Photos From The 2013 Game Developers Conference! GDC!
by: -Roger Barr

Considering I've been designing games for ages now, I probably should have attended the Game Developers Conference (or GDC) years ago. Problem is, I was always busy whenever it rolled around. Well, this year I was given the opportunity to check it out after having released Abobo's Big Adventure 'n all, so I jumped at the opportunity. The following is my pictorial showcasing some of the best things you could see and do at GDC. Enjoy!

On our first day there, we paid a visit to GDC Play, which had some nice upcoming indie titles available to demo.

Here we have "The Little Prince Returns" which had some fantastic artwork and level design.
Looking forward to seeing more of this project from Melior Games (Ukraine) in the future.

"Super Motherload" was an interesting four-player co-op game that immediately reminds one of Dig Dug.
Would like to see some subterranean enemy elements added into the game, as the main challenge was making
your fuel last long enough while you drilled deeper for precious metals without destroying your own vehicle.

An tiny developer OUYA console on display. The release ones won't be transparent like this.
Oddly enough, they were using PS3 controllers to demo a game on it instead, so I guess it's
compatible with more than its own controller via bluetooth. Always nice to have options.

"Fist Puncher" was a fun lil' classic arcade style beat-em-up game. I choose the beekeeper character and fought some
bad guys inside a butcher shop and threw a cow at them. Sure, the boss destroyed me, but I still threw a cow.

Next, we checked out the Video Game Museum they had on display.
It was created by the same guys who put on the one I've taken photos of at the E3 Expo in the past. Always lots o' fun.

Feeling under the weather? Just pay a visit to Dr. Pong and he'll fix you right up.

Of course, Puppy Pong may be capable of curing your ailments as well.

The Mindlink Controller! Yes indeed, Atari wanted to let you control games with your mind.
Okay, it was really with your facial expressions and forehead movement, but same difference, right?

Always a crowd favorite - the classic living room setup, complete with retro couch, table, and television set.
Even I got in a few rounds of classic boxing on the Atari 2600. Oh the memories...

I still say that The Vectrex is one of the most underrated consoles ever made. Long live classic vector art games!

They also had a nice tribute to SEGA this time around.

Who needs the Wii when you can use the SEGA Activator?

Yes, you could even get your karaoke on with SEGA!

One of my all-time favorites - The Typing of the Dead! There is no better way to improve your typing speed!

Want to develop games for the Sega Genesis? You might want a Genesis Development Station.

Gotta love all those classic video game buttons.

Nobody messes with a person who wears a golden Virtua Fighter jacket. Nobody.

The Night Trap lady looks shocked to see Zaxxon.

Oh crap... Abobo is gonna destroy me on the Sega Master System version of Double Dragon.

Went to the Indie Soapbox panel and definitely enjoyed some of the talks.
Always good to hear from fellow game developers and what their experiences have been like.

Later on, I attended this panel about developers who had successful Kickstarter campaigns and what they went through.

Next up was The MADE (Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment) which was fairly small,
but had some nice examples on display such as this Grandstand Video Entertainment Computer.

Can't go wrong with Super Metroid...

...or Streets of Rage.

Some development consoles along with a GameCube NPDP Reader and a Wide-Boy 64.

The Apple Pippin console.

The classic PC game, It Came From The Desert.

Another extinct dinosaur - Designasaurus II.

Lastly, we headed into the GDC Expo and started messing with this motion capture software right off the bat.

My favorite part was checking out the IGF (Independent Games Festival) Pavilion.
Some truly great independent games in the works here, including some impressive student projects.

Really looking forward to playing more of Super Time Force. You'll be hearing a lot more about this game, trust me.

140 was a truly uniquely minimalist platformer game where the action is entirely reliant on the audio being played.

Super Space may not look amazing, but it was an extremely fun 4-player shooter where you're all locked in together,
back-to-back, and the direction you shoot can move all of you in the opposite direction, so you really have to work together.
Really fun and challenging. Hope I get a chance to play it on a console with my chums sometime.

Samurai Gunn was interesting in that it blacked out the entire screen
except for a sliver of the area where somebody was killed.

Terry Cavanagh playing the super addictive VVVVVV on an iPad.
He also had a new game on display called Super Hexagon that I'm looking forward to trying out.

Well, at least it's not one of the Teletubbies.

Gotta love those classic motion capture suits.

AMD putting out some custom arcade PC cabinets.

Holy crap. I think I'm gonna need more hands and fingers.

Sandboxr had some seriously impressive 3D Printing projects on display... really.

Aye! Scotland is looking for game developers too.

Haven't played the game, but Dragon Eternity had a very flashy booth, with glowing lava cracks in the floors.

Do not feed the bears...

...or people with moving feline ears.

Undeniable proof that we are living in the future: Eye Asteroids. You control the game simply by looking at the screen.
That's right, it tracks your eyeball movement.

Super Mario Bros. 2 will forever be my all-time favorite in the series.

A nice lil' tribute stand to the Atari 2600.

Demonstrating the latest Wacom Cintiq.

If you punch it, you win a prize. If you punch it really hard, you win the grand prize. Well, I won the grand prize...

Apparently the grand prize is a crazy hat and an injured wrist. Totally worth it.

Still... my favorite thing of the entire conference was the "Class of GDC" awkward photo booth. Behold!

Nothing screams the 80s quite like laser backgrounds and amazing fashion choices. Perfection.

While it's not something I would recommend for casual gamers, the Game Developers Conference is absolutely something anybody working in the industry (or on their own) should attend. There are loads of great panels and impressive projects to check out. You'll meet some great people in the game design field and get some refreshing inspiration for your own projects as well. Looking forward to visiting GDC again in 2014! See you then, San Fran.

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Reader Comments

Forum Virgin
Apr 4th, 2013, 03:54 PM
Looks like it was a lot of fun! Do you have any other projects waiting to be released?
Apr 4th, 2013, 05:02 PM
One of these days...I will be presenting games there.
Apr 5th, 2013, 08:12 AM
That looks like a sweet event, and I've never even heard of half those old consoles on display. I have to say my favorite thing is the video game button that says "No gaping holes here."
Pickled Patriarch
Apr 10th, 2013, 06:17 PM
Rob Man - Yep, you'll be hearing about my latest project in the near future.

A-bomb - Those guys always have a knack for finding obscure video game treasures. Was glad to see them at GDC since I normally visit them at E3 every year.
Forum Virgin
Apr 30th, 2013, 10:04 AM
I totally agree, super mario 2 was by far the most fun to play game in the series. Don't get me wrong super mario 3 was fun too but you couldnt ride a egg shot out of a lizards mouth to any secret locations, i mean come on mario developers where is the egg riding?

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