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Boo Berry On Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"!

Well folks, we've done it. We've voiced our opinions about Boo Berry so strongly that even the television networks have taken notice! Comedy Central has just aired a hilarious piece about Boo Berry cereal and its fans! And guess what? They even had me, your humble Boo Berry web site provider, appear on the show along with a shot of this very web site! I even dyed my hair blue for the special occasion. General Mills can't ignore us now! The demand for Boo Berry is here and we will NOT let them hold Boo Berry down any longer! If you think this is the end... YOU'RE WRONG. This is only the beginning! We will continue to fight for Boo Berry until he is in grocery stores all across the nation like he should be! Boo Berry fans unite, this is a great victory!

Download Footage Of The Boo Berry Piece on The Daily Show!

Windows Media file (low quality, for slow connections, 56k, etc.) -4 megs

Windows Media file (low quality, mirror site #1) -4 megs
(mirror compliments of

MPEG file (high quality footage, for fast connections.) -35.8 megs
(again, mirror compliments of

Just click on either of the above links depending on which one suits your connection. These files are zipped up (.zip files) so you will need to unzip them first before playing them.

Once you play them, you'll see the hilarious Boo Berry piece including footage of the original Boo Berry commercial when he was introduced to the world! And you'll also see the intro to the daily show in a separate file where yours truly speaks the truth about "what's up with that Frankenberry guy anyway?"

As an added bonus, I'm including a sound clip of the very first Boo Berry commercial ever so you can here his voice and hear him scare the other monsters! 

So there you have it folks, more Boo Berry than anybody could ask for! I hope you enjoyed the piece... and like I said, it's just the beginning. Spread the word about Boo Berry, EVERYBODY is important in this. Without your help, we can't get Boo Berry the recognition he truly deserves!

A big thanks to for mirroring some of the large Boo Berry files for us. The extra bandwidth is greatly appreciated. So be sure to check them out. - A Video Humor Site

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