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Old Oct 30th, 2012, 03:31 AM        My Favorite Foreign Horror Movie Posters!
Automatically generated comment thread for My Favorite Foreign Horror Movie Posters!.
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Old Oct 30th, 2012, 11:04 AM       
This is probably my favourite article that I've seen this Halloween season. I've always loved how different the foreign posters can be for movies. I almost bought a Russian one for Inglorious Basterds (even though the difference is just the Cyrillic text). Awesome little collection here. If only I had more wall space...
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Old Oct 30th, 2012, 01:17 PM       
How about An American Werewolf in London from Japan? Jerry Lewis attacks a nurse's underparts.
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Old Oct 30th, 2012, 03:32 PM       
Excellent posters here! My favorite has to be the poster "A Nightmare", because of the random pickax to the face. After reading your comment on it I literally started laughing out loud. Random.
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Old Oct 30th, 2012, 05:03 PM       
I do wish you stated the origin of all the posters. Still, this is a very nice collection. On a side-note, I do hope to be able to draw better pictures than some of the ones featured here.
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Old Oct 30th, 2012, 09:46 PM       
Haha, I love that you included so many Ghana posters!
A few more to consider: the Polish Alien poster, the Thai Terror Train poster, and the French Creepshow poster.
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Old Oct 30th, 2012, 10:11 PM       
I love that Freddy vs. Jason poster because they got the colors wrong on Freddy's sweater and it looks like someone cut Waldo's head off. I think "Where's Waldo's Decapitated Head?" would make for a great new line of children books.
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Old Oct 31st, 2012, 09:43 AM       
Is it just me, or is the pickaxe-to-the-face guy from the "A Nightmare" poster actually John Cusack?
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Lone Wanderer Lone Wanderer is offline
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Old Nov 1st, 2012, 12:26 PM       
The Japanese title for Army Of Darkness is Captain Supermarket or something along those lines.
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Old Nov 9th, 2012, 10:08 PM       

Foreign poster for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
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Old Nov 9th, 2012, 11:14 PM       
And I think the guy Jason is grabbing looks more like Dio than Stephen Wright.
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Blu Monki Blu Monki is offline
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Old Aug 26th, 2013, 04:04 PM       
I think that the halloween one is awsome and ruins it at the same time !
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Old Sep 19th, 2013, 01:42 AM       
My friend has the Freddy 3 poster, its FIVE FEET BY FOUR FEET!
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