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Filler Bunny and Spooky make Boo Berry Cookies!

It's been a while since I've had a chance to update the Boo Berry site, but not too long ago a fellow fan of Boo Berry cereal by the name of Will Brown sent me something in the mail. No, it wasn't a note written in blood demanding Boo Berry (though some fans of the cereal probably have taken things that far)...
it was a Boo Berry Cookie Kit!


Ha Ha! For once Boo Berry doesn't get screwed! This time it's Frankenberry who has been left out of the picture, but that stupid Count Chocula is still there. Oh well, better than nothing. And no, the cookie kit doesn't come with a free box of cereal, I just left that in the picture because... well, it's a box of Boo Berry cereal, and you can never have enough photos of that stuff.

Now, I decided it would be fun to show all of you Boo Berry fans a step by step process of creating your very own Boo Berry cookies. And for those of you who are wondering where to buy these, they were found at Target during the Halloween season... so keep an eye out for them again when that time rolls around every year! Anyway, rather than have my own face plastered all over the piece as I make the cookies, I decided to let two different characters entertain you as they create the cookies from scratch.


Yes indeed, Spooky and Filler Bunny are going to be creating the Boo Berry cookies for you today. If you've never heard of these two lil' guys, then you should look into the works of Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Invader Zim, and more. Good stuff... now on with the cookie creation!

Now when making these cookies you'll need some supplies. The kit itself comes with two packets of sugar cookie mix, each of which can make up to 3 dozen cookies (I guess that'd be true if the cookies were the size of a tree larvae). It also includes the Boo Berry and Count Chocula (hiss!) cookie cutters, and some FDA approved food coloring markers so that you can color in your cookies to make them look more lifelike.

So what else will you need? Well, you'll need a bowl and a spoon to mix up the cookie dough. You'll need a stick of butter or margarine to bring you closer to that first heart attack. And, you'll need a cookie sheet (or two) to bake the cookies on. Oh and I almost forgot, you'll need one last item...


Yes, glorious eggs. You'll need one or two of 'em, but you should probably buy half a dozen just in case you accidentally throw some of them directly into the face of a nearby friend. Ok, so now we've got all of our supplies ready to go, so let's start making some cookies!

Damnit Filler Bunny! Put down the food coloring markers! You're not supposed to use them to write on stuff with! Save it for the cookies! THE COOKIES!

Start off by putting the stick of butter in your mixing bowl and melting it in a microwave for about 30 seconds. Spooky actually wanted to go in the microwave with the butter because he claimed the butter was his "friend". Luckily, I was able to talk him out of it. He did, however, break down into tears when he saw his buttery companion melt into a puddle. Awwww, It'll be ok Spooky, I promise it'll be ok...

Once the butter has been melted, tear open your pouch of sugar cookie mix and pour it into the bowl with da buttah. Filler Bunny may be small, but he's a strong little fella. Just look at him hold up that giant pouch of cookie mix all by himself! That's the equivalent of a human holding up a bag of cement that's twice his or her size! Wow!

Next, crack open an egg and pour it into the mixing bowl and stir up the contents. As you can see here, Filler Bunny and Spooky let nothing go to waste. They have created some dandy looking hats out of the egg shells. Talented cooks and fashion gurus... is there nothing these two can't do?

Once your cookie mix has been stirred well enough, start putting globs of it onto the cookie sheet. Make sure the globs are big enough though, because if you make them too small, you won't be able to get enough of Boo Berry's face on them when it comes time to use the cookie cutters. And yes, Spooky decided to take a nap with the globs. What can I say... he likes 'em.

While Spooky was napping with the globs, Filler Bunny took advantage of the situation by calling "dibs" on the Boo Berry cookie cutter. Thus, Spooky was left with the crappy brown Count Chocula cutter. Poor Spooky... didn't you know that the early bird gets the cookie cutter?

Once you have your cookie globs completed, throw 'em in the oven and let 'em cook until they're slightly brown around the edges. Just look at Filler Bunny and Spooky... they can hardly wait for that warm cookie goodness to come out of the oven. Yummy!


Well, nothing caught on fire and the cookies came out looking and smelling pretty good! But hold on, it's not time to eat 'em just yet! No siree! There's still work to be done!

While the cookies are still warm take your cookie cutters and press them down firmly on the cookies. Once you've done this, you can carefully remove them and you should have a nice looking face (pending you wisely chose the Boo Berry cookie cutter rather than the Chocula one).


Now, just keep stamping out your cookies until they're all done. You can remove the excess cookie around the faces by either peeling it away OR by just eating it like Filler Bunny has just done. Alright, now there's just one last step before we get to enjoy our cookies! IT'S TIME TO COLOR THEM IN!

Ack! No Filler Bunny! You're not supposed to color in Boo Berry to make him look like Hitler! That's not how he looks! For the love of all that is good in Boo Berry, please read the instructions on the box and try again!


Way to go Filler Bunny! Your cookie looks fantastic! It looks just like Boo Berry!

Awww, come on Spooky, don't be upset just because you got the Count Chocula cookie cutter. Actually, who can blame ya? What you wrote on that cookie was probably quite appropriate.

And now it is time for the final taste test. Since we can't have Filler Bunny and Spooky (aka: The Chefs) taste test their own creations, I had Spadowsky (a regular on the I-Mockery Message Forums) volunteer to be their cookie guinea pig. You're a brave, brave man Spadowsky. Good luck.


Ok, um... that didn't go nearly as well as I had planned. Let's try this again.

First let's give him a drink o' Captain Morgan's rum to rinse out his taste buds.
Hey Spadowsky, um, should you be drinking that much!?
Well anyway, here, try another cookie!


So as you can see folks, the cookies were a great success (with the help of Captain Morgan's rum)! Thanks a lot to Will Brown for sending me the cookie kit and thanks to Spadowsky for daring to eat the cookies. As for Filler Bunny and Spooky, they're planning on opening their own restaurant where they only serve two things... cookies and rum. I have a feeling it's going to be quite a success.


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