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Old Apr 20th, 2005, 05:26 AM        i wrote this in 1998...
the lights were blinding. making it hard to drive. even on the nack roads he was having trouble. he swung around the corner and pulled ti into a place witch was like a mangnent for white trash. 70eds cars, white cadalacks and a small bit of tras blead through the parking lot. Instead of going throught the frount door, he decided to go through the side. he placed his hand on the door and pushed. the wind flew in behind him bring in parts of the outside. he moved stright to his corner. looking around the room he noticed it was mostly emtey. pink booths and chairs looked loney ecept for the 2 at the counter. there sat two "good old boys" who probley worked on each others cars. he sat back in his booth and lit a smoke. he came here a lot, so without him asking, she brought over coffie. Good coffie. not like the crap at that "java" place down town.no fancie shit. just a good cup of jo. two creamers, six packets fo sugar. had to have lots of sugar. he took a sip. perfict. some bowler4s cane in, sat down, and started to talk about there game. a bowling alley. he knew in this place he would't be botherded. he took another sip.

just when he thought he forget about it, it came back t6o him. "who was that git" he thoguht. he remebered back to earlyer that day. he was smoking a cig by the mail room. she walked by and said "hi". then she stoped , turned around and blew him a kiss. why did she do that? every one says "hi" at the office bulding he thought. but blow a kiss? and then she just walked away. what the shit? but seemed familer. where did he know her from? short blond hair, but not too short. Skinny , but not too skinny. tall but not to tall. perfict. who was shit?


that party a couple of months ago. he walked across the room to get another beer. it was full of people and he had to squezze his way through. white dressm white jackie o' glasses, and short blod hair. but not too short. as he walked by he said "hi" as he bruched by her. she replied" verry" and blew him a kiss. that was the reason he bumbed in th that big jock and got an ass beating....[/b]
Originally Posted by Juttin
Originally Posted by Yggdrasill
The same reason I don't hit kids, i'm not 100% sure thier mine.
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