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Old Jul 8th, 2004, 05:46 PM        I-Mockery's New Fall Line Up!
Hi! Are you suffering from “Real Politicks with burbank & Vinth” withdrawls?

Are you fuming like a bitch over the recent ban…er cancellation of some of your favorite shows?

You are? Well too fucking bad, because they ain’t coming back! But instead here at I-Mockery we have a whole new host of other shit to bring you!

It’s our new fall line up!

First up is a Nutty sitcom!

He’s an illiterate grass cutter with a family, and he’s a zany servant of darkness. Its Fartinmowler and Perndog in “Get Behind Me Satan!”

See what happens when a Satanist down on his luck has to move in with trailer park trash!

Check out a Nutty preview!

Fartinmowler: Hi, I’m home! Where are my daughters? I want to give them their “baths.” What the fuck is this blood on the floor?
Perndog: I sacrificed their young virgin blood to the Dark Lord.
Fartinmowler: PERNDOOOOOOOG!

If you think that’s funny then you’ll love this next bit of fuckardery! Literally!

It’s the new reality show called “I, Fucktard” starring ArrowX! See how one fucktard struggles with simple everyday life!

ArrowX: Ohhh, you lift the toilet sit up BEFORE taking a shit.

You can’t make this shit up! And they’ll be plenty of special appearances by sports, Jim Duncan, Pancakes and Dynamic Dustin!

Next up is an drama, yeah we know, but it’s cooler than you’d think! It’s “Suicide Diaries”
Starring Sethomas!

Watch how one misguided “intellectual” whines about life and the futility of it all.

Sethomas: Dear diary, I met a boy today, but he didn’t like me. WHY? WHY? I’m good enough for him! The moron would rather be with the rest of those idiots! Oh why was I cursed to be this way? That’s it, I’m better than the world. I don’t need this EArthLY form! All I HaVe tO do IS snuff it. Yes! TOnighT DiarY I WILL DO IT!

We know it sounds depressing, but every week you get to see a new madcap way he tries to off himself and fail miserably, much like he has in life! Supporting cast includes Kaljhorn and Cosmo.

Turning back to the funny we bring out the big guns! Yes we finally managed to get them back together after a 20 year long feud. It the Mad Max and Esuohlim Comedy Hour!

Watch how tourette’s syndrome and multiple personalities can equal COMEDIC GOLD!

Esuohlim: So Mad Max what did you do today?
Mad Max: What the fuck do you think fucktard?
GADZOOKS: Let me guess, said “fucktard?”
Mad Max: No I fucking fucked your goddamn Momma in the ass!
Mr. Sarcastic: Oh that’s original.
Mad Max: Yeah about as original as your fucking jokes, fuck off fucktard!

Oh the Wackiness!

Also includes bit players like Matt Hardy, Pub Lover and a host of others! Also once a week they bring out the Fucktard Savant Retro Kat and where upon he and Mad Max play dueling stories!

Oh the Zaniness!

Well that’s it for the fall line up, we’ll be hoping you’ll be watching I-Mockery this fall, because we have other shows coming, stay tuned!

I-Mockery and all characters, shows, rights and everything else are an appendage of Evil Empire Enterprises and are owned by them, so don’t even think about stealing shit.
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