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Where Are They Now?: GENERAL ZOD!

Many of us remember General Zod from the movie "Superman 2",
but ever since his powers were lost, what has he been up to?
Many people thought he died, but no, Zod got away, and he's been quite busy...

ZOD | A Patient The Mental Ward
When they first found Zod, he was in quite a bit of denial about losing his powers.
They had to lock him up because he kept trying to fly. Here we see poor Zod, in
his padded cell in a strait jacket. But it got worse for Zod... much worse.

ZOD | A Homeless Man
Once Zod was released from the mental ward, he had no idea how to survive.
He had always depending on everyone else since they were supposed to "serve" him.
With no job, no money, and no luck... Zod was forced to live on the streets as a bum.

ZOD | The Disgruntled Taxi Driver
Zod finally got a job as a Taxi Cab driver, but that soon fell through.
Apparently every person that rode in his cab noticed that he had been hiking up
the prices and demanding that they be his loyal servants as well. In the photo above,
we see one of his customers questioning the cab fee. Soon after this, Zod was fired.

ZOD | Ruining The Lives Of Children Everywhere
Here you can see how Zod burned down little Billy Calloway's treehouse.
Zod, angry about being fired, decided to take out his anger on children.
For children were the only humans that he had the power to dominate.
Zod soon lost interest in making all the children in his neighborhood cry.
In his own words, "It just wasn't the same as ruling Earth."

ZOD | The Hairdresser
So, he decided to look for work again.
This time, Zod got a job as a hairdresser.
Being a hairdresser proved to be too much for Zod though,
he couldn't seem to get by the "give them the style they want" thing...

ZOD | A Family Man
Zod decided that maybe he should become a "Family Man".
He married Susan Langheart, now known as "Mrs. Zod".
They had two kids, "Zoddy" and "Zodra".
Sadly, his wife grew tired of his constantly babbling about
how he "would someday have revenge on the son of his jailor!"
Soon they were divorced and he lost custody of his slaves, er children.
Obviously, Zod couldn't get over how he lost the battle against Superman.

ZOD | The Phantom Zone (album cover)
[click the above picture for a larger version]

Zod then moved to Germany and reunited with Ursa and Non.
Together they formed the German Industrial Supergroup: ZOD.
They released one album, "The Phantom Zone" but it never really
went over well with the public. Here's a sound clip from one of the
songs. It's not surprisingly titled, "Kneel Before Zod"

Kneel Before Zod - MP3 (538k)

Kneel Before Zod - Streaming Real Audio

As you can tell by listening to that little tidbit, the general public
just wasn't ready for General Zod's "creative musical genius".

So now we're in the new millenium and where is Zod to be found?
Well apparently he has decided that even without his powers he can
still take over the entire planet, one nation at a time. Zod is preparing
to run for President of the United States in the next election.
Here's a sample of one of his flyers:

[click the above graphic to download a full size version that you can
save as your desktop wallpaper to swear eternal loyalty... TO ZOD!]

So there you have it. Zod is back, he may not have "super powers" right now,
but perhaps controlling a nation that is considered to be "The Super Power" of all nations
is the next best thing for an ex-Super Villain like your friend and mine... General Zod.


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