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Monster Party - The Most Quotable Game In History!
by: -RoG-

Granted, there were a lot of odd games that came out for the NES back in the day, but I honestly can't think of one that had more hilariously bizarre quotes than Monster Party. Long before "All Your Base" appeared on virtually every message board on the web, Monster Party was churning out some of the greatest lines ever to grace a video game system.

The story is basically about a boy named Mark, armed with a baseball bat, who has been recruited by Bert to help defeat a bunch of monsters in his home planet. You'd think Bert would hire something more than a boy with a baseball bat to fight a bunch of monsters. I mean, if that's the most powerful weapon he could find, I can't imagine how weak Bert's home planet must have been though I'm sure snails wouldn't have a problem conquering it. Drunk snails. Drunk snails without their shells. Drunk snails without their shells or the will to live.

Anyway, whenever Mark picks up a "pill", he can combine with Bert to form this dragon-thing that can defeat the monsters easily. Pills, dragons... yeah, I'm starting to see what really inspired this game. Well, I'm happy to say that thanks to the aid of Pjalne, we have a nice little gallery of some of the best quotes from Monster Party. Behold!

Amazing, yes? Still, out of all the quotable moments, nothing can compare to what any sensible person would view as the highlight of the entire game...

Dancing Zombies!

If Dancing Zombies doesn't sell you on a video game, I'm afraid nothing will.



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