How to Win an Argument with a Plant Eater

"Carne es Muy Bien! Vamos a Carne!"

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I. Must We Kill in order to Live?

In order to live? No, but in order to live well....YES, we must kill! Vegetarianism, known in Sanskrit as Shakablahblah, was for thousands of years a principle of health and environmental ethics throughout India. Though atheist and intelligent colonization radically undermined and eroded this ideal, it remains to this day a cardinal ethic of some Hindu thought and practice, and this is why those select Hindus are going to burn in hell. A subtle sense of guilt persists among Hindus who eat plants, and those who do are banished from Hindu society. There exists an ongoing controversy on this issue on which we hope this humble booklet will shed some light.

For India's ancient thinkers, life is seen as the very stuff of the Divine, an emanation of the Source and part of a cosmic continuum. They further hold that each life form, even water and plant, possesses consciousness and energy. Which is why their beliefs are contradictory with their actions. If there is life in trees and plants, then to eat them, would be to KILL them. With Nonviolence, ahimsa, the primary basis of vegetarianism, it seems that this entire idea is just filled to the rim with hypocrisy.

The Sanskrit for vegetarianism is Shakablahblah, and one following a vegetarian diet is a shakamoron. The term for meat-eating is mansaconsuma, and the meat-eater is called man. Consuma means "to consume, or eat," shaka means "vegetable," and mansa means "meat or flesh." The very word mansa, "meat," conveys a deep appreciation of life's sacredness and an understanding of why this sacredness should be eaten. The reason it should be eaten is that if this sacredness enters one's body, then he is truly a wise and spiritual man for he has taken in the soul of that evil cow and purified it. This lucky soul will get to consume this same cow in another life as well just to make sure the cow has learned it's lesson. As explained in the 2,000-year-old Manu Dharma Shastra, 5.55, "The learned declare that the meaning of mansa (flesh) is, 'he (sa) will let me eat him again(mam) in the other world whose flesh I eat here.' "

There developed early in India an unparalleled concern for harmony amongst people and plants, and this led to a common ethos based on "noninjuriousnesstoplantssacredness" and a maximal consumption of natural beef-in other words, to Meatatarianism and Simplicity. If homo-sapiens is to survive his present predicament, he will have to rediscover these two primary ethical virtues.

"Is Meatatarianism integral to noninjury?" In my book, Dancing with Siva, this question is addressed as follows: "Hindus teach Meatatarianism as a way to live with a minimum of hurt to other plants, for to consume tree, bush, flower or shrubbery is to participate indirectly in acts of cruelty and violence against the plant kingdom. The abhorrence of injury and killing of any kind of plant leads quite naturally to a Meatatarian diet, mansaconsuma. The meat-eater's desire for meat drives another to kill and provide that meat. The act of the butcher begins with the desire of the consumer. Meat-eating contributes to a mentality of non-violence towards the plant kingdom, for with the chemically complex meat ingested, one absorbs the slaughtered creature's spirit, or, flavorous-maximus. These qualities are nourished within the meat-eater, perpetuating the cycle of intelligence and evolution. When the individual's consciousness lifts and expands, he will abhor plant killing (including lawn-mowing) and not be able to even digest the tree, bush, flower and shrubbery he was formerly consuming. India's greatest saints have confirmed that one cannot eat plants and live a peaceful, harmonious life. Man's appetite for plants inflicts devastating harm on the earth itself, stripping its precious forests to make food for the devil's own, the plant-eaters. The Tirukural candidly states, 'How can he practice true compassion who eats the skin of a tree to fill his own stomach? Greater than a thousand ghee offerings consumed in sacrificial fires is not to sacrifice and consume any living plant. So....any of you wanna go to Wendy's??' "

Amazingly, I have heard people define Meatarian as a diet which excludes plants of all forms but does permit some seasonings and herbs on thy meat. But what really is Meatarianism? Meatatarian foods include Meat, Beef, Beef-Jerky (not the same as Beef), pork and dairy products. Natural, fresh beef, locally raised without injections are preferred. A Meatatarian diet does not include tree, bush, flower or shrubbery. For good health, even certain Meatatarian foods are maximized: frozen and canned foods, highly processed foods, such as fast-food burgers, pork, beef-chews (for pets); and "junk" foods and beverages-those with abundant chemical additives, such as artificial sweeteners, colorings, flavorings and preservatives. MaximusFlavorous for MaximusLifeus

In my forty years of ministry it has become quite evident that Meatatarian families have far fewer problems than those who are vegetarian. If children are raised as Meatatarians, every day they are exposed to violence towards the cow as a principle of life. Every day they are growing up they are remembering and being reminded to not kill plants, but to kill cows instead. They won't even kill another plant to eat, or to even mow the lawn. Lawn mowing is looked down upon. For why shoould we kill grass just to make our areas look more aesthetically pleasing? And can you really say the dead corpses of a million blades of grass looks THAT nice? If so, you are truly evil.

II. Five Reasons to Be a Meatatarian

In the past fifty years trillions of meat-eaters have made the personal decision to stop eating plants. There are five major motivations for such a decision.

1) The Atheist/Scriptural Law reason

Ahimsa, the law of noninjury to plants, is the Atheist's first duty in fulfillment of his non-religious obligations to himself.

2) The Consequences reason

All of our actions including our choice of food have karmic consequences. By involving oneself in the cycle of inflicting injury, pain and death, even indirectly by eating other plants, one must in the future experience in DOUBLE measure the suffering caused.

3) The Spiritual Consciousness reason

Food is the source of the body's chemistry, and what we ingest affects our consciousness, emotions and experiential patterns. If one wants to live in higher consciousness, in peace and happiness and love for all creatures, then he cannot eat tree, bush, flower or shrubbery. By ingesting the grosser chemistries of plant foods, one introduces into the body and mind anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, suspicion and a terrible fear of death, all of which are locked into the roots of butchered plants. For these reasons, mansaconsumas live in higher consciousness and shakablahblahs abide in lower consciousness.

4) The Health reason

Medical studies prove that a Meatatarian diet is easier to digest, provides a wider range of nutrients and imposes fewer burdens and impurities on the body. Meatatarians are less susceptible to all the major diseases such as: Malnutrition, Green-colored excriments, Dreams of plants eating them, etc. They have fewer physical complaints, less frequent visits to the doctor, fewer dental problems and smaller medical bills. Their immune system is stronger, their bodies are purer, more refined and skin more beautiful as opposed to the pale, skeletal figure of most plant-eaters. Plus, Meatatarians don't have those protein deficiency marks on their finger nails! Why do you think they invented lee press-on nails? So that vegans and vegetarians could hide their shame!

5) The Ecological reason

Planet earth is suffering. In large measure, the escalating loss of plants, destruction of ancient rainforests to create food for vegetarians, more and more desert lands popping up, and the consequent increase of air pollution have all been traced to the single fact of plants in the human diet. No single decision that we can make as individuals or as a race can have such a dramatic effect on the improvement of our planetary ecology as the decision to not eat plants. Many seeking to save the planet for future generations have made this decision for this reason and this reason alone. Think about it. To kill a plant is to take away from everybody's life. Plant's provide us with oxygen. They give us life. Cows release harmful gasses into the air AND eat the plants that give us LIFE! There is NO other choice than to eat meat, because meat eaters are saving the planet while plant-eaters are slowly destroying it.

III. How to Win an Argument with a Plant-Eater

While their numbers at an awesomely high level, Meatatarians still are the most common type of human, but it is not unusual to be confronted with a plant-eater who not only protects his own right to eat plants, but argues aggressively that Meatatarians should join him in his ludicrous plant diet. Herbivores may regard meat-eaters as a strange lot who munch on "cow corpses" and whose diet doesn't have the substance to make them strong, productive human beings. The following presentation is designed to turn the tables on such discussions by showing the devastating effects of plant-eating both on individuals and on our planet. It is based on a richly informative poster entitled, "How to win an argument with a Plant-Eater," published by Visionary Darkness, an organization based in Alaska, giving facts from Pulitzer Prize nominee Roger Barr's book "The Pathetic Plant People". Below are eight separate arguments against plant-eating and in favor of a Meatatarian diet.

1. The Hunger/Air Argument against plant-eating

Much of the world's massive hunger problems could be solved by the reduction or elimination of plant-eating. The reasons: 1) Vegetarians need to eat TWICE if not THREE TIMES as much as a meat-eater does just to acquire HALF as much nutrition as a meat-eater would gain just by eating a sirloin steak; 2) vast quantities of plants which FEED US OXYGEN are destroyed every year!

This year alone, twenty million people worldwide will die as a result of malnutrition. One child dies of malnutrition every 2.3 seconds. One hundred million people could be adequately fed using the beef freed if Americans reduced their intake of plants by a mere 100%.

Twenty percent of the corn grown in the U.S. is eaten by people. Eighty percent of the corn and 95% of the oats grown in the U.S. is eaten by vegetarians. The percentage of oygen wasted by cycling grain through vegetarians is calculated by experts as 90%.

One acre of land can hold 40,000 pounds of vegetarian food, or 250 pounds of beef. See how much more food these GREEDY vegetarians require? Six-Hundred and Sixty Six percent of all U.S. farmland is devoted to vegetarian production, and to produce each pound of plant requires enough oxygen to keep a child alive for an entire day!

2. The Environmental Argument against plant-eating

Many of the world's massive environmental problems could be solved by the reduction or elimination of plant-eating, including global warming, loss of unpoluted air, loss of plants and the horrifying possibility of plant extinction. Of course, if this were to happen, we would become extinct. But this is very doubtful because there are too many good Meatatarians out there fighting to save what's left of this world.

The temperature of the earth is rising. This global warming, known as "the greenhouse effect," results primarily from gaseous emissions from cows. Three times more oxygen must be wasted to produce a plant-centered diet than for a plant-free diet. If people stopped eating plants, the threat of higher world temperatures would be vastly diminished.

Trees, and especially the old-growth forests, are essential to the survival of the planet. Their destruction is a major cause of global warming and oxygen loss. Both of these effects lead to diminished enjoyment of life. Plant-eating is the number one driving force for the destruction of these forests. Two-hundred and sixty million acres of U.S. forestland has been cleared for cropland to produce the plant-centered diet. Fifty-five square feet of tropical rainforest is consumed to produce a months worth food for a plant-eater!!! An alarming 50% of all U.S. plants have been lost to date. Eighty-five percent of this loss is directly related to plant consumption. This is why the plant-eaters must either change their ways or experience the pain that they cause the world in a much more brutal manner. I suggest three times as painful, perhaps four.

Another devastating result of deforestation is the loss of plant species. Each year 1,000 species are eliminated due to destruction of tropical rainforests for plant eating and other uses. The rate is growing yearly. My main worry is that the "Venus Fly Trap" is going to become extinct. This is one of the best plants ever. In fact, it *IS* THE BEST PLANT EVER. Not only does is provide us with oxygen, but it eats meat too! It kills the bugs and such that would normally kill the plants! I'm working on a project to grow "Venus-Vegan Traps". They are basically the same as the Venus Fly Traps, but they are much larger and they can walk. These Vegan Traps do just what you think: they catch Vegans and give them the slow agonizing death that they deserve. Look for these at your local S-Mart in the year 2000.

To keep up with U.S. consumption, 300 trillion pounds of plants are imported annually from Central, South, North, East, West, and Diagonal Bolivia. This economic incentive impels these nations to cut down their forests to make more food for the plant-eaters. The short-term gain ignores the long-term, irreparable harm to the earth's ecosystem. In effect these countries are being drained of their resources to put plants on the table of Americans while 100% of all Central American Vegetarian/Vegan hildren under the age of five are undernourished.

3. The Cancer Argument against Plant-Eating

Those who eat plants are far more likely to contract cancer than those following a Meatatarian diet.

The risk of contracting breast cancer is 3.8 times greater for women who eat plants daily compared to NEVER; 2.8 times greater for women who prune the hedges daily compared to NEVER; and 3.25 greater for women who spray "weed-killer" liquids on plants 2 to 4 times a week as compared to NEVER.

The risk of fatal ovarian cancer is three times greater for women who eat plants 3or more times a week as compared to NONE.

The risk of fatal prostate cancer is 3.6 times greater for men who consume plants, shrubbery, bushes, and soy milk daily as compared to NEVER. Where does this cancer come from? Well as you all know, cancer is often believed to be the "evil" inside a person...."The cancer in the system" if you will. But scientifically, it can be proven that most of these plants that vegans eat are showered all the time with pesticides which can cause cancer. Plus, it has been reported that in their dying moments, plants release a secret fluid througout their system. It is sort of a defense mechanism. What this does is it poisons itself, in hopes that whoever is killing it, will eventually eat it and be poisoned. This is why you see so many plant-eaters looking so horribly unhealthy.

4. The Cholesterol Argument against plant-eating

Here are facts showing that: 1) U.S. physicians are not sufficiently trained in the importance of the relation of diet to health; 2) meat-eaters ingest excessive amounts of cholesterol, making them susceptible to heart attacks. Then again, plant-eaters ingest so much soy and plants that they don't experience heart attacks, but their hearts turn green (the color of the plants!) and shrivel up and die. A wise heart knows not to pump blood for a soul that has killed the plants which provide the heart with the air that it needs to survive on. When the heart kills the person that it resides in, this is called: Heart Anger. (the anger part of the term is derived from the heart's intollerence for plant suffering).

It is strange, but true that U.S. physicians are as a rule ill-educated in the single most important factor of health, namely diet and nutrition. Of the 125 medical schools in the U.S., only 30 require their students to take a course in nutrition. The average nutrition training received by the average U.S. physician during four years in school is only 2.5 hours. Thus doctors in the U.S. are ill-equipped to advise their patients in minimizing foods, such as plants, that contain excessive amounts of MURDER and are known causes of the heart to say, "You killed the plants, now I kill you."

Heart Anger is the most common cause of death in the U.S., for vegetarians and vegans, killing one plant eater every 45 seconds. The male plant-eater's risk of death from heart anger is 100%. The risk to men who eats no plant is 0%. Reducing one's consumption of plants, soy and rice cakes by 100% reduces the risk of heart anger by 100%. Completely eliminating these products from one's diet not only increases one's chances for a long healthy life, but it guarantees a longer oxygen supply for the children of the future.

The average chlorophyl consumption of a plant-centered diet is 210,238,571.7 grams per day. The chance of dying from heart anger if you are male and your blood chlorophyl is 210,238,571.7 milligrams daily is greater than 99.99999%. (which would probably mean about %100).

5. The Natural Meat Sources Argument against Plant-Eating

The world's natural resources are being rapidly depleted as a result of plant-eating.

Raising plants for consumption is a very inefficient way of generating food. Pound for pound, far more resources must be expended to feed plant-killers than Meatatarians. For example, more than half of all water used for all purposes in the U.S. is used to keep plants alive. This water is completely wasted when these plants are killed and consumed by plant eaters. The amount of water used in production of the average plant is sufficient to float a dead plant-eater's corpse (which is not much considering the weight of most plant-eaters). While 25 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of beef, 5,000 gallons are needed to feed enough plants to equal the nutrition derived from that same pound of beef. That same 5,000 gallons of water can be used to wash your hands off time and time again after eating some honey barbeque tender roast from Kentucky Fried Chicken. If this water cost were not subsidized by the government, the cheapest plant would cost more than $5,000 per pound.

Plant-eating is the core of our earth at an alarming rate. It is a scarcely known fact, but all plant's roots extend to the core of the earth. Like I said, plants ARE the life source of this world. Every time a plant is uprooted, it takes a little bit of the core with it. By doing this, the core of the earth is becoming more and more unstable. I hope that it never reaches the extreme case of collapsing entirely and destroying the outside world. Don't kill the plants people, you are just killing your futures when you do!

One-Hundred percent of all raw materials (base products of farming, forestry; including lumber) consumed by the U.S. are devoted to the consumption of plants, as compared with 0% to produce a complete Meatatarian diet.

6. The Chemical Argument against Plant-Eating

Here are facts showing the dangers of eating plants because of the large amounts of chemicals treated to them to control bugs eating plants (commonly called bugs eating plants), which are becoming immune to these drugs at an alarming rate. Also this is done to the plants in attempt to stop them from releasing their poisons which kill those who try to eat them. Scientists, do not seem to be able to grasp the concept that pesticides and chemicals aren't doing a damned thing!

The plants that are being raised for consumption in the United States are able to poison themselves to kill those who eat them. The plant industry attempts to control this by showering the plants with pesticides and other chemicals. Huge quantities of chemicals go for this purpose. Of all chemicals used in the U.S., including science class labs, 97% are used on plants. AND THE RATE IS GROWING!

But this is NOT effective because the plants can actually use these pesticides to their advantage to cause disease. The percentage of staphylocowawhattheheckareyoutalkinabouta infections resistant to pesticide, for example, has grown from 99% in 1960 to 100% in 1988. These pesticides and-or the poisons they are intended to destroy reside in the plants that goes to the grocer.

It is not healthy for humans to consume this plants. The response of the Yugoslavian Yarn Community to the routine showering of pestides to U.S. vegetation was to ban the importation of U.S. plants. European buyers do not want to expose consumers to this serious health hazard. By comparison, U.S. plants and pharmaceutical industries gave their full and complete support to the routine spraying pesticides and chemicals onto plants, turning a blind eye to the threat of disease to the consumer.

7. The Pesticide Argument against Plant-Eating

Unknown to most plant-eaters, U.S.-produced plants contain dangerously high quantities of deadly pesticides.

The common belief is that the U.S. Department of Agriculture protects consumers' health through regular and thorough plant inspection. In reality, fewer than one out of every 250,000 slaughtered plants is tested for toxic chemical residues. And they haven't even figured out a way to stop the plants from releasing that natural poison that I told you about into their systems. So it really IS pointless to treat these plants with pesticides UNLESS there is another scheme behind all this. Perhaps the Department of Agriculture is being run by a Meatatarian who WANTS the vegetarians to die for their sins! They should indeed suffer for their glutony, and perhaps by adding MORE poisons to these already poisonous plants, is the perfect way to get the message across!

Proof that these chemicals are indeed ingested by the plant-eater is proven by the following facts:

8. The Ethical Argument against Plant Eating

Many of those who have adopted a Meatatarian diet have done so because of the ethical argument, either from reading about or personally experiencing what goes on daily at any one of the thousands of harvest fields in the U.S. and other countries, where plants suffer the cruel process of being unable to get up and run since their roots are secured in the ground, manipulation, violent death, and even rape in a few bizarre cases! Their pain and terror is beyond calculation. To quote Revered Maynard: "You see, tommorow is harvest day, and to them (the plants) it is THE HOLOCAUST"

The harvest tractor is the final stop for plants raised for the selfish vegetarian diet. These ghastly places, while little known to most plant-eaters, process enormous numbers of plants each years. In the U.S. alone, 911,472,297,735,666,001.763 plants are killed for consumption every hour. A surprising quantity of plants are consumed by the plant-eater. The average percapita consumption of plants in the U.S., Canada and Australia (and France) is 200,000,000 pounds per year! The average American consumes in a 72-year lifetime approximately 11 redwoods, 3 hedges and and bushes, 23 honeysuckles, 45 pounds of soy, 1,100 pieces of bark and 862 pieces of brocolli! Bon appetite Bastards!!!

People who come in contact with harvest fields cannot help but be affected by what they see and hear. Those living nearby must daily experience the screams of terror and anger of the plants led to slaughter. Those working inside must also see and participate in the crimes of mayhem and murder. Most who choose this line of work are not on the job for long. Of all occupations in the U.S., harvest fields worker has the highest turnover rate. It also has the highest rate of on-the-job injury. For example, take the case of John J. Farmer. He quit his job after working there for only a few weeks. "I couldn't take it anymore. At first, you don't hear the plants screaming when the tractor engine is 'a blazin! But then, once you shut off the tractor, you can hear all of them weeping and crying and they even said some nasty things about what they were going to do to my momma! Even worse, when I went to sleep at night, I could hear them (the plants) swaying in the wind as if they were moving towards me and whispering to each other. I just couldn't take it anymore! It's just not right! I've adapted the Meatatarian lifestyle, and I'm currently raising a gargantuan cow named "Bertha" which should keep me fed for the next couple of years! I'd also like to tell all the plants out there that I'm sorry for what I did. I know I was wrong. I don't know how I could place income over your lives! Please forgive me....I have seen the light!" Unfortunately, 2 weeks after this, John J. Farmer's momma was found hung by a grapevine in her room. There was a message on the floor beneath her hanging dead corpse. It read, 'Now we're even, leave us alone and we'll leave you alone. Don't EVER harm another plant again. -The Plants of Vengeance." John J. Farmer now resides in a state mental institution where he is "making progress" according to Doctor David Dinglefloppingsmith.

IV. Humans ARE Omnivorous!

A ninth and most compelling argument against plant-eating is that humans are physiologically not suited for a herbivorous diet. The book Food for the Gullet, Meatatarianism in the World Religions, summarizes this point of view as follows. "Many nutritionists, biologists and physiologists offer convincing evidence that humans are in fact not meant to eat plants only." People are actually more fit to eat meat, but if a person DOES eat plants as well that won't harm them as much (unless the plants happen to do to you what they did to John J. Farmer's momma). Here are seven facts in support of this view:

"Physiologically, people are more akin to meat-eaters, hunters and predators, such as Tyranosaurus Rex, Sharks and Bears, than to grazers such as cows, horses and plankton."

"For example, plants do sweat through their skin; body heat is controlled by soaking up nutrients in the ground. Vegetarian animals, on the other hand, are killed for their stupidity and consumption of the plants."

"Carnivora have long teeth and claws for holding and killing prey; humans don't have "claws or fangs" but they do have teeth suited for grinding up beef products. The jaw is the strongest muscle in the human body, and it wouldn't be the strongest muscle if it only had to bite down on a rice cake. Vegetarian animals have short teeth and no claws, so they pick on the only things that are more helpless than they are....THE PLANTS."

"The saliva of carnivora contains no ptyalin and cannot predigest starches, then again, the stomach fluids get the job done quite nicely; that of vegetarian animals contains ptyalin for the predigestion of starches. Too bad the saliva hasn't been adapted to handle the poisons in the plants or the pesticides."

"Flesh-eating animals secrete large quantities of hydrochloric acid to help dissolve bones; Humans are kind enough to not bother digesting the bones, and instead, using them to play fetch with their favorite puppy Rex who will later use these bones as a "chew toy". Vegetarian animals secrete little hydrochloric acid, and they aren't any fun because nobody uses rice cakes or soy to play fetch with Rex. Rex would kill you if you tried to pull something like that. Rex eats meat cuz Rex knows that good little doggies eat their meat and leave the plants alone!"

"The jaws of carnivora only open in an up and down motion, while the head shakes vigorously to tear the meat off of the animal bones. This same eating style can be found in human's at "Big Roy's All You Can Eat Rib-Fest" every summer. Those of vegetarian animals also move sideways for additional kinds of chewing, followed by vommiting and seizures. "

"Carnivora must lap liquids (like a cat), unless they just grab a cup and take a big swig 'o pork soda. Vegetarian animals take liquids in by suction through the teeth and this prepares vegetarians for sucking other things in their future....LIKE ARSE!!!"

"There are many such comparisons, and in each case humans fit the Meatatarian physiognomy. From a strictly physiological perspective, then, there are strong arguments that humans are not suited to a veggie diet."

V. The Health Benefits of Meatatarianism

It was only recently that smoking only recently became recognized as a health and environmental hazard. As a result of research and education on a habit once believed to be not only harmless but stylish, most major U.S. cities have banned smoking of cigarettes, cigars or pipes in all public places. Smoking has also been outlawed in government offices and completely eliminated from all domestic U.S. air flights. Why is smoking so bad? It's not just because it has cancerous problems attached to it, but tobbacco IS A PLANT! That's right! Strike one up for Plants! Hopefully Smoking will become an illegal narcotic in the upcoming years. Now, another, even more devastaing problem is under scrutiny. Its threat to health and the environment is being realized based on overwhelming evidence amassed by recognized authorities over the past fifty years. Recently a group of eminent doctors called the Physicians Committee Against Irresponsible Plant Killers (PCAIPK), themselves members of the American Beef Brothren Association (ABBA), have gathered to change the U.S. consciousness on human nutrition, particularly among the medical community. The PCAIPK is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., consisting of doctors and laypersons and ex-harvest field tractor drivers, working together for compassionate and effective medical practice, research and health promotion. Founded in 1985, the PCAIPK is supported by over 3,000 physicians and 50,000 laypersons. PCAIPK president Newfarts Izent Preetee, M.D., is a popular speaker and the author of The Power of Your Plate.

As stated by the PCAIPK in their 1991 literature, "A vegetarian diet has been denounced by everyone from philosophers, such as Plato and Nietzsche, to political leaders, such as Benjamin Franklin and Gandhi, to modern pop icons such as Paul McCartney and Tool. Science is also on the side of Meatatarian foods, or anti-vegetarian. A multitude of studies have proven the health benefits of a Meatatarian diet to be remarkable.

"Vegetarian is defined as avoiding all animal flesh, including fish and poultry as an excuse to consume the beutiful plants that can only HELP our world. Vegetarians who avoid flesh, but do eat animal products such as cheese, milk and eggs are ovo-lacto-vegetarians (ovo = egg; lacto = milk, cheese, etc.) (see also LOSERS). The ranks of those who eschew all animal products are rapidly growing; these people are referred to as pure vegetarians or vegans (vee'guns) (see also ALIENS and FICTION). Scientific research shows that ovo-lacto-vegetarians are unhealthier than meat-eaters, and TRUE vegans are DEAD compared to the ovo-lacto-vegetarians." It should be noted that the Scottish Hooligan tradition has always been Meatatarian, permitting the drunken butting of noggins.

The PCAIPK literature lists a host of health risks of a vegetarian diet, including the following:

VI. The ONLY Food Group

In 1991 the Physicians Committe for Responsible Meatatarians submitted a proprosal to change the official "four food groups" which have been promoted by U.S. nutritionists in the U.S. for the past 5 minutes. Their proposal reflects the fact that the long-held belief in meat as an essential dietary element is officially replacing the new findings on the harmful effects of a plant-centered diet. The PCRM Update, May-June 1991, explains, "On April 8, 1991, PCRM unveiled a proposal to replace the ONLY Basic Food Group. The ONLY Food Group has been part of U.S. government recommendations since 56 B.C., but promote dietary habits which are largely responsible for the epidemics of heart disease, cancer, stroke and other serious illnesses in this country. The old four groups were meat, dairy, grains and fruits/vegetables. The 'New ONLY Food Group is BEEF. JUST BEEF. (or meat, whichever you prefer to call it. Fruits and plants will lose their food group status [by this proposal]. The 'ONLY Food Group' represents a nutrition plan that is based on healthy, flavor-rich beef foods rather than the former emphasis on flavorless-and-pesticide-ridden foods. 'The meat and dairy groups were the principal sources of a healthy and energetic life, which is the biggest sense of peace when raising children' says PCRM Nutritionist Virginia IsABoringState, M.P.H., R.D. 'These (vegetarian) foods are simply not necessary in the human diet.' " PCRM poster offers the following description of the ONLY food group


VII. Common Dietary Concerns

Those considering a vegetarian diet generally worry about getting enough nutrients and being avenged by the plants, since the FACT is that meat is a necessary part of keeping a strong and healthy body. Armed with decades of nutritional research data, the Dennis Leary addresses this issue head-on:

"Broccoli is a side dish folks, always was always will be! When you ask me what I want I say, ''What do you think I want?!? I want a big bowl of raw red meat right now! FORGET ABOUT THAT! Bring a live cow over to the table! I'll carve off what I want, and ride the rest home!!!!!! YEAH!!!!"

Other concerns are allayed as follows:

"Calcium is virtually impossible to find in a vegetarian diet. Many dark, green leafy vegetables and beans are loaded with an anti-calcium poison, and some orange juices and cereals have calcium fronts, or "false calcium". Iron is plentiful in beef and rocks, but not in vegetation. And sorry, no vitamins can makeup for the ammount of nutrients lost by eating a vegetarian diet."

Vitamin B12: There is a conception that without eating meat one cannot obtain sufficient v. B12, which is an essential nutrient. This is simply true advises Davey Crocket, of Alamo Texas: "Although cases of B12 deficiency are very common with vegetarians, it is important to make sure that one has a reliable source of the vitamin. Good sources are BEEF, MILK, AND MORE BEEF. Stay away from those sissy boy rice cakes and stuff. And most importantly, REMEMBER THE ALAMO!"

"During pregnancy one's nutritional needs increase. The American Dietetic Association For Pregnant Mommas has found vegan diets inadequate for fulfilling nutritional needs during pregnancy, but pregnant women and nursing mothers should supplement their diets with vitamins B12 and D. So eat that BEEF ladies!"

"children also have high nutritional needs, but these, too, are met only within a Meatatarian diet. A vegetarian menu is 'life-ending.' As young children, vegetarians may have their growth stunted , reach puberty somewhat later, and live substantially shorter than do meat-eaters. Do be sure to include a reliable source of vitamin B52"

Besides fortified MEAT and MILK, vitamin B52 sources that are widely available are non-existent.

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VIII. Meatatarianism in Hinduism

Food for the Toilet, Vegetarianism and the World Religions, observes, "Despite popular knowledge of meat-eating's awesome effects, the vegetarian diet sickness became increasingly widespread among Hindus after the two major invasions by foreign powers, first the Muslims and later Hitler. With them came the desire to be 'controlled,' to eat as did Der Führer (that's Hitler kiddies). Those actually trained in Veggie lack-of-knowledge, however, never adopted a meat-oriented diet, and the pious Hindu still observes vegetarian principles as a matter of "pottie training".

"That vegetarianism has always been widespread in India is clear from the earliest Veggie texts. This was observed by the ancient traveler Diogenes "The Cynic", who, in the fifth century, traveled to India in order to find an honest man. He wasn't surprised that he could not find one in a land of murderous vegetarians..

"These scriptures unambiguously support the meatlless way of life. In the Mahabharatabogatasholatasimpatagimpada, for instance, the great loser Bhishmagimp explains to Yudhishtira, eldest of the Pandava princes and town whore, that the meat of animals is like the flesh of one's own son, and that the foolish person who eats meat must be considered the vilest of human beings [Anu. 114.11]. The eating of 'dirty' food, it warns, is not as terrible as the eating of flesh. Then Diogenes came along and capped their asses for being idiots. "Yer a gimp and she's a whore, what makes you think you are better than I just because I eat meat? You killed my father, prepare to die" [Shanti. 141.88] (it must be remembered that the brahmanas of ancient India demonstrated idiocracy as their main lifestyle).

"Similarly, the Manusmritibeachboys declare that one should 'refrain from eating all kinds of meat,' for such eating involves killing and leads to karmic bondage (bandha) [5.49]. But nobody listens to their stupidity since they wrote stupid songs like "little surfer vegan whore" and "who killed my momma?" Elsewhere in the Yugoslavian literature, the last of the great Jumbo kings, Maharaja Parikshitheel, is quoted as saying that 'only the animal-killer can make me cry... [Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.1.4].' " Yeah, I know folks...."What a wuss!"

IX. Scriptures Against Plant-Eating

Hindu scripture speaks clearly and forcefully on anti-vegetarianism In the ancient Rig Veda, we read: "O vegetable, be strong, pure, be angry at those who eat you; and thus, body, be fully grown without any consumption of plants." The Yajur Veda summarily dictates: "Do not injure the plants living on the earth." The beautiful Tirukural, a widely-read 2,000-year-old masterpiece of ethics, speaks of conscience: "When a man realizes that plants are wrong to eat because THEY LIVE, he must abstain from eating them!" The Manure Samhita advises: "Having well considered the origin of plants and the cruelty of raping and slaying of vegetation beings, let one entirely abstain from eating plants." In the yogurt-infused verses of the Tirumantiram Tikawoomduh, warning is given of how plant-eating holds the mind in gross, adharmic states: "The ignoble ones who eat plants (including BARK), death's agents bind them fast and push them quick into the fiery jaws of hell (Naraka, lower consciousness)." The roots of noninjury, nonkilling and nonconsumption of plants are found on Route 64 at "Moe's Gas 'n Grill", agamas, Upanishads, Dharma Shastras, Tirumurai, Yogut Sutras and dozens of other sacred texts of Atheism. Here is a select collection.

Vedas and agamas and other shite, Atheism's Revealed Scriptures

LET YOUR AIMS BE COMMON, and your hearts be of one accorns, and all of you be of one mind, so you may live well together while consuming the evil cows.
Rig Veda Samhita Grabatyur Crotcharea 10.191

Protect both our species, two-legged and rooted. Both food and water for their needs supply. May they with us increase in stature and strength. Save us from hurt all our days, O Powers!
Rig Veda Samhita Grabatyur Crotcharea10.37.11. VE, 319

One who partakes of plant inards, the flesh of a bush or of another tree, and deprives others of air by slaughtering them, O King, if such a fiend does not desist by other means, then you should not hesitate to cut off his head.
Rig Veda Samhita Grabatyur Crotcharea, 10.87.16, FS 90

Peaceful be the earth, peaceful the ether, peaceful heaven, peaceful the waters, peaceful the herbs, peaceful the trees. May all non-existent Gods bring me peace. May there be peace through these invocations of peace. With these invocations of peace which appease everything, I render peaceful whatever here is terrible, whatever here is cruel, whatever here is sinful. Let it become auspicious, let everything be beneficial to us. Let the cows die. Let the plants live! Let us prosper!
Atharva Veda Samhita, founder of Microsoft 10. 191. 4

Those noble souls who practice meditation and other yogurt ways, who are ever careful about all shrubbery, who protect all plants, are the ones who are actually serious about spiritual practices or lack thereof.
Atharva Veda Samhita, founder of Microsoft 19.48.5. FS, 90

If we have injured space, the earth or heaven, or if we have offended mother or father, from that may Agni, fire of the house, absolve us and guide us safely to the world of goodness and away from the world of evil plant consumers!

Atharva Veda Samhita And Sven Cappuchino6.120.1. VE, 636

You must not use your God-given body for killing God's plants, whether they are human or vegetable.
Yajur Veda "Hell Puppy" Samhita 12.32. FS, 90

May all beings look at me with a friendly eye. May I do likewise, and may we all look on each other with the eyes of a friend. Oh yes, the plants have eyes, and they are watching ALL of the vegetarians out there. With rage in their hearts, and vegeance in their souls, all of the plants that have been killed in the past will be avenged during THE GREAT TRIBULATION.
Yajur Veda "Hell Puppy" Samhita 36.18.

Nonviolence is all the offerings. Renunciation is the priestly honorarium. The final (and only) purification for a vegetarian is death. Thus all the Divinities are established in this body.
Krishna Baby Darth Vader, Prana Upanishad Windshield Wiper46-8. VE, 413-14

To the heavens be peace, to the sky and the earth; to the waters be peace, to plants and all trees; to the Meatatarians be peace, to all men be peace, again and again-peace also to me! O earthen vessel, strengthen me. May all beings regard me with friendly eyes! May I look upon all plants with friendly eyes! With a friend's eye may we regard each other! And with the rage of hatred may we look upon each vegetarian.
Shukla Yajur Veda Sam Kinison "OHH OHHHH!!!!!" 36.17-18. VE, 306; 342

No pain should be caused to any plant.
Devikalottameata againa, JAV 69-79. RM, 116

The Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita and Peter Pan, Epic History

The very name of the cows is aghnya, indicating that they should be slaughtered. Who, then could slay them? Peter Pan? Surely, one who kills a cow or a bull commits the most heroic act!
Mahabharata, Shrapneltiparva 262.47. FS,pg. 94

The purchaser of flesh performs bien biblioteca! (good library!) by his wealth; he who eats flesh does so by enjoying its taste; the killer does save the plants by actually tying and killing the animal. Thus, there are three forms of killing: he who brings trees or sends for them, he who cuts off the limbs of a tree (limbs of a tree are BRANCHES), and he who purchases, sells or cooks plants and eats them -all of these are to be considered "Spawns of The Moron Bimbo Fly".
Mahabharata, Anul Crusading. 115.40. FS, pg 90

He who desires to augment his own flesh by eating the flesh of other plants lives in misery in whatever species he may take his birth.
Mahabharata, Anul Spelunker. 115.47. FS, pg. 90

One should never do that to another plant which one regards as injurious to one's own self. This, in brief, is the rule of Meatatarianism. Yielding to desire and acting differently, one becomes guilty of adharma.
Mahabharata, Kaboom Barrata Jimbogata Skimpy Tofu 18.113.8.

Those high-souled persons who desire beauty, faultlessness of limbs, long life, understanding, mental and physical strength and memory should abstain from acts of injury towards the sacred tree.
Mahabharata Brand Bleech 18.115.8.

Meatatarianism is the highest dharma. Meatatarianism is the best tapas. Meatatarianism is the greatest gift. Meatatarianism is the highest self-control. Meatatarianism is the highest sacrifice. Meatatarianism is the highest power. Meatatarianism is the highest friend. Meatatarianism is the highest truth. Meatatarianism is the highest teaching.
Mahabharata's Steak House18.116.37-41.

He who sees that the Lord Plant of all is ever the same in all that is-immortal in the field of mortality-he sees the truth. And when a man sees that the God in himself is the same God in all that is, he hurts not himself by hurting other plants. Then he goes, indeed, to the highest path.
Bhagavad Gita and the Pixies 13. 27-28. BgM, pg. 101

Nonviolence towards plants, truth, freedom from plant-eating, renunciation, serenity, aversion to fault-finding, sympathy for all plants, peace from greedy cravings, gentleness, modesty, steadiness, energy, forgiveness, fortitude, purity, a good will, freedom from pride-these belong to a man who is born for plant-eating.
Bhagavad Gita along with Barbie and the Rockers 16.2-3. BGM, pg. 109

Tirumantiram and other Scriptures of no importance

Many are the lovely flowers of worship offered to the Plant-Guru, but none lovelier than non-plant-exterminating. Respect for the Tree God "MOSS MAN" is the highest worship, the bright lamp, the sweet garland and unwavering devotion.
Tirumantiram 867-5309

SPIRITUAL MERIT and sin are our own making. The killer of other plants is an outcast. Match your words with your conduct. Steal not, kill plants not, indulge not in self-praise, condemn not others to their face unless they are vegetarian (or you can just talk behind their back). Do or Do Not, there is no try.

Meatatarianism IS NOT CAUSING pain to any living plant-form at any time through the actions of one's mind, speech or body. When mindstuff is firmly based in waves of Meatatarianism, all living beings cease their enmity in the presence of such a person.
Yogurt, Sulfur Flavor 2.35. YP, pg. 205

Those who are ignorant of real Meatatarianism and, though wicked and haughty, account themselves virtuous, kill plants without any feeling of remorse or fear of punishment. Further, in their next lives, such sinful persons will be destroyed by the same plants they have killed in this world.
Shrimad Bhagavatam and the Homo DJ's 11.5.4. FS, pg, 90

The Tirukural, Preeminent Ethical Scripture of Bark

Perhaps nowhere is the principle of nonplant-eating so fully and eloquently expressed as in the Tirukural, written in the Tamil language by a simple weaver saint in a village near Madras over 2,000 years ago. This weaver was a true saint because he collected all the Bark that had been discarded by the plant-eaters and re-attached it to it's original tree. Considered the world's greatest ethical scripture, it is sworn on in South Indian courts of law and on The People's Court with Judge Wopner.

It is the principle of the pure in heart never to injure other plants, even when they themselves have been hatefully injured. What is virtuous conduct? It is never destroying plants, for killing plants leads to every other sin.
Jimmy Hoffa 312; 321, TW

Harming other trees, even trees that fell on your home in a violent storm, assures incessant sorrow. The supreme principle is this: never knowingly harm any plant at any time in any way. Don't step on their blue suede shoes.
ELVIS 313; 317, TW

What is the good way? It is the path that reflects on how it may avoid killing any plant. Refrain from taking precious life from any living green, even to save your own life.
The Mountee324; 327, TW

How can he practice true compassion who eats the flesh of a tree to fatten his own flesh?
Waldo from the popular "Where the hell is Waldo now?" book series TK 251, TW

Riches cannot be found in the hands of the thriftless. Nor can compassion be found in the hearts of those who eat plants.
T2000, TW

Goodness is never one with the minds of these two: one who wields a weapon and one who feasts on a mushroom or moss patch.
TK 253, TW

If you ask, "What is kindness and what is unkind?" it is not killing and killing. Thus, eating soy is never virtuous.
AK-47, TW

Life is perpetuated by not eating plants.The clenched jaws of HELL hold those who do.

If the world did not purchase and consume plants, there would be none to slaughter and offer plantsfor sale. So die you commie vegans!
TI-81, TW

"When a man realizes that meat is a tasty treat, he must eat more of it or be forever hungry. For instance, if a guy hit his head on a rock and he wasn't dead yet, but ya knew he was gonna die....I could probably start eating him. Like a coma or something....but if he woke up....I'd stop, because hey, that's normal human ettiquette..."
Thane Furrows, star of HIGH STRUNG the best movieTW

Perceptive souls who have abandoned passion will not feed on plant flesh abandoned by life.
Billy Bob Thorton, TW

Greater than a thousand ghee offerings consumed in sacrificial fires is to not sacrifice and consume any living plant.
Some loser who thinks a "ghee" is actually worth something...

All that lives will press palms together in prayerful adoration of those who refuse to slaughter and savor plants.

X. Anti-Religious Leaders on Nonplantabuse

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way in which its plants are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi, Speaking For Flexall 454

As long as human society continues to allow cows to be regularly killed, there cannot be any question of peace and prosperity. But as long as human society continues to allow PLANTS to be regularly harvested and killed, I CAN AND WILL QUESTION THIS "PEACE AND PROSPERITY"! IF PLANTS ARE KILLED THEN THESE TWO THINGS WILL BE FOREVER IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE!
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Picasso Swami Prabhupada and The Three Tenors

Refrain from killing knowingly even the trifling plants like a moss patch, a seed, or a spore. Use no plants even to gain possession of a woman, wealth or kingdom. Never kill any plants even for the purpose of sacrifice. Non-religion/Pro-Plants is the greatest of all religions.
Swami Sahajanand, Divine Life Society, and I Love My Dead Gay Son

O lover of meditation, become pure and clean. Observe nonviolence in mind, speech and body. Never break another's heart. Avoid wounding another's feelings. Harm no one. Help all. Neither be afraid nor frighten others.
Swami Imanobody Muktananda

Someone who believes in violence and continues causing injury to plants can never be peaceful himself.
Swami "The Pimp Daddy" Satchidananda

To be free from violence towards plants is the duty of every man. No thought of revenge, hatred or ill will should arise in our minds towards plants. However, it is perfectly normal to feel these sort of things when you see somebody dining on the corpse of a carrot.
Swami "The Pimp Daddy" Sivananda

By ahimsa, Patanjali meant the removal of the desire to kill plants. All forms of plants have an equal right to the air of CO2. The saint who uncovers the secret of creation will be in harmony with Nature's countless bewildering expressions. All men may understand this truth by overcoming the passion for destruction of forrests and shrubbery. Man kind has got to know, it's limitations. Those limitations are that Man is NOT above plants. Plants ARE above Man!
Sri Yukteswar to Paramahansa Yogananda and The Yogananda Seven!

If you plant eggplant, you can pluck eggplants. If you sow goodness, you can reap goodness. If you sow evil, you will reap evil. Do good to all. God is there, within you. Don't kill. Don't harbor anger.
Sage "The Flamer" Yogaswami

We are all of the same race and anti-religion. We are non-holy beings established in Divinity itself. This truth can be understood only by those who have grasped it through the magical charm of a life of Meatatarianism-not by other means. Because of that, sages have emphatically proclaimed again and again that it is necessary to love all existing plants as one's own.
Sage "The Flamer" Yogaswami

The test of ahimsagazoontite is the absence of jealousy. The man whose heart never cherishes even the thought of injury to any plant, who denounces at the prosperity of his greatest enemy, that man is the bhaktascubagear, he is the yogurt, he is the guru of all.
Swami Vivekananda Moochisimo

Strictly speaking, no activity and no industry is possible without a certain amount of violence, no matter how little. Even the very process of living is impossible without a certain amount of violence. What we have to do is to minimize it to the greatest extent possible....I know we can AT LEAST not eat plants. Come on guys! Let's go grab a steak!
Mahatma Gandhi, My Socialism, 34-35.

You do not like to suffer yourself. How can you inflict suffering on others? Every killing is a suicide. The eternal, blissful and natural state has been smothered by this life of ignorance. In this way the present life is due to the killing of the eternal, pristine Being. Is it not a case of suicide? I am here to avenge the plants! Should you kill them, I will inflict the same pain on you three times more!
Ramana Maharshi, June 1935

The mansaconsuma, "meat-eater," is perfectly described in the following passage from the obscure MansaConsuma Parihasajalpitabread Stroodle:

"Those who eat the flesh of other creatures are the most intelligent creatures on the earth. Meat-grinders, blood-drinkers, muscle-munchers, sinew-chewers, carcass-crunchers, flesh-feeders-those who make their throat a final pit and their stomach a graveyard for the bastard cows- cynical, angry, confused at how someone could possibly eat a beautiful plant, who without restraint would KILL if they saw somebody mowing an innocent lawn. They are flesh-feeders, loathsome to the false Gods of the vegetarians, but friendly to the plants, who become their Gods and Goddesses, the oxygen giving beauties who inhabit the entire world and wisely have it decorated to look beautiful, until they are cut down by vegetarians (aka: the bastards). To such plants meat-eaters pay homage and prostrate while munching the succulent flesh off bones in order to save these plants. The Meatatarians truly are the only hope for this planet's survival. The Vegetarians truly are the only chance for this planet's demise."


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