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Please don't feed PickleMan
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UPDATED 7/16/00
Many of you have probably seen some of the amazing Absolut Vodka ads over the years. There's even a book you can purchase that covers the history of this advertisement that has been running for many many years. The one thing you won't find in the book are the "lost" Absolut ads. They have been tossing around so many ideas for these ads over the years, some of them just never made the final cut. But rather than just forget about those ads, we here at good ol' I-Mockery.com feel that these ads should be given their turn in the spotlight. So here are the wonderful Lost Absolut Ads! Click on any of thumbnails to enlarge to full size pictures! Enjoy!

Pope Ad

Chris Walken Ad

Kid Rock Ad

Kiss Ad

Puff Daddy Ad

Croc Hunter Ad

Ally McBeal Ad

Metallica Ad

Anna Nicole Ad

G. Bush Jr. Ad

OJ Simpson Ad

Mike Tyson Ad

Cow Ad

Robert Deniro Ad

Elvis Ad

Keanu Reeves Ad

Keith Richards Ad

Fiona Apple Ad

Ozzy Ad

Tipper Gore Ad

Britney Spears Ad

Oprah Winfrey Ad

Bill Gates Ad

Courtney Love Ad

Andre & Hulk Ad

Hanson Ad

Bill Clinton Ad

Fabio Ad

Lara Croft Ad

Sarah M. Gellar Ad

Limp Bizkit Ad

Backstreet Boy Ad

Celine Dion Ad

Hugh Hefner Ad

Mariah Carey Ad

Pamela Lee Ad

Howard Stern Ad

Sean Penn Ad

Kathy Lee Ad


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