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Old Sep 3rd, 2005, 07:11 PM        METAL SLUG 6

Oh, yes baby.

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Old Sep 4th, 2005, 01:48 AM       
damn, it's looking bad ass

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Old Sep 4th, 2005, 02:20 AM       
Why does that bitch have more power than marco?

That was very funny. Well done.
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Old Sep 4th, 2005, 06:54 PM       
lol clark leona and ralph from kof that rocks

SANTO el enmascarado de plata
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Son of a Sandworm??!
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Old Sep 5th, 2005, 07:00 PM       
Marco's stats do look underrated

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timrpgland timrpgland is offline
Son of a Sandworm??!
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Old Dec 9th, 2005, 06:20 PM       
For those of you who haven't seen it, here is some more metal slug 6 information, ripped right out of msdb. THANKS METAL SLUG DATABASE! FUN SPOILERS INCLUDED!


A big crater forms when a meteor falls from the outer space. However, this is not a meteor, but an alien spacecraft that penetrates deep inside the earth upon impact, which then creates a massive underground base.

Meanwhile, the Regular Army has been beefed up by the Ikari Team's addition to the branch.

There is a rumor that goes around saying that General Morden is once again up to something, and the Regular Army units immediately scramble out to the field. Later on, they learn of the fact that the Rebellion Army and the Martians have allied with each other again.

The Rebel-Martian alliance manages to capture the dispatched Regular Army units, but Martians suddenly panic when another alien race appears and starts to abduct then eat them. But they leave the human Rebels alone on the ground without harming them.

The very rumor that the Regular Army has received regarding the Rebellion is that the Rebels are trying to resurrect the Rootmars from the bottom of the ocean in attempts to dominate the world. But it now becomes to the point that Rootmars has to be resurrected in order to defeat the new alien race. However, during the process of the resurrection, the hostile alien race finds out about this and the Rebellion becomes under attack, almost half of their strength being annihilated near the end. It is then when General Morden asks for help from the Regular Army units to resurrect the Rootmars and defeat the hostile alien invaders.

- Metal Slug 6 takes place before Metal Slug 4. Here's the timeline of the Metal Slug series;

2028: Metal Slug
2030: Metal Slug 2/X -> Metal Slug 3
2031: Metal Slug 6 -> Metal Slug 4 -> Metal Slug 5
2032: Metal Slug Evolution

Weapons & weapons systems
- The amount of ammunition that the players will receive have been decreased. All characters get different amount of ammunition when they acquire a weapon.

- And here is the fact about the mysterious "Z" weapon;

It's a melee type of weapon utilizing a combat knife. It has about 1/3rd of range that of the shotgun, but the amount of damage it deals said to be devastating as hell. Hell, it has even more firepower than the shotgun. If you miss, however, then it becomes totally useless, making this a chance-weapon.

- The Laser Gun can be shot diagonally, but cannot be sprayed like the HMG.

- D+A will allow you to melee attack even when the enemies are far away.

- To switch between weapons, press D+C, or just press E.

- D will still be used for Slug Frontal Attack, so don't play around with it unless you are desperate.

New vehicles & vehicle systems
Two of the existing Slug vehicles will be used in the game, the Slug Tank and the Slug Flyer.

However, the health gauge for the vehicles have been reduced to three.

Also, the invulnerablility time gained when getting-in/ejecting-out of the vehicles has been shortened.

1) Donkey Slug
- Donkey Slugs move as fast (or slow) as an Elephant Slug, while having the jump capability that pars with a zombified character. It will be invulnerable to enemy attacks just like any other Animal Slugs. Additionally, it can acquire a carriage that has a cabin that looks much like a porta-potty with a cannon on top of the roof and pull in front of it, giving this Slug ability to attack with the cannon on top. Before acquiring this add-on, players will be throwing grenades while riding the Donkey Slug. Also, the Slug Attack from this thing will not cause any damage.

2) Slugnoid Z
- This is the Slug that resembles Slug Gunner without the hull armor. It has the 12.6mm Vulcan cannon, as well as the standard cannon at the front of the chassis. It will also be invulnerable to damage, unless, of course, you self-destruct it. It can also turn around like the Slug Gunner, but it makes the characters all the more vulnerable to enemy fire since it takes quite a while to turn.

3) Underground Driller
- Just like the name mentions, this vehicle drills through the ground. Landmines will be fired when cannon buttons are used. Also, when the health gauge reaches zero, both the vehicle and the character will die, just like the Car Slug from Metal Slug 5. This is quite different from Drill Slug from Metal Slug 3.

4) Rootmars (!!!)
- The characters actually use this thing to fight their way through. The characters also won't be able to attack with their own weapons. It can be moved by using its two arms. The Vulcan cannon will be attached to its brain, and the cannon will act as that deadly brain ring-wave. It will be invulnerable to enemy fire, but the characters riding it will be completely exposed. Also, even when the player gets killed and respawns, the ring-wave will not be recharged, so you will have to make each use of the deadly attack count. You get a total of five shots for the ring-wave attack.

And, by the way, the chance of evasion from enemy fires for the Slugs have been decreased, meaning that you will have to control them better if you want to keep them longer.

Character abilities & attributes
Each characters have three different attributes; Power, Defense, and Speed.

POW (Power): Determines the amount of damage that each attack does by the character.
DEF (Defense): Determines the amount of damage that the Slug vehicles that the character is commandeering can take.
SPD (Speed): Determines the rate of the character's attack time.

Marco seems to have the most balanced attributes. His handgun will do extra amount of damage compared to other characters'. Whenever he picks up a weapon, he will receive a normal amount of ammunition.

Eri is suited for ATTACKING. Whenever she picks up a crate of grenades, she will get 20 grenades instead of the usual 10. She will also lob them horizontally and vertically, which are useful in boss fights. Whenever she picks up a weapon, she will receive a normal amount of ammunition.

Tarma is suited for DEFENDING. The Slug vehicle that he rides in will withstand more damage from enemy attacks. Typically, his vehicles will be able to stand up to four hits from enemy attacks. Whenever he picks up a weapon, he will receive a normal amount of ammunition.

Fio is suited for ATTACKING. Every time she picks up a weapon, she will get almost twice the amount of ammunition than the other characters. Also, even when she dies and respawns, she will not lose her weapon. If she dies without any weapons in the inventory, then she will respawn automatically with a HMG. Whenever she picks up a weapon, she will receive approximately double the normal amount of ammunition.

Ralf is suited for SPEED ATTACKS. He has faster attack speed with the knife. He can also use his Vulcan Punch, which can be very useful at gaining points when used in conjunction with the Rush Blaster Combo mode. However, he will still be vulnerable to hostile fire during the Vulcan Punch maneuver. The bad thing about him is that he will get even less ammunition whenever he picks up a weapon or grenades. So, for instance, he will receive 60 rounds for HMG instead of the usual 100, and 5 grenades instead of the usual 10 for picking up a bomb crate 5 rounds for the shotgun, and so on. Whenever he picks up a weapon, he will receive approximately half of the normal amount of ammunition.

*Note: Ralf has twice the lives that of other characters! When he is hit the first time, he will fall then slowly stand up again. (Mesh your buttons and he will literally bounce back up like a spring.) However, when he is hit the second time, he will die.

Clark is suited for SPEED ATTACKS. He can fire off his guns faster than anyone else. His special ability is his trademark move "Super Argentina Back-breaker". If he continues to use this move, then the score that he earns will begin to multiply, from 1000, to 2000, to 4000, to 8000, then finally to 16000 as maximum. However, he is vulnerable to enemy attacks during this move. The enemies that he can use his special move are small aliens and the Rebels. And, he won't be able to lift up and backbreak any vehicles, for that matter. Oh, in case if you are wondering about him getting fat, don't worry; he will still be able to chuck enemies into the air while being overweight. Whenever he picks up a weapon, he will receive approximately half of the normal amount of ammunition.

Difficulty, eh? Well, Metal Slug 3 used to rank one of the hardest arcade games of all time.

Consider this; Metal Slug 6 will be even harder than Metal Slug 3. Especially with bosses from missions 3 and 4, even the mighty Soldaerokker from mission 4 of Metal Slug 3 would look like a wuss.

Rush Blaster Combo
If you see the screen, there are several red gauges next to the weapons inventory box. That gauge will continue to increase as you keep on pounding on enemies mercilessly with melee attacks. When the gauge reaches full by maxing out at the fourth bar, a MAX message will appear and flash along with the gauge and gradually stop flashing in short moment. During the duration when the bar is at its maximum peak and flashing, coins will appear from the enemies as you continue to melee the living crap out of the enemies. So, the more you kill with melee attacks, the more coins you get. And the more coins you get, the higher your score goes up.

Allen O'Neil
Sadly, he will NOT be in Metal Slug 6. The fact that Allen has been revealed as a cyborg in Metal Slug 4 will not allow him to appear any more on other new Metal Slug games.

However, there will be a replacement for him. The replacement will be one of the main playable characters under the control of the hostile aliens after being captured, and will be armed with knife, HMG, rocket launcher, flameshot, and even grenades. Just like Metal Slug 3's clone area in the last mission, but only 10x harder.

I can almost taste it!

XBOX LIVE: KefkaGrim
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