For a long time I've wanted to make an independent horror/comedy film involving zombies. I've had a few rough scripts lying around, one of which I really want to do. The thing is, it's going to take money. No, not big Hollywood budget type money, but still shooting for a decent chunk o' change. Now I'd love to be able to say that I'm raking in the cash with this web site, but the fact is I'm not. Even with all the traffic and exposure that it gets, it doesn't cover my rent or anything. Admittedly, that's mainly because of my own refusal to put an insane amount of ads on my site or go "the porn route". I've had offers to do so from various companies, but I'd have to change the entire layout of I-Mockery just to support all those annoying ads and that's not something I want to do. Nor do I want to subject you people to a ton of intrusive ads on every page of the site. I've always tried to keep the advertising unobtrusive as possible so you can enjoy reading the content here on I-Mockery. And I'm definitely not putting porn on the site. There's enough of that shit on the web as it is, and I'd rather people come to this site because they're looking for some humorous pieces to laugh at... not some girl with a nice rack. So, I'm currently working a full-time job just to cover my personal expenses.

Unfortunately, this leaves very little cash left over for me to put towards the horror/comedy zombie flick I want to do. That being said, I've decided to set up this fundraiser page. What I'm hoping for is that everybody who visits the site will at least donate something each month. It can be $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $100.00, etc... it doesn't matter how much, just whatever you can spare at the time. Once enough money has been raised, production on the film will begin. Anybody who donates will be listed in the credits of the film (either your real name or an alias of your choice). People who donate an exceptional amount of money to the film will have the opportunity to appear in it, possibly as one of the zombies. Who knows, we'll figure that out when the time comes.

Fact is, I've been busting my arse on this site for over 6 years now and a lot of people have asked me if there was a way they could donate to I-Mockery for all of the free entertainment that is on here. I've never liked the idea of putting up a "donate to our site" thing, cuz I always prefer to give something back in exchange for your hard-earned cash. That's why I sell Club Packs, T-Shirts, and Stickers. But this film project is something far bigger and selling bumper stickers just won't cut it. While time will tell whether or not I'll be able to raise all the cash through this site, whatever money I do raise will go toward a zombie flick. So all I can offer right now for your donations is a hearty thanks and your name in the film credits when production is completed. Hopefully when it's all said 'n done, you'll get to watch a really fun zombie flick and know that you helped it become a reality. If you happen to know an investor who would be interested in financing the film, by all means have them get in touch with me. It'd definitely save a lot of time and make our lives easier.


In addition to the movie donations that you can make, I will also be holding some benefit auctions for the film. You'll be able to buy a large stuffed Domo-Kun, original autographed copies of Visionary Darkness (when it was a print zine before the site was even created), random toys, a zombie sculpture, and who knows what else. The prices on those auctions will probably go higher than the items are actually worth, but keep in mind that all the proceeds will be going to the production of the horror/comedy zombie flick. And this will be like no other zombie film you've ever seen, that I can promise you. Just take a look around this chaotic site we call I-Mockery and imagine all of that madness stuffed into a zombie film. Good times, good times...


NOTE: Keep in mind, while the prices in these auctions might eventually go higher than the items are worth, these auctions are to raise money for the movie. So just think of it as a way for you to donate to our zombie movie and still walk away with some cool goodies on the side!


Ok, I guess that about does it. A huge thanks to all of you who donate towards this each month... I can't even begin to tell you just how much I appreciate it.


p.s.: I created an F.A.Q. to help answer some of your questions regarding the film, donating, and any other details that might be on your mind. Click here to view it.


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