The Weird Al Show - The Obligatory Holiday Episode!
by: -RoG-

Not to be confused with the "Al TV" specials which coincided with each of his album releases, "The Weird Al Show" was a weekly show that aired for only one year before it was cancelled. If you ask me, CBS just didn't realize what a good thing they had because this show was right up there with Pee Wee's Playhouse in my book. The format was actually quite similar to Pee Wee's show in many ways - each episode had a lesson for kids, a variety of kooky characters, celebrity cameos and all the weirdness one could possibly want from good ol' Yankovic. On top of that, it had one of the greatest TV show theme songs ever recorded. And really, how can you go wrong with a show that features Harvey the Wonder Hamster on a regular basis?

With the holidays right around the corner, I figured now would be the perfect time to do a feature on the Weird Al Show's "Obligatory Holiday Episode". Granted, it's not your typical holiday show, but there isn't much of anything that's typical about Weird Al other than songs about food.

Who wouldn't want to bob for turkies?

So Al is throwing a big holiday party at his place, but since he and his friends couldn't decide on which holiday to celebrate, they decided to just celebrate all of them! Heart-shaped ham, chocolate bunnies with cornbread stuffing and gravy, green shamrock matzos, and candied corn on the cob are all on the menu for this fiesta. He's even got a "bobbing for turkey" game to take the party to the next level. Super duper!

MOOD PIE! The world's first bipolar pie

To top it all off, he's cooked up a very special dish called a "Mood Pie" which reacts to the overall vibe of the party guests and lets Al know just how well the festivities are coming along. If it's blue, the party is going really well, if it's black 'n bubbling, then clearly he's doing something wrong. Think this pie will somehow tie-in with today's lesson about how Al should listen his friends when they want to share their feelings? Nah, couldn't be!

Santa is a Superhero!

Say, that's no Santa! It's the Hooded Avenger, one of the many regulars on the Weird Al show. He's a superhero of sorts I guess, I've just never really seen him use any amazing powers. Other than, you know... being hooded all the time. He soon breaks down and tries telling Al a sad story about how he never got a pony for Christmas when he was younger, but Al completely ignores the Hooded Avenger and tells him to check out the buffet table. "Thanks for not listening to my story!" he pouts. Looks like Al is just too preoccupied with making his party the best one ever when he should be listening to his friends instead. That's not very friendly of you, Al. Before this day is through, I bet you're gonna learn a valuable lesson about caring!

Look! The crackhead leprechaun came down from the tree!

Another regular on the show is Val Brentwood, who is celebrating St. Patrick's day today. As part of her celebration, she's pinching anybody who isn't wearing green. Actually, she pinches anybody who does wear green too. What can I tell ya, the woman likes pinching people. Al tries to explain that there is some green in his shirt, but she argues that it's actually aquamarine. She's got ya there, Al!


Next up is Judy Tenuta, or Madame Judy the Psychic as she is called on the show. Considering that she also had an accordion as part of her stand-up act, I suppose Judy "the goddess" fits in with the Weird Al show better than anybody else could. But she won't be playing any polka music with Al today, for she's come to party and tell his him his fortune. After playing an April Fool's Day prank on him by saying his future will involve pain and unspeakable suffering, she tries to give him a real warning about how he needs to listen to what his friends have to say or the holiday spirit will go away. Much to her chagrin, Al brushes off this warning as another April Fool's gag and walks away.

There's quite a few office parties I would've liked to attend via videoconferencing too.

Cousin Corky is upset because her pilgrim date hasn't given her a Valentine's Day gift yet and seems more interested in the buffet table than her. J.B. Toppersmith, the busy executive who attends the party via live video conferencing, also tries to tell Al about how he's feeling lonely and could use a friend to talk to, but all Al wants to do is get everybody to make a toast with his special punch.

A toast! PTOOEY!

Ignoring the troubles of his friends, he raises his glass of punch and makes a toast to a huge laundry list of holidays. Everybody then chugs the punch and immediately spits it out because it was apparently tuna flavored. Guess Al never heard about how the Jones Smoked Salmon flavored sodas weren't a big hit with anyone's taste buds.


Al rushes over to check his mood pie and sees that it's not looking too hot, yet he still can't figure out the reason why people aren't having a great time so far. Come on Al, lend an ear to your friends in their time of need or that mood pie will soon look like the black blood of the earth!

note: Superheroes don't like to be pinched.

Al does everything to cheer people up except actually listen to their grievances. For example, Uncle Ralph is celebrating the 4th of July but he had to rent an Easter bunny suit instead because somebody else rented the only Uncle Sam costume from the costume shop. Al's solution to this problem? He gives them a flashlight and tells 'em to go Easter egg hunting together in a nearby abandoned mine shaft. Nice job Al, way to extinguish that flame.

Meanwhile, the hooded avenger is upset about Val Brentwood pinching him constantly and how it will probably end up bruising his arm tomorrow morning. Yep, he's quite a superhero, that Hooded avenger... quite a superhero indeed.

Look lady, fruitcake is more important than your feelings, ok!?

Elsewhere, Cousin Corky is sitting on the couch, moping and heartbroken about how she's never received a Valentine's Day card, but Al believes he has just the cure for her blues: fruitcake. Not just any fruitcake though, a fruitcake that's been passed down from generation to generation and has existed on this planet since the early 1600's. She then tries to confide in Al once again about her Valentine woes and he then shouts at her about how she's ruining his party. Let's face it though, if you expect to find the solution to your problems in a guy who owns a 400-year-old fruitcake, you're clearly just creating more grief for yourself.

There's more weirdness to be witnessed!


Reader Comments

The Medium-Height Man
Dec 18th, 2012, 05:42 PM
That's definitely a tiger popping out from behind "Uncle" Jonathan's cloak.
Dec 20th, 2012, 05:55 AM
I really liked the Wierd Al Show, but even as a kid, it really felt like a poor man's Pee Wee's Playhouse. I mean it was the same format, the same style of art design and wacky characters ect... The only difference was the jokes weren't very subtle, the "lessons" seemed geared towards pre-schoolers, not children, and it lacked the award winning puppetry and claymation animation of the playhouse.

This episode was a prime example... PWPH did a Christmas episode, so TWAS did one as well, but they changed it just enough... and ... well it wasn't quite as good. Seriously a moral about listening to others sounds like it came straight out of Barney and Friends.

Don't misunderstand, the show is fun to watch, just not nearly as fun as Pee Wee. While PWPH had sort of a ageless quality to it, in that the lessons and antics of Pee Wee are charming as you get older, TWAS seems to feel like an adult comedian trying very hard to relate to kids and falling just short of his goal.

Wierd Al is frikkin hilarous though.... you should all go buy his albums.... NOW!
Dec 20th, 2012, 07:44 AM
I can't believe I've never seen this show before. I may just have to check out the dvds now.
Forum Virgin
Dec 20th, 2012, 10:24 AM
Chaos in Al's room in the first 4 shots reminded me of this unforgettable video: Pon Pon Pon.
Forgetable Cyborg
Jan 11th, 2013, 12:22 AM
Howard is dead on about the sappy lessons being... well, just awful. Al knew it, too. By listening to the audio commentary, you'll hear how the lessons were shoehorned in by the network (CBS). What made working with the "teaching moments" bearable was having Billy West shout out the moral card, turning condescension into satire. Flying completely over the heads of the idiot network execs, of course.

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