ScareLA 2016: The Los Angeles Halloween Convention!
by: -RoG-

ScareLA returned to Los Angeles once again this year to get everyone into the Halloween spirit well in advance of our favorite holiday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, ScareLA is a convention that celebrates all things Halloween including haunted attractions, horrific artwork, gory props, monster masks, sfx workshops, and more. Now taking place in the Pasadena Convention Center each year, ScareLA has become one of my favorite events to kick off the Halloween season with. Plus, I love visiting Pasadena, if for no other reason than to check out the original Michael Myers house.

For those of you who couldn't attend, I snapped lots o' photographs while I was there to help give you a sense of what it was like. The following is a collection of photos from the 2016 ScareLA convention in Pasadena on August 7th.

Also, on the final page of this bone-chilling pictorial, you'll find a special Halloween video I shot while I was there. Enjoy!

It's good to be back at ScareLA for the fourth time!

It appears that spooky kitten adoptions are becoming a staple of Halloween conventions. I approve!

Choices, choices, choices...

Oh yeah, this is gonna be a fun afternoon.

Professor Johnson is ready to donate an organ so you can learn to play some classic horror tunes.

Stilt man wants YOU to enter the ScareLA convention in an orderly fashion!

You know, some WD-40 will fix that squeaky tricycle noise of yours in a jiffy.

She's gonna make such a beautiful bride.

"I'll totally blend in with the humans if I just wear this top hat."

Making monsters like a pro.

Funny names aside, I got to test out some of these products, and they were fantastic. Especially their sliiiime!

I've resisted purchasing the Funko POP Big Trouble in Little China figures thus far, but damn if I don't want them.
Sooner or later I'm gonna break down and buy the set.

Always nice to spot Boo Berry out in the wild.

Monster masks galore!

Nice lil' horror icons illustrated by Lina Baby of Rumplestiltskin Studios.

Mr. Ed is still looking great after all these years.


Not scary. Stick with the sheet, bub.

Need some props for your yard or home haunt?

How about this poor guy, seemingly being lowered into a well of souls?

Or how about a semi-used mermaid in a trunk?

Fine, you cheap bastard, go with the $5 glitter pumpkins if you must...

... but I'm going with the giant spider.

Don't lose your head over the prices.


Loved this skeletal jack-o-lantern creature by the fine folks at Tombstone Factory.
(They also make amazing aquariums for the show Tanked!)

Quoth the Raven, "What the hell happened to my skin!?"

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