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I figured I would pimp an artist that I am a HUGE fan of, someone who is underrated and underexposed. The guy's name is Raymond Watts. Some of you NIN or KMFDM fans may recognize that name. Ray-Ray has been on KMFDM's first release, sometimes coming back to lend vocals and lyrics. He sings my favorite KMFDM song, Juke-Joint Jezebel and if you're a KMFDM fan I'm almost certain he sings yours. He has a nice baritone voice, sometimes whispery, and sometimes sounding like he has oil caught in his throat. It's perfect.

I got into Pig, the name of Raymond's musical project right after I heard Blackball from KMFDM's WWIII. That was probably 2 or so years ago. Right after the tour, Raymond pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. We all assumed he was addicted to some drug and was probably going to die soon. In 2006, out of no where he comes back with a tour. The first American Pig tour that he headlined.

It didn't go so well. The concert I went to went through numerous venue and date changes until he ended up playing a tiny club. When I showed up, there were maybe 40 people there. Now that was just pathetic. This guy should be playing in front of thousands. Raymond didn't seem too disheartened by it and he had no problem sitting down with a tequila and having a chat with me. He is a very nice man, very polite, and very British. Personally, I think that someone who makes music like his and would have no problem talking to an annoying shit like me for a half hour should get a bit more respect.

If you're curious about his music, check out his myspace page at

I think you'll be especially surprised by Toxico, which is pretty much a jazz song. It's really ahead of it's time as well, it is certainly better than whatever KMFDM was doing in 91. Never For Fun could have been taken straight from a Prince album.

It's pretty hard to describe exactly what he does. I guess you can say he cuts out parts from every genre you can imagine to create something new. Sinsation for instance mixes heavy metal and ochestral samples together, Praise The Lard takes elements of jazz, country, classical, hawaiian, and industrial music to make one fantastic album. My personal favorite album is called "The Swining". I suppose most people would call that album "industrial", but it doesn't sound like any industrial I've ever heard.

Well, I think that's enough lol.

Here are some links if your curious for some more:

the PIG instrumental myspace page

PIG Youtube page

Some various downloadable songs from a side project called Pig Ochestra, or P.ORK and a remix of a Buck Tick song.

Various bootleg downloads

Vampire Freaks profile where you can hear songs from the latest album, Pigmata in addition to a jazz cover of "Head Like A Hole"

The video for my favorite song, The Seven Veils. Quite hard to describe.

The video for Everything, a straight up industrial rock song.

Two live vids from '94 I think from the side project with j-pop band Buck-Tick called "Schaft"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18FpjyVZTgI <this one is especially cool

Just so we're clear, all these downloads are completely endorsed by Raymond's management and himself.
Mmmm, sacrilicious.
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