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Old Dec 13th, 2008, 06:05 AM       
When I woke up Tuesday, I saw the headline "Ill Gov taken into Custody". I got a warm feeling because I thought, "Wow, people do care"

Ok, Dumb joke. USA Today had a dipshit article yesterday, claiming Illinois was #2 in the competition for most corrupt state in the union. Their call was North Dakota was number one for corruption. Why? I don't know. Why compete for that trophy? I don't know.

I live in Illinois and it's mostly a shithole... at least where i'm at.Talking about this to other locals, most peeps say, "It's about time he got busted". But all i hear are rumors.

Well, except for the Tuesday newcasts... ABC (I think) had a clip of him saying on MONDAY (paraphrase) ' I haven't anything to hide, if you want, bug my house' Which the Feds have been doing, since late October...

Prolly why he was taken into custody at about 530 am Tuesday....

He wants to make money... how much? He wanted a 150,000 dollar a year job for his wife. He wanted a job from a "Non-profit organization(?????)", or a Union, or an Ambasadorship, or a position in the Cabinet.

How much do these positions pay? I would kinda think a bit more than $150,000/year. Maybe.

Then there's the selling of the Senate Seat

Then there's the pressure on the Chicago Tribune.

Fuck it! Blagojevich fucked many a people. Let me, as a singular form people, describe a punishment that I see fitting.

1.He should serve time
2. He should buy everyone who is homeless in illinois a pizza, out of his own pocket.
3. He should let me confiscate any and all nude pictures of his wife.

I'll stop for now, because I'm starting to get a "Torture a corrupt politian Boner like I haven't felt in 8 years"
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Old Dec 13th, 2008, 09:41 PM       
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Creepy Old Fart
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Old Dec 14th, 2008, 01:27 AM       
supposed to be
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