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Old Oct 15th, 2008, 02:23 PM        Let's Talk Haliburton
This is posted on my facebook, so sorry for any redundancies. If someone can provide some insight or clarity, I welcome (coherent) retort.

Perfect example of how our country defrauded Iraq and the American people at the same time:

Halliburton, one of the largest US Energy Service Groups, was awarded the contract to rebuild Iraq. The same parts of Iraq that America demolished. American tax dollars funded the bombs that blew up buildings and murdered innocent people. Then, in turn, your tax dollars paid and still pay to rebuild those structures from the rubble.

Let's turn back the clock for the sake of clarity. Shortly after the Gulf War, then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney paid Halliburton nearly $9 million to study the effectiveness of putting civilian soldiers next to American military soldiers in combat. I haven't been in the military for years now, but I can say that we don't officially employ this tactic. So Dick basically cut a check to Halliburton for $8.5 million and got no tangible return on the investment. Unless you count a 10-page document that essentially says "No, it won't work."

(Wait, why was Halliburton doing this study? This wasn't their area of expertise!)

Then, shortly after cutting the check, Dick Cheney assumed the duties as the chairman and CEO of Halliburton, who at the time had no relevant large-scale contracts and was, at that time, revered for pursuing acquisitions of other contracting companies.

Let's spell this out:

Seeing the end of his term as Secretary of Defense and his imminent repositioning to become the CEO of a prominent gov't contract company, Cheney green lights one of the largest funding projects for the company prior to taking the reins.

During Cheney's tenure at Halliburton the company violated federal trade barriers in Libya and Iraq, among other various violations. In this case Halliburton sold the two countries oil equipment. But they tried to be sneaky about the transactions by funneling the money through a subsidiary company. And oh, by the way, they also sent SIX Pulse Neutron Generators to Libya.


And what are the reasons we gave them to Libya, a country with one of the highest GDP (petroleum) in Africa? US gave Libya nuclear technology and they gave us oil. And then in an even better twist, after we exchanged services with the country, we used the UN platform to SANCTION THEM!

It gets better.

In 2003 Libya announced their decision to abandon their "WMD" program and give $3 billion (US dollars mind you) to the families of Pan Am flight 103, a flight they were found guilty of bombing back in 1988. Then in 2006 we bullied them in to diplomacy; if they got rid of their weapons programs we'd talk to them again. Wait, aren't we the ones who gave them the incentive to produce WMDs? For oil? And then we told them they couldn't use the technology we provided?

But rest assured Libya has come around. They started their first of two years serving on the UN Security Council. I'm sure it's a front. We probably offered them more technology if they played nice for a few years. I have no doubts that multiple countries are in pockets, cahoots, and violation of human rights policies. I'm scared for the day these exploited 3rd World countries realize that the US has no hold on them any longer and they retaliate. Like a few (extremist) Iraqis have done.

And recently, Halliburton (KBR) was awarded a $385 million contract from the Immigration & Customs Enforcement branch of Homeland Security to build a detention center for the event of an "emergency influx of immigrants into the United States".

Wait, what? Entirely new rant incoming...
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Old Oct 15th, 2008, 03:03 PM       
Wow. Well said. I cant wait to read the new rant.
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Old Oct 16th, 2008, 05:21 AM       
Uh oh you're gonna get lambasted for posting this stuff in here, starting with jeanette x's awesome picture postings and unrelated stuffs.
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Old Oct 23rd, 2008, 01:41 AM       
This might of surprised us like 3 years ago. Good to see your up to date! Did you guys know that the Bush family has strong ties to Saudi oil interests?!? I know! Who knew!
I'm all for the idea of stoning the rapists, but to death...? That's a bit of a stretch, but I think the system will work. - Geggy
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