管彤“亲爱的妹妹” 回应:书记是为了活跃气氛   [新闻链接]   部分官员失态一览   2007年4月,福建省漳州市安监局副局长严建国饮酒过量后,侮辱殴打一女子,致其受伤住院。随后,漳 州市委决定严建国调离市安全生产监督局,不再担任市安监局副局长职务。   2008年10月,深圳市海事局党组书记林嘉祥酒后双手紧紧掐住一名11岁女孩的脖子,将她往洗手间里 拖。小女孩奋力挣扎才逃出魔爪。随后,林嘉祥对着女孩家长叫嚣:“你知道我是谁吗?我是北京交通部派下来的 ,级别和你们市长一样高。我掐了小孩的脖子又怎么样,你们这些人算个屁呀!敢跟我斗,看我怎么收拾你们。” 最终,林嘉祥被免职。

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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 02:26 AM       
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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 02:29 AM       
发送同样的消息到多个新闻组马胃蝇蛆是令人敬畏的! 如果您如此,祝愿它我敢战斗与您。 发送同样的消息到多个新闻组马胃蝇蛆去胡扯门!
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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 06:38 AM       
[COLOR=purple][COLOR=Magenta]SHAME ON A [COLOR=Pink]NIGGA WHO TRY TO RUN [/COLOR][URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVGI6mhfJyA"]GAME[/URL] ON A NIGGA[/COLOR]
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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 11:26 AM       
County party committee secretary holds the CCTV female management to direct to discuss the local name is hotly the active atmosphere
  Yesterday, Chihtan county county party committee office Assistant Director Han Yongming will give the response, “Secretary Qi thought moved the scene and the director interacts intimately extremely normally, and obstructed not greatly. ” But to net friend's commentary, Qi Yujiang expresses “quite accidentally”, “very sad”.   Net insolation:   Performs the scene two to hold tube Tong Kuaqi “handsome white beautiful”   On 25th, is celebrates west the Chihtan county the area extraction factory crude oil annual output to amount to 1,000,000 tons, the Chihtan county conducts "Red All Happy song" specially the literary performance, county party committee secretary Qi Yujiang represents the attendance as the leadership, CCTV renowned female management tube Tong Zeshou invites the female director who holds the post of this activity.In this literary performance scene, the CCTV female director who not only Qi Yujiang Xiong Bao manages the performance on the scene manages Tong, praises tube Tong “handsome, white HAPPPY NEW YEARS 2009, beautiful”, but also closely examines opposite party “I is the man” BAGFUL OF DOORKNOBS.   Calls tube Tong “the dear younger sister” the response: Secretary is for the active atmosphere   [News link]   As soon as the partial officials are rude look at   In April, 2007, after Fujian Province Zhangzhou Assistant Commissioner An Jianju founds a nation strictly drinks wine excessively, the insult beats a female, sends it to be injured in hospital.Afterwards, Zhangzhou Municipal party committee decided founds a nation strictly transfers the city safety in production surveillance bureau, no longer holds the post of city Assistant Commissioner An Jianju the duty.

Gee, without the belated new year greetings and the "I am the bagful of doorknob" reference, this sounds like a pretty serious post.
The future is fun,
The future is fair.
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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 03:09 PM       
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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 07:30 PM       

i've found my favorite thing ever.
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