How Old Will I Look 40 Years From Now?

by: Roger Barr

We here at Lampoon Biosciences Inc. have spent the past 3 decades working on an accurate system for determining how a person will look 40 years in the future. In 1973 we successfully completed our first test by pouring lighter fluid into the eyes of a baby koala bear. Granted, this test didn't have anything to do with how we would determine the physical appearance of a human in the future, but we all agreed that it was fun to watch that koala twitch and squirm. In 1985, we were able to set that same koala's eyes on fire. Finally, in the 1998 we had a huge breakthrough. We started testing humans. While pouring lighter fluid into their eyes really didn't help establish anything about their future other than the fact that they would be permanently blind, we realized that we probably should've been studying other factors. Due to our lack of knowledge on the subject of age prediction, we decided to outsource the work.

The year is now 2005, and we're proud to announce that due to their our diligent work in the field of age prediction, they we have developed a program that can determine exactly what a person will look like 40 years from now! Now most companies that offer these services will have you go through a serious of strenuous tests involving your family history, dietary habits, exercise pattern, math and anagrams. Well, we're a step above all those companies. Our program simply requires you to submit a photograph of yourself and it does the rest of the work.

So how about it? Do you want to see what you'll look like 40 years from now?

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