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The Melrose Trading Post!
by: -RoG-

Since I moved out to L.A. I've seen all sorts of new places and things that simply don't exist back on the East coast. Still, one thing I used to do almost every summer was go checking out yard sales and I realized I hadn't gone to any since I moved here. I was then reminded of the 45-family and 50-family yard sales that were always a blast in my old Richmond neighborhood. While I wasn't expecting to find a huge conglomerate of families who decided to ban together for an all-day sale of their dustiest possessions, I figured I could still find something comparable in a huge city like Los Angeles. After a little hunting, I found out about the Melrose Trading Post - a big outdoor flea market of sorts where people come to sell their stuff. The best part about it is that it takes place every week on Sunday, not just once in a blue moon. So let's get right down to it then: here's a photographic tour of some of the best, worst and oddest things we found for sale at the Melrose Trading Post.

As Dr. Boogie demonstrates, before you may gain access to the
Melrose Trading Post, you must get your hand stamped with a smiley face.
It's only 2 bucks and they give you some tasty cotton-candy flavored lolipops too.

Little to our knowledge, this large ceramic clown statue would be the first of
many clowns we'd see that afternoon. And they'd get creepier along the way.

I'm pretty sure if you hook this thing up, it will spurt out the blood of your unborn child.

This clown used to eat your coins and store them for safekeeping...
Now he'll eat your eyes.

Wanna pack some heat? Fret not, the MTP has you covered.

For only 5 bux, you too can own the Chabad Telethon CD which features
the talents of Matt LeBlanc, Drea de Matteo, John Voight and more!

Personally I was torn between these two incredible selections.
I mean really, how can one decide between the soothing sounds of Kenny G
and Richard Simmons exercise tape for senior "silver" citizens.

It's no Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, but it'll do.

He really does.

A Kid Rock CD right where it belongs...
buried in the bottom of a box with a bunch of dirty old plates.

I'm gonna be the coolest kid in school when I show up with my Rough Rider lunchbox!

If you truly want this hanging in your house, just do one little thing for me:
Don't ever invite me over.

Here's a nice collection of vintage pencil sharpeners... made in 2006.

Another clown, and his body is clearly filled with fresh souls and sadness.

Badges from the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con for sale?
Hah, good luck getting though the doors with these ones next year...

A fine selection of old VHS tapes including "The Best of Friends", "The Gay Divorce",
"Little House on the Prairie", "Grumpy Old Men" and "Guns N' Roses".

For no apparent reason whatsoever, one random merchant
had a box o' rubber spiders, bats 'n bugs for sale.

What's your Zodiac sign? These coins will match it up with a variety of sexual positions from the Kama Sutra. Yet another product that the world clearly needs.

Perhaps this clown wouldn't be so sad if his buns were warm.

In the market for a severed baby head from hell? Well here ya go.

I dunno about you, but I love honoring our malnourished cats with statues like this.

If drinking cheap liquor won't make you feel like ass, these "Bottoms Up" stirrers will.

Retro Yo-Yo's rock. Just ask the Smothers Brothers.

For everybody who's ever wanted to own the complete Osbourne family
in rubber ducky format, I'm happy to inform you that you're in luck.

Lambchop enjoys the stench of old shoes.


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