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Old Dec 25th, 2005, 09:13 PM        Israel and US's NSA connection
Thought this was an interesting read...

NSA Snooping And
Israeli Connection Questioned
Year Ends With NSA Snooping Issue while Reader Questions
New York Times Censorship And Biased Reporting, Relating
It To Protecting And Favoring Israeli Interests
Over U.S. And The Rest Of The World

Dr. Mohamed Khodr writes letter to New York Times that hasn't been published, raising questions as to fair and honest coverage. Is the Times protecting Israeli interests to the detrimnet of America, leading to censorship of important stories like the motives behind the Iraqi War, 9/11, the Patriot Act and NSA snooping on Americans.

By Greg Szymanski

The year is ending with a flurry of concern over President Bush's direct order to spy on Americans, using the Pentagon and National Security Agency (NSA) spooks to ration out the government's dirty work on mostly innocent and unsuspecting Americans.

The story recently broke in the mainstream press as the heated debate to renew the highly controversial Patriot Act took center stage in the Senate, ending last Friday as lawmakers agreed to a Feb 3, 2006, extension before any real action is taken.

For years, critics of the Patriot Act have been screaming about its direct infringement on cherished constitutional privacy and speech rights, but without much luck in getting any significant changes.

In fact, the NSA snooping story is directly related to the Patriot Act's illegality since it gives spooks an unbridled power to wiretap and eavesdrop on "suspected domestic terrorists," using mere suspicion, without a warrant, as the legal thresh hold instead of showing probable cause a crime is being committed.

Relaxing the legal standard from probable cause to mere suspicion has most fair-minded legal scholars up in arms. But academia provides little consolation for the millions of Americans now living under the umbrella of a fascist state, since newspaper follow-up reports recently pointed out the 18,000 people on the Bush spy list in the recent NSA story is only the "tip of the iceberg."

The extent and sheer numbers of those being spied on by the NSA without court-approved warrants based on probable cause ? not mere suspicion ? is now thought to be much, much larger.

And even The New York Times, who sat on the story for 18 months as a favor to the Bush administration, reported this fact in a Saturday follow-up to the original NBC story.

However, media critics complain both new agencies are out to lunch and "a day late and a dollar short" with their reporting efforts since widespread NSA and Pentagon abuse, with White House acknowledgement, has been documented by the alternative press and civil rights activists as early as 2002.

In fact, after the Times was caught red-handed in suppressing the NSA snooping story for more than 18 months, it provided just another example of the many stories, including 9/11 and the motives behind the war in Iraq, suppressed by Times management.

The year-end question arises: Why?

Many critics contend the Times is protecting the Bush administration and its neo-con world order agenda. Others also contend its policies favor and protect Israeli interests while turning a blind-eye to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

But knowing the Bush administration will step up efforts in 2006 to spy on more Americans and the Times will continue to censor even more important stories, let's end this year with a letter sent to the New York Times, sent by Mohamed Khodr, MD, which never was published but illustrated what Dr. Khodr feels is a "deep Israeli bias" resulting in the censorship of many important stories, including the truth behind the war in Iraq, 9/11, the Patriot Act, the NSA snooping story and many others.

In an effort to hear all views, the following is the unedited letter sent by Dr. Khodr to the publisher of the Times, Arthur Sulzberger, but not yet published:

Dear Mr. Sulzberger:
Happy Hanukah:
"Just a brief note to reiterate what I've written you on several occasions, written your editors including your letter editor, that your paper is unable to shake the influence and hold whether ideological, financial, political or just pure fear of confrontation of a Pro-Israel bias that has severely damaged the credibility of your paper. The once glorious paper of record has now come a timid infotainment paper that knows where its bread is buttered, and its not from any sense of justice or fairness it once embodied.

"Your paper's scandals, Pro-Israel and Pro-Iraq War will continue to bleed your credibility as the wars have bled the blood of the innocent youth of America, Iraq, Palestine, and Israel. Your support of Israel in the long run is a losing proposition and will only further alienate Americans and the world not only from Israel but from the future peace and stability of Jewish grandchildren who may pay a burdensome price for what you and the Zionist cabals have done to destroy this nation and the future of peace in the MidEast. "Never Again" should be the standard for the suffering of all humans not just for Jews who suffered expulsions from every European country and principality, an Inquisition, pogroms, hate, persecution, murders, and finally a Holocaust at the hands of Europe, not in Muslim countries and certainly not in Palestine. It was Islam that took Jewish refugees in and protected them, in fact placed them in honorable governmnet positions, as was the case of RamBam (for your letter editor's sake: that's Moses Maimonedes).

"Unfortunately your editor is of a lightweight intellect doing his "kosher" duty rather than seeking enlightenment on Zionism and Israel's history. I'm sure he's not read any part of the Babylonian Talmud nor of any United Nations report on Israel's terrorism --The Bunche Report to better understand why most Europeans think Israel is the main threat to world peace. Keeping such knowledge out of your paper will only further allow the Internet to exponentially expose the machinations of the media's silence when non-kosher blood is spilled as was the case when your front page plastered a huge photo of a suicide bomber's aftermath of an exploding bus with a young Israeli girl dead at the window.

"I've lived through the hell of Sharon's cluster bombs, napalm, and white phosphours bombs along with asphyxiating unknown chemical gas in 1982 Beirut, his raiding ofhospitals to take the wounded out and kill them, his destruction of entire buildings based on a "rumo" that Arafat maybe in it, his cutting off ofwater, food, and medicines fromentire cities and villages, his supportive massacre for 3 days of 2000 Palestinian civilians in two refugee camps------I don't see Bill Keller clamoring for the paper to publish a photo of such murders today for a historical context of Palestinian dead.Incidentally, the United Nations Security Council (with U.S. support) passed several Resolutions just during the summer of 1982 "urging" Israel to withdraw, stop the massacred, and allow food, water, and medicines into Beirut, but as usual Israel can tell the world to go to hell for all it cares.
Compare that with one U.N. Security Council Resolution against Syria to withdraw from Lebanon which it did, thus it seems the U.N. implements Israel's wishes but is impotent to even tell Israel "NO".

"I see your paper took issue with the Congress cutting $40 Billion of spending from America's poor over the next five years. Given that's about $8 Billion a year from America's children, your paper "forgot" to mentionthat this amount is what Israel receives almost annually from the American taxpayer when all funding from so many hidden "amendments" in the federal budget is accounted for. So Congress and your paper obviously support starving America's children but more than willing to pay for Israel's illegal squatters to leave their U.S. subsidized homes from Gaza.

"Thus the question here is: Who decides America's priorities? It's obviously not the silent majority of Americans who are kept in the dark by the media, such as yours, as to who's alienating this grand nation from the world and why are its children paying for the benefit of a rich nation, Israel, the 16th richest nations in the world and a nation who takes America's taxes and gives loans to other governments and entities, thus reaping aid and interest from the American taxpayer who can't pay for his or her drugs.

"Perhaps your editors can answer this simple question: what conference was held in 1949 in Europe on the Palestinian issue and what was its result?

"It's tragic that you as the publisher worry more about your bottom line than about the foundation of peace for Israel. Your hiring of such a biased editor who publishes TWO letters supporting Israel---to be fair he doesn't dare deny an Israeli counsel or an Abe Foxman letter which are published on an auto-pilot basis---and only ONE letter supporting Palestinian democracy is an outrage and a slap to the face of the editorial page, especially a page that helped launch a war based on known lies. America was pushed into war by your paper and others, by MILLER, LIBBY, PERLE, WOLFOWITZ, FEITH, ZAKHEIM, ABRAMS et. al---none of whom are Arabs or Muslims.

"Do remove the "all the news that FIT to print". It's hypocritical and unbecoming given that men like your letter editor decide what's "FIT" to print. Obviously your public editor whom I've written on several occasions is unable to deal with this issue or is supportive of the letter editor's bias.

Human beings are dying overseas while you and your staff enjoy your peaceful and well paid life. As I've told you previously, your Grandfather was an "Anti-Zionist" who loathed the pressure placed on him by the Zionists.

Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas to your Editors and Staff.Mohamed Khodr M.D.

enjoy now, regret later
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