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Boo Berry Promotions

Boo Berry hasn't had enough promotions if you ask me. Especially in recent years. You'd think they'd make some figures or some kind of boo berry novelty to put in with the boxes of cereal. But no, they just don't think enough people like him. I've gathered a bunch of photos of Boo Berry promotions and stuff that you can view on this page. I'd kill to get my hands on some of them and if any of you know where you can purchase them please let me know. 

Anytime I come across a new picture of a Boo Berry promotion I try to save it so I can display it on this page. If any of you have photos/info on other Boo Berry promotions, please let me know! Many of these images can be clicked on to view larger versions! Some of them can't be clicked on because they're the only images I could find of that item.

Boo Berry T-Shirt

Boo Berry
Halloween Bag

Boo Berry Mousepad

Boo Berry watch
(supposedly unreleased)

Boo Berry Figure

Boo Berry
Goes Disco!

Boo Berry
Pencil Eraser

Boo Berry Stamps

Boo Berry
Cut-Out Mask

Boo Berry
Crayon, Racing Car, & Stickers

Boo Berry
Monsters Animation Cell!

Boo Berry Bath Mits!

Boo Berry Award Sticker

Boo Berry Pencil Case
& Card Game

Boo Berry School Bag

Boo Berry Pewter Key Chain

Boo Berry Matchbox Car!

New Boo Berry Watch

Boo Berry Sculpture!

Boo Berry
In Outer Space!

Boo Berry "Trick Or Treat" Bag
Look out it's "SUPER BOO BERRY"!

Boo Berry's
"Weather Indicator"!

Boo Berry & McGruff
"Safety's No Accident!"
Activity Book!

Boo Berry Pez Dispensers!

Rare Boo Berry Halloween Costume!

(click here for a photo of Rog wearing it)

Boo Berry Mug!

Boo Berry "Trick or Treat" Display
Many of these images can be clicked on to view larger versions!


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