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A New "Hitlerific" Toy! PART 2!

First off, if you haven't already read part 1 of this story, I suggest you do it now. If you did read it already, you probably remember the disturbing toy that Boley Corp was carrying. It was a "cool toys racing game" toy that had a red nazi swastika right in the center of it! Now we could only hope that Boley Corp was the only company out there involved with this... but like all hopes, they get stomped on. And today they have been stomped on by Regent Products Corporation

You see, it turns out that Regent Products is also carrying a Nazi Toy of their own. Their toy, although it is the same exact game, is called "Speed Game". This toy is a little bit trickier than Boley's nazi toy. Boley's nazi toy was incredibly blatant that nobody could miss it: a big red swastika. Regent, however, decided to make their swastika a little bit more subliminal. So how do you do make something like a swastika more subliminal? You make it transparent!

Boy this looks like a lot of fun... FOR NAZIS!

This toy was found by Max Burbank in a "Souvenir" shop (selling for $1.20) on the boardwalk in Ocean Park, New Jersey while he was on vacation. As you can see, it's still got a swastika in the center of it. What's even funnier is that on the package design they picture one of the older models of the toy, where the swastika is green and easily noticeable. So the question is, did the geniuses in their creative department really think they could slip this one by us? Did they really think that we still wouldn't see the swastika on this transparent toy? I can just see them planning out the toy's design, "I've got it! We'll make the plastic transparent and then put some colorful stickers around it to distract people from the swastika! Muahahaha!"

I sent an email to Regent asking them to explain why they carry this product:

I wanted to know why you are producing/carrying the "Speed Game" toy (style #G16193) in your line of products. 

It is BLATANTLY obvious to me that there is a SWASTIKA embedded right in the middle of this toy for children. Is this the kind of "Good Old Values®" that you're trying to teach them??? I don't see how this sort of thing could be overlooked.

Please respond asap, because I would like an explanation as to why there is a swastika embedded in the center of this "Speed Game" toy which you carry. 

I've still yet to hear back from them... if I ever do, I'll add their response to this page.

Something about Regent disturbs me even more than Boley though. The underhanded manner in which they used to get this product out to the masses is bad enough, but their company mascot and slogan make it even worse.

Good Old Values!?

Meet "Louie". According to Regent, "Our most successful merchandising concept is Louie™, logo for our Good Old Values product line that has won customer praise from coast to coast." Did you hear that? CUSTOMER PRAISE FROM COAST TO COAST! Oh God no, it's worse than I thought! They've already taken over the minds of thousands of people from COAST TO COAST! And maybe you're next! BEWARE!

Louie Von Schmeltzer
Maybe their company mascot should look more like this, yes?
Louie Von Googenheimer!

And what about their slogan: "GOOD OLD VALUES"? Just what kind of values are they speaking of? Could they be the sort of values that we could find in a copy of "Mein Kampf" eh?

Regent's headquarters
Perhaps this photo of their headquarters best demonstrates
the "Good Old Values" they want to instill in our children.

Regent products is practically taunting us with an onslaught of Nazi propaganda on this cleverly packaged toy. For example, what about this part of the package:

Guess Who's The Winner!
Guess Who's The Winner!!

Hrm, I wonder who the winner could be. Surely it's the kids. I mean, they get to enjoy HOURS of (brainwashing) entertainment, compliments of Regent's "Speed Game". Wait, on second thought... I think I've got an idea about who the real winner is. Yeah, in fact I'm pretty damned positive about who the REAL winner is:

Awww, Hitler just loves his Speed Game.
Here's your winner!

So there you have it. We've exposed yet ANOTHER company that seems to be trying brainwash all the kids out there with these subliminal nazi toys. Should you find any more toys of this nature, let us know and we'll help get the word out!

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