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Hacked Rom Reviews!

Batman Happy!
-a rom hack of "Batman" for the NES-
review by:
Feral Mew

Hello. :o For these past few weeks I haven't been feeling very well, so when it was decided that I choose a rom hack for pointing at and sobbing, I decided to bypass the standard nazipenis bonanza in favor of something that may actually help to ease my troubled brains. In front of me I saw a hack simply called 'Batman Happy', which interested me straight away. Batman is never supposed to be happy. Ever. :O Onward to the begin!

He's just so... happy!?

Already there's a huge improvement. Batman's normally sullen grimace has been metamorphosed into a huge toothless grin. :D I certainly have no reason to hesitate in following his instruction to press the starting button. *clik*

wtf? his face!

Okay. Naturally I had no particular expectations, beyond the two most likely: there being no sprite changes at all or Batman having a penis for a head. But...


Even to me this seems vaguely unusual. Giving the benefit of the doubt where it's most likely not due, I can only assume Batman stuck a bag on his head that just happened to have a lopsided kinda smileygrin etched upon it. Happy. :)

It's obvious which version is superior.

No time to figure it out for sure though, as one of the notorious suicide cowboys approaches to deal a harsh blow, and it appears he has harnessed a facemasking technology similar to my own. :o I set out immediately to attack with Batman's raging fist of battle!


In an unexpected twist, my head suddenly begins to warp and warble like a blob of melty jello, my opponent bursting into the obligatory flame and leaving me a bit confused. A confusion that only grew stronger as I attempted to progress down the roadway.

Having a giant head is hard work!

Gasping desperately for breath at each step under the weight of my huge fat head, I surveyed other minor, but essential happiness-based changes to the gamescape.

Got Joy? wee aroo? I'm purty

Street signs that formerly displayed grim messages such as "BER" and "DON'T WALK" have been improved to whimsically ask if you have milk and promote general joyfulness. Previously depressing powerups such as bullets and hearts have become grinning or gasping blocks, or even an occasionally shimmering sly smileyface. ;J


Unfortunately as I probe deeper, my head seems to become increasingly unstable, nearly distracting me from the task of pummeling an impressive lineup of inexplicably mangled foes.

His eyes are quite googley
Googleeyed Runningman o,O

Why is it so sad? :(
RolleringSpikethruster of Distress D:

What's he winking about??
WinkyishRobo-Shootingist ;]

Kinda looks like a frog-turtle hybrid!
BlankfacedCooldude Flameartist B-|

I don't even know what's goin on with this guy :o
WonkeyeGrinned RocketAssaulter 8*D

Happier than your average red ninja.
Angle-eye Ninja of Glee [>

Unfortunately, the beatitude was not to last, following the first stage nothing else was altered. Which is really ok, because this game really is much too difficult for casual playing. At least for a casual player such as me. Thus, our fantastic journey of elated jubilant mirth concludes into thesaurus-assisted finality.

He was prolly jealous that the Joker had a better smile. :(
the end.

Look out! He's gonna blow!!!
Feral Mew

You too can play Batman Happy!



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