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Fuck Yeah
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Old Feb 26th, 2003, 08:02 PM        Knockaround Guys
Boohoo! I'm the son of the most notorious gangster in America. It was determined at a young age that I don't have what it takes to be mafia material. Since then I've been shut off from outside, people won't hire me because of my father!
Tired of not being able to get a normal job (sports agent) I beg with my father to let me in on a deal. I promise him I won't mess up! I'm ready, daddy! He's hesitant, but he gives in! Yay for me! I rely on the help of my friends to assist in the delivery of $500k but they goon it up and we're stuck in Smalltown, USA where the local law is giving us the runaround. Two skateboarders stole our money bag and spent it on luge equipment and lots of beef jerky.
When the Sheriff takes the money from the boys, he decides to keep it for himself! Oh no! We don't want to get involved with the fuzz! What if they call the feds because of all our money trafficking?
But before we even saw them coming, my fathers bagmen arrive to deal with the situation. NO! Don't shoot my friend! It's not his fault this deal got messed up! It's mine! Shoot me! No, they can't shoot me because I'm my fathers only son.
Now my fathers employees are taking the money and they want to kill me, too! They were going to take the money and not tell anyone! STEALERS! THIEVES! No! You killed another friend of mine! Shootout! Gangsters, cops and cohorts dead! All but me and Vin Diesel, the guy who can never be "made" because his mother is Jewish, solely devoted to being my bodyguard, are the only ones left!
We'll deliver the money to my daddy and leave town. Start a new life together.

This was a horrible movie.
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Hugh_Bristic Hugh_Bristic is offline
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Old Feb 27th, 2003, 11:38 PM       
What a surprise. Vin fucking Diesel is usually aces!

You dildo.
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