Title: King of Fighters '96
Rom Player: MAME
Reviewer: doctrine dark

Synopsis: Graphics
The graphics have gone over a little makeover. Some of the character sprites look a little different like Andy's and Daimon's or in other cases some of the characters sport some new duds like King's outfit makes her look more like a waitress(I don't think her last costume made her look like one)and Chang and Choi now where the same outfit Kim wears. The backgrounds look swell and go with the multimedia atmosphere like Chizuru's stadium stage or how about the Iori team's boat stage with a big crowd of spectators looking. OH and by the way King and Yuri don't have their clothes pop open anymore when someone finishes them with a special move so sorry guys.

It's still great and even better. The high damage rates for some moves have been toned down a little thankfully. The team edit mode is still in as always and besides since it was such a good thing in 95 there is no way they would abandon it. I liked a lot of the new character like Mature, Leona, and Mr.Big and they were all nice additions but I just didn't seem to care too much for Kasumi not that I hated her too much its just that I didn't care for her(They should have put someone better in her place like Billy, Eiji, or Lucky but hey that's just me talking). The difficulty is not too hard but once you get to Chizuru things turn around and when Goentiz shows up things really start to heat up. I can't really say how it is more fun then 95 but it just is really and I just enjoyed it more.

I didn't like the music to tell you the truth but actually I LOVE IT. The music here really kicks ass like Chizuru's and Iori's BGMs and those are just some of the music tracks that are great and they are also on par with some of 94s tunes. The voices sound good as always but Choi's voice sounds higher then ever(What did he swallow some air since the last tournament?). The announcer sounds a little more woman like but she really does a better job at announcing the rounds then the 95 announcer did with his broken English. Very good.

Same four button format as always. The power up super meter is still here but if it is both full and your life is flashing at the same time then you will do an SDM which are more powerful versions of regular DMs. A lot of the special moves have been changed either motion wise or just the way they preform. Like Benimaru's Rajinken is now a fireball motion instead of a dragon punch motion and that was good. Ryo, Robert, and Yuri's projectiles have been shortened and look like the ones that would have been performed if your spirit meter was low in AOF. The only change that I didn't like was that Terry's Rising Tackle was no longer a charge move but now it requires a dragon punch motion and you really need to adjust to that kind of change but the control is done great.

Why yes there is my friend. This game is better then 95 so that means higher replay value right? Yes indeedy. The only thing that could prevent you from playing this game some more is probably Gonetiz's sheer cheapness but hey this was to expected from an SNK fighting game. The replay value is very high.

Final Word
A great addition to a great series. KOF'96 does not fail to impress and it provides lots of entertainment for KOF and fighting fans alike. If your arcade happens to have a Neo Geo cabinet with this game and go try it if you haven't but if have already played this game before then what the heck play it again for old times sake. So don't pass it up if you happen to see

Best Cheats: special moves

"The Burning Young Noble"
Style : Magatama
Opening : Raises hand, brings it down and says, "Ikuze!" (Let's go!)
vs. Iori : Looks away saying, "Doushite mo yaru no ka?" (Are you sure you
want to do this?)
Taunt : Waves finger at opponent saying, "Nani kusubutten da?" (You're
smoking, aren't you?)
Poses : - Raises fist in victory saying, "Ore no...kachi da!" (This is my...
- Raises finger, turns to enemy and says, "Anta ja moe ne." (You've
been burned, eh?"
- Blows out flaming finger saying, "Heh heh, moetarou." (Heh heh,
you're burned.)
Loss to Time : Wipes mouth then faces away from opponent.
Draw : Covers mouth with fist.
Sayings : - Eat my flames of fury, wimp. Grovel before the Kusanagis.
- Stop moping around and butch up, you weenie!
- Wow! Back to the gym for you. You're really pathetic.
Example Combo : Jump C, close Stand C, Wild Bite, Nine Wounds, Type 75
Modify, Jump CD
Bug vs. King : Counter King's CD attack with his Shiki Nue Tumi. He will
block the attack, but his crushing move will not connect. The hit
counter increases continually until you actually hit her.

Moves :
Hatsu Gane - close, f/b + C
Issetsu Seoi Nage - close, f/b + D
100 Shiki Oniyaki (Type 100 Burning Demon) - f, d, df + P
707 KomaHoFuri (Type 707 R.E.D. Kick) - b, d, db + K
212 Shiki Kototuki You (Type 212 Moon of Koto the Positive) - HCB + K
75 Shiki Kai (Type 75 Modify) - QCF + K*K
114 Shiki Ara Kami (Type 114 Wild Bite) - QCF + A
During Shiki Ara Kami
128 Shiki Kono Kizu (Type 128 Nine Wounds) - QCF + P
During Shiki Ara Kami or Shiki Kono Kizu
127 Shiki Yano Sabi (Type 127 Eight Rust) - HCB + P
During Shiki Kono Kizu, Shiki Yano Sabi, or after Shiki Ara Kami
125 Shiki Nana Se (Type 125 Seven Chance) - K
During Shiki Yano Sabi or after Shiki Ara Kami
Ge-Shiki Migiri Ugachi (Extra Type Digging Stone Pavement) - P
115 Shiki Doku Kami (Type 115 Poison Gnaw Fest) - QCF + C
During Shiki Doku Kami
401 Shiki Tumi Yomi (Type 401 Compose Sin) - HCB + P
During Shiki Tumi Yomi
402 Shiki Batu Yomi (Type 402 Compose Retribution) - f + P
910 Shiki Nue Tumi (Type 910 Snipping Nue) - QCB + P (reversal attack)
!Hi-ougi Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi
(The Hidden Secrets Reverse Type 108 Mowing Serpent) -
QCB, HCF + P (hold P to delay attack)
"The Human Lightning Bolt"
Style : Muy Thai (Thai Kick-boxing)
Opening : Hugs himself then adjusts hair.
Taunt : Turns around with back toward player and flexes, saying, "Yare,
yare." (Oh, well.)
Poses : - With back toward player, turns and points a finger to player and
says, "Sankyuu." (Thank you.)
- Blows a kiss saying, "Airabyu." (I love you.)
- Raises hand and brings it down, as a bolt of lightning goes through
Loss to Time : Puts hand over face and shakes head.
Sayings : - If you can't win elegantly, you can't win at all, stumble buns!
- So fighting can't be cool? Aesthetics are indispensable!
- There aren't enough compliments to pralse (sic) my beautiful
Example Combo : Crouch B x2, close Stand B, Vacuum Kick (D)/Benimaru Koreda
Bug vs. Clark (Cart only) : Koreda, Crouch B, Stand B, Koreda, repeat

Moves :
(Catch and Shoot) - close, f/b + C
(Front Suplex) - close, f/b + D
(Spinning Knee Drop) - jump, close, f/b/d + C/D
Raijin Ken (Lightning Fist) - QCF + P
Kuuchuu Raigin Ken (Air Lightning Fist) - jump, QCF + P
Shinku Katategoma (Vacuum Kick) - HCB + K
Super Inazuma Kick (Super Lighting Kick) - f, d, df + K
Iai-geri (Iaido Kick) - QCF + K
Handou San-dan-geri (Reactionary Triple Kick) - b, d, db + K
Benimaru Koreda Crunch - close, HCF + C
!Raikoken (Heaven Blast Flash) - QCF x2 + P
"The Stainless-Steel Macho Man"
Style : Judo
Opening : Stands shoulder width apart and clasps hands together.
Taunt : Raises open palms grunting a challenge.
Poses : - Raises fist in victory grunting as thunder echoes.
- Steps around throwing head back and flexing as he roars.
- Makes a fist and gives a lopsided grin.
Loss to Time : Drops to one knee and lowers head in disgrace.
Draw : Stands back with one arm in front at waist level and the other behind
at stomach level.
Sayings : - I read you like an open grade school reader, pal!
- Fighting is all instincts. Instincts and steel muscles.
- If you have what it takes, try one more time!
Example Combo : Standing close C, Super Ousotogari
Bug vs. Mr. Big : Use Earth Mover, juggle with jumping CD or Cloud Tosser
Athena in Twilight Zone : Do the Heaven-to-Hell Drop as Athena starts her
Shining Crystal Bit

Moves :
Juji Shime (close) - close, f/b + C
Tsukamitatakitsuke (far) - close, f/b + C
Okuriashibarai - close, f/b + D
Jirai Shin (Mine Layer) - f, d, df + P (C fakes, A lays)
Chou Ukemi (Super Tumble) - QCB + K (does not strike)
Kumo Tsukami Nage (Cloud Tosser) - HCF + A
Chou Ousotogari (Super Ousotogari) - HCF + B
Kirikabu-gaeshi (Stump Throw) - HCF + C
Tenchi-gaeshi (Earth Mover or Heaven Drop) - close, HCB, f + C
!Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi (Heaven-to-Hell Drop) - close, HCB x2 + C
Notes : Their stage is the same as the Psycho Soldier Team. A lot of the
people in the background were in their '95 stage's background. It starts off
showing the middle background screen, saying "1996 in Japan." Both screens
show Team Japan and the current opponent. The building in the far middle has
SNK written on the side of it.
Beat Kagura :
- Kyo, jump CD, stand CD, Wild Bite, repeat
- Benimaru, close, Koreda, hyper jump away, repeat
- Daimon, let Kagura come close, Tenchi-gaeshi, repeat

Beat Goenitz :
- Kyo, jump close, D kick, he'll telport, standing CD attack, repeat
- Benimaru, use Koreda, walk up and standing D, repeat
- Daimon, same as Kagura

+++TEAM GORGEOUS+(New Heroine Team)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"The Captivating Ninja Cutey"
Style : Shiranui-Ryu Ninjitsu
1st Round Opening : Has her back to player in kimono, then whips around with
her fans and tails, and ends up in her fighting outfit.
Opening : Points toward opponent, wiggles and says, "Iku wa yo!" (Here I
Taunt : Shakes closed up fan at opponent and smiling, says, "Doushita no?"
(What's the matter?)
Poses : - Turns around opening a big umbrella and says, "Nippon ichi!" (Japan
is number one!)
- Same as above except in a kimono.
- Tosses her fan to her other hand, waves it, bounces, and says,
"Me bouncy!" (Actually, it's "Nippon ichi" as well, but hey...)
Loss to Time : Turns around and swings red/green tail back and forth.
Sayings : - Cheer up, buckos! There's always next time!
- You did pretty well. You actually touched me.
- You'll need more than that to beat a Shiranui ninja!
Example Combo : Jump C/D, Crouch C, Ryu En Bu/Deadly Ninja Bees

Moves :
Shiranui Gourin - close, f/b + C
Kazekurumabonshi - close, f/b + D
Yumesakura - jump, close, f/b/d + C/D
Kacho Sen (Butterfly Fan) - QCF + P
Ryu En Bu (Dragon Flame Dance) - QCB + P
HishoRyuEnJin (Flying Dragon Blast) - f, d, df + K
Musasabi-no Mai (Flying Squirrel Dance) -
jump, QCB + P or HCB + hold P or HCB, f + P (goes farther across)
Hissatsu Shinobibachi (Deadly Ninja Bees) - HCF + K
!Cho Hissatsu Shinobibachi (Super Deadly Ninja Bees) - QCB, HCF + K
* KING *
"The Beautiful Kick Boxing Lady"
Style : Muy Thai (Thai Kick-boxing)
Opening : Drinks from glass, throws it away and says, "Aite ni naru wa."
(I'll fight with you.)
Taunt : Crosses arms and beckons with one hand saying, "Honki de oide yo!"
(Try harder!)
Poses : - Tosses out a handkerchief and says, "Hmph! Nasakenai!" (Hmph!
- Stands smiling with hand on hip, facing player and blows the hair
off her face and says, "Karui mono ne." (Nothing to it.)
- Turns her back and holds a wine glass and says, "Tanoshikatta!
Mata oide." (That was fun! Let's do it again sometime.)
Loss to Time : Snaps fingers in a "Darn it!" type way.
Sayings : - What? Over so soon? Talk about fast!
- You lack nothing as an opponent. You have nothing either.
- Next time come to my place. The drinks are on me.
Example Combo : Jump D, close Stand A, cancel into Tornado Kick (D)

Moves :
(Hold Rush) - close, f/b + C
(Hook Buster) - close, f/b + D
(Venom Strike) - QCF + K
(Double Strike) - QCF x2 + K
(Trap Shot) - f, d, df + K
(Tornado Kick) - HCB + K
(Surprise Rose) - f, d, df + P
(Mirage Kick) - HCF + K
!(Illusion Dance) - QCF, HCB + K
"The Proud Martial Arts Babe"
Style : Aikido
Opening : Takes Aikido stance and says, "Ey!...onegaishimasu!" (Please go
Taunt : Puts hand on hip and shakes finger at opponent saying, "Motto honki
de koi!" (Try harder)
Poses : - Crosses her arms and starts laughing.
- Writes enemy's name in book, then points and says, "Come back when
you grow up!"
- Does a few punches and kicks, ending up in a pose with both arms
crossed, yelling as she does so.
Loss to Time : Sits on ground with feet toward enemy.
Sayings : - Someday, everyone will know Todo. No, not the dog!
- To win, believe in yourself. But I think you're hopeless!
- I think you should apologize for your poor performance!
Example Combo : Jump C (2 hits), close Stand C, cancel into Pile Hitter (A)

Moves :
Mukade Tatami - close, f/b + C
Katatsumuri Gake - close, f/b + D
KasaneAte (Ecstacy Crunch) - QCF + P
Air KasaneAte (Air Ecstacy Crunch) - jump, QCF + P
Messeimuto (Invincible Body Blow) - HCF + B (counter)
SashoInshu (Fakeout Punch Kick Crunch) - HCF + D (counter)
Shiroyamado (Snow Peak Peach) - QCB + P
Tatsumaki Soda (Whirlwind Spear Hitter) - close, HCB + C (throw)
!Cho KasaneAte (Ultimate Ecstacy Crunch) -
HCF x2 + P (hold P to delay attack)
Notes : In their stage, Todo appears in the background when Kasumi fights,
and waves fans around. If Kasumi wins, he strikes a pose, and if she loses,
he drops his fans. He doesn't seem to stay stationary however. The
waitresses from King's bar are once again in the background cheering for
their women. The halloween pumpkin and man at bar from their '95 stage are
once again their. A KoF'96 banner is on the right side. The stage is on the
top floor of a high-rise tower. The camera crew is filming from a blimp out-
side. The blimp itself has the KoF'96 logo on it.
Beat Kagura :
- Mai, stay full screen away and use Kachosen repeatedly or use Ryu
En Bu repeatedly
- King, from distance, use A, use CD attack when she jumps, repeat
- Kasumi, use KasaneAte repeatedly

Beat Goenitz :
- Mai, get close, use POW special, close, POW special, etc.
- King, hop forward, A, B, cancel into Tornado Kick, repeat
- Kasumi, hop forward, stand D, crouching B, cancel into Tatsumaki
Soda, repeat

+++THE OROCHI ASSASINS+(Yagami Team)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"The Burning Avenger"
Style : Magatama
Opening : Has back to opponent, turns around and says, "Sugu raku ni shite
yaru." (I will soon end your pain.)
vs. Kyo : Looks away saying, "Imasara inochigoi ka?" (Are you begging for
your life?)
Taunt : Puts hands in pockets and says, "Ore ga kowai no ka?" (Are you scared
of me?)
Poses : - Laughs like a maniac with hand on head.
- Puts hands in pocket and bends over saying, "Sonomama shine!" (You
will die like that.)
- Raises hand overhead, saying, "Tsuki o miru tabi omoi dase." (You
will recall this event whenever you see the moon.)
Loss to Time : Faces player and rips part of shirt sleeve off with teeth.
Draw : Covers mouth with forearm.
Sayings : - Geez, sorry, you guys. There's no cure for stupidity.
- This is your last fight. A memorable final performance.
- Well you had to die sometime. Now is as good a time as any!
Example Combo : Jump D, Stand C/(Crouch A, Stand A), Deadly Flower x2,
Burning Demon

Moves :
Sakahagi - close, f/b + C
Saka Sakahagi - close, f/b + D
100 Shiki Oniyaki (Type 100 Burning Demon) - f, d, df + P
212 Shiki Kototuki In (Type 212 Moon of Koto the Negative) - HCB + K
127 Shiki Aoi-hana (Type 127 Deadly Flower) - QCB + P x3
108 Yami-barai (Type 108 Driving Away Darkness) - QCF + P
Kuzu Kaze (Scum Gale) - close, HCF + C
!Kin 1211 Shiki Yaotome (Ban Type 1211 Eight Shrine Maiden) - QCB, HCF + P
* VICE *
"Rugal's Dreaded Secretary's Secretary"
Style : Magatama
1st Round Opening : Jumps in and lands on hands and knees, then howls.
Opening : Stretches lazily like a cat, saying, "Omoshiroi...yarou ka?"
(Most interesting...Shall we fight?)
Taunt : Holds head and laughs, saying, "Anmari bakarashii kara." (You're
quite the fool.)
Poses : - Holds cheek, laughs, turns away and sighs.
- Bows to player (a la KoF'95).
- Puts hand on hip and grins saying, "Mangetsu no yoru ni mata aou
ka." (Perhaps we will meet again on a full moon's night.)
Loss to Time : Turns to background and faces down.
Sayings : - The weak must be defeated. That's my only compromise.
- Humans are always rushing to self-destruction. Ya gotta love
these guys.
- Through time man's only nature has been evil.
Example Combo : Jump attack, close Standing C (2 hits), Da Cide/Negative Gain

Moves :
(Death Blow) - close, f/b + C
(Back Rush) - close, f/b + D
(Outrage) - QCB + K
(Raven Fest) - jump, QCB + K
(Gore Fest) - close, HCB, f + C
(Da Cide) - HCF + P
!(Negative Gain) - close, HCB x2 + C
"Rugal's Dreaded Secretary"
Style : Combination of Magatama and Rugal's style
Opening : Blows kiss then beckons to her opponent saying, "Saa, irasshai."
(Now, come here.)
Taunt : Throws arms out and stretches while yawning.
Poses : - Does the Marilyn Monroe pose, saying, "Kimochi ii deshou?" (Doesn't
it feel good?)
- Bows to player (a la KoF'94) saying, "Mou au koto mo nai deshou."
(It seems we will not meet again.)
- Puts hand on cheek and says, "Kedamono ni nioi ga suru yo." (You
reek of beasts.)
Loss to Time : Turns towards background and faces down.
Sayings : - I'm sure you all have dreams. I'll show you to dreamland.
- You must pay for your sins. The time of atonement has come.
- Life is one bargain after another. Now the bargaining is over.
Example Combo : close A x3, Metal Massacre

Moves :
(Death Blow) - close, f/b + C
(Back Rush) - close, f/b + D
(Death Downer) - QCB + P x3
(Metal Massacre) - QCB + K
(Despair) - QCF + P
(Deceaser) - HCF + P
!(Heaven's Gates) - QCB, HCF + K
Notes : It looks like Robert's porshe is in the background off to the left.
Some of the people in the background are from Japan Team's '95 stage. The
floor of the boat has the KoF'96 logo on it.
Beat Kagura :
- Iori, goto corner, use Scum Gale when she's close, repeat
- Vice, use De Cide repeatedly
- Mature, CD, cancel into Metal Massacre, repeat

Beat Goenitz :
- Iori, do Driving Away Darkness, he'll teleport, CD, repeat
- Vice, jump, Gore Fest, repeat
- Mature, same as Kagura

+++THE LEGENDARY TRIO OF GAROU+(Garou Densetsu Team)++++++++++++++++++++++++

"The Legendary Lone Wolf"
Style : Hakyokusaken
Opening : Fixes hat, then gestures with hand saying, "Hey, c'mon, c'mon!"
vs. Geese : With back to player, shakes his fist and growls, "Geese!"
Taunt : Fixes hat, then gestures with hand saying, "Hurry up!"
Poses : - Removes hat and dusts knees, then puts hat back on.
- Turns with back to player, tosses hat saying, "Okay!"
- Looking down on opponent, tosses hat behind him saying, "Okay!"
Loss to Time : Kneels with knee leaning on one arm, holding hat over brow
with other hand.
Draw : Turns around with back to player.
Sayings : - Ahh, lighten up. With your punches, you had to lose!
- You brought out the wolf in me. Aaaoooh!
- If you don't have fangs, don't flap your gums!
Example Combo : Jump D, Crouch B, Stand B, Power Dunk/Rising Tackle/
Crack Shoot

Moves :
(Graspin Upper) - close, f/b + C
(Buster Throw) - close, f/b + D
(Burn Knuckle) - QCB + P
(Power Wave) - QCF + P
(Crack Shoot) - QCB + K
(Rising Tackle) - f, d, df + P
(Power Dunk) - f, d, df + K
!(Power Geyser) - QCB, db, df + P
"The Master Bonebreaker"
Style : Kopoken
Opening : Holds hair with one hand and gestures with the other.
Taunt : Holds hair together with one hand and gestures with other hand.
Poses : - Takes stance and says, "Yoshi." (All right.)
- Faces player, closes eyes, and folds hands together meditating.
- Sweeps arms around in circular motion with trailing images and ends
in pose exhaling deeply.
Loss to Time : Bends over and covers face with forearm.
Nothing : Stands back, bounces, then cups hands on either side of face and
looks through, puts hands back in front in ready stance, puts hands
back in front of face, then stands back.
Sayings : - Faith is what wins. That and a devastating left hook!
- If you can't play to win, go play a puzzle game, pansy.
- In fighting, concentration is...uh...hmmm...Gee, I forgot.
Example Combo : Jump D, close Stand C (2 hits), Dam Breaker Punch, Cho
Reppadan/Any attack

Moves :
Gourin Kai - close, f/b + C
Kakaekomi - close, f/b + D
Zan Ei Ken (Shadow Slice) - db, f + P
During Zan Ei Ken
Gadankoh (Self Bomb Bliss) - QCF + P
Sho Ryu Dan (Rising Dragon Blast) - f, d, df + P
Kuuhadan (Sonic Split) - HCF + K
Hisho Ken (Flying Fist) - QCB + P
Geki-Heki Hai-Sui Sho (Dam Breaker Punch) - close, HCF + C
Genei Shiranui (Mysterious Phantom Lights) - jump, QCF + K
Landing after Genei Shiranui
Genei Shiranui Shimo-Agito (Mysterious Phantom Lights Underjaw) - P
Landing after Genei Shiranui
Genei Shiranui Uwa-Agito (Mysterious Phantom Lights Upperjaw) - K
Genei Shiranui Uwa-Agito (Mysterious Phantom Lights Upperjaw) - QCF, uf + K
!ChoReppadan (Super Sonic Swirl) - QCB, QCF + K
"The Kick-Boxing Storm"
Style : Muy Thai (Thai Kick-boxing)
1st Round Opening : Brings both fists down in a slamming motion saying, "Ey!"
Opening : Smacks fists then points to opponent and says, "Saku saku ikuze."
(Let's do this quick.)
Taunt : Pulls down shorts and moons opponent, saying "Ora, ora!" (Hey, hey!)
Poses : - Goes down on knees, kisses fists, then raises them saying,
"Oh-shaaa!" (Alriiight!)
- Puts hands on hips and throws head back laughing wildly.
- Does a couple punches towards opponent, then a forward elbow
towards player, saying, "Oh shaaa!"
Loss to Time : Kneels on one knee and lowers head.
Sayings : - I saw right through you like...well, something transparent.
- If I were you, I'd role [sic] over and pretend to be dead!
- Tough luck guys, you got the short straw with me!
Example Combo : Jump D, close Crouch B, Crouch A, TNT Punch, TNT Punch
Bug vs. Mr. Big : Use Screw Upper, juggle with another Screw Upper

Moves :
Hiza Jigoku - close, f/b + C
(Leg Toss) - close, f/b + D
(Hurricane Upper) - HCF + P
(Tiger Kick) - f, d, df + K
(Slash Kick) - HCF + K
Ohgon No Kakato (Golden Heel Hurter) - QCB + K
BakuretsuKen (TNT Punch) - Tap P repeatedly
During BakuretsuKen
BakuretsuKen Finish (TNT Punch Finisher) - QCF + P (A punch/C kick)
!(Screw Upper) - QCF x2 + P
Notes : Jubei Yamada can be seen in the background of their stage, sitting
in a lawn chair to the left. Blue Mary is also there and occassionally
cheers. On the rooftops of the buildings, Tung Fu Ru and Sokaku are there.
If you look at the way the signs are covered up, it reads "Railroad Crosed"
instead of "Railroad Crossing/Closed." It's a play with the English
language. There are torn up truck-bed plates of Toyota's stripped down to
read "YO" and "TOYO" on the telephone pole to the left. At the top of the
buildings to the right is a sign that says "Battle Stage" in the Fatal Fury
font. The KoF'96 flags are shown in the intro.
Beat Kagura :
- Terry, use Power Wave repeatedly until she's in corner, jump back,
- Andy, use Hishoken repeatedly
- Joe, use Hurricane Upper repeatedly

Beat Goenitz :
- Terry, use A Power Wave, he'll teleport, then use standing C,
B Crack Shot, then jump backwards with D kick, repeat
- Andy, wait for the whirlwind, then do C ZanEiKen, then jumping
backwards D kick, repeat
- Joe, Hurricane Upper, he'll teleport, TNT punch, hop back, repeat

+++THE KYOKUGENRYU KARATE TEAM+(Ryuuko no Ken Team)+++++++++++++++++++++++++

"The Unbeatable Tiger"
Style : Kyokugenryu Karate
Opening : Gestures with hand saying, "Ora, ora!" (C'mon, c'mon!)
Taunt : Gestures with hand saying, "Hora, hora!" (Come on, come on!)
Poses : - Fixes shirt and grins then flexes saying, "Osu!" (Karate salute.)
- Fixes knot in belt saying, "Osu!"
- Does a couple punches, kicks and turns to face opponent in ready
Loss to Time : Sits indian style and looks away.
Sayings : - A moment of weakness, months of pain.
- Alright! Kyokugen proves its power again. Woo! Woo!
- Kyokugen Karate is an art that will never fade away!
Example Combo : Jump D, Crouch C, cancel into Mo-ko Riajin Ko (C), KohKen (C)

Moves :
Tani Otoshi - close, f/b + C
Tomoe Nage - close, f/b + D
KohKen (Tiger Flame Punch) - QCF + P
HienShippuuKyaku (Lightning Legs Knockout Kick) - HCB + K
Can be done during Mo-ko Raijin Ko
Koho (Tiger Roar) - f, d, df + P
Mo-ko Raijin Ko (Fierce Thunder Tiger God's Might) - QCB + P
Kyokugenryu Ranbuken (Kyokugenryu Punch Dance) - close, HCF + C
!Haoh Sho Koh Ken (Supreme Roar) - f, HCF + P
!Ryuko Ranbu (Dragon/Tiger Boisterous Dance) - QCF, HCB + P
"The Invincible Dragon"
Style : Kyokugenryu Karate
Opening : Adjust gloves and gestures with hand saying, "Donnai shitan ya?"
(What are you doing?)
Taunt : Gestures with hand saying, "Donnai shitan ya?"
Poses : - Leans back and gives a thumbs up saying, "Yo-sha!" (Alright!)
- Turns around and flips coin in air then catches it.
- Turns around with back to player, points to himself with thumb
saying, "Donnai ya?" (What's up?)
Loss to Time : Takes glove off and throws it to ground, baring teeth.
Sayings : - Haste makes bruises, guys. Now split before I get mad.
- You guys were as tough as noodles. What a bore!
- Geez that was pathetic! Pull yourselves together!
Example Combo : Jump D, Kyokugenryu Kick Dance, Jump CD, Stand D

Moves :
Ryuchouukyaku - close, f/b + C
Kubikiri Nage - close, f/b + D
RyuGekiKen (Dragon Blast Punch) - QCF + P
HienShippuuKyaku (Lightning Legs Knockout Kick) - HCB + K
Ryuga (Dragon Fang) - f, d, df + P
HienRyuujinKyaku (Flying Dragon Blast Kick) - jump, QCB + K
Kyokugenryu RanbuKyaku (Kyokugenryu Kick Dance) - close, HCF + D
!Haoh Sho Koh Ken (Supreme Roar) - f, HCF + P
!Ryuko Ranbu (Dragon/Tiger Boisterous Dance) - QCF, HCB + P
"The Kyoku Gen Bombshell"
Style : Kyokugenryu Karate
Opening : Wiggles fingers beside head, then pats butt, then puts hands on
hips and says, "Babitsu yattsukechau zo!" (You're in for a real
Taunt : Puts hands on hips, bends forward and says, "Anta [wa] baka?" (Are
you dumb?)
Poses : - Swings arm in circle, then jumps up and gives two finger victory
sign, saying, "Ei! Ei! Oh! Oh! Jaanpu! Bui! Bui!" (Untranslatable.)
- Waves a "shame, shame" finger and says, "Saabisu, saabisu!"
(Service, service!)
- Cools off, using shirt, then looks at player and gives thumbs up
saying, "Chou yoyutchi!" (I'm not even tired!)
Loss to Time : Falls to ground, with shoulder showing.
Draw : Puts hands on cheeks, with mouth open, shocked.
Sayings : - Oh, stop moping. Even in defeat, smile, smile, smile!
- Tough and a babe! I'm just toooo much!
- Like, lighten up. If you want to try again, I'm available!
Example Combo : Jump attack, Crouch A x3, cancel into Yuri Super Spin Kick

Moves :
Oniharite - close, f/b + C
Sairento Nage - close, f/b + D
Ko Oh Ken (Tiger Blast Punch) - QCF + P
Rai Koh Ken (Thunder Strike) - QCF + K
Yuri Cho Upper (Yuri Super Upper) - f, d, df + P
Landing after C version of Yuri Cho Upper
Double Yuri Cho Upper (Double Yuri Super Upper) - f, d, df + P
Yuri Cho Knuckle (Yuri Super Knuckles) - QCB + P
Yuri Cho Mawashi-geri (Yuri Super Spin Kick) - QCB + K
Hyakuretsu Binta Attack (Hundred Blows Attack) - close, HCF + A or HCF + C
!Haoh Sho Koh Ken (Supreme Roar) - f, HCF + P
!HienHououKyaku (Flying Phoenix Kick) - QCF, HCB + K
Notes : They have the same stage as the Trio of Garou, except theirs is in
the evening. Robert's car (the red Porshe) is in the background. Ryo's new
stance is the "tiger" stance in Kung Fu, while Robert's is that of the
"dragon" (remember Ryo's symbol is the tiger and Robert's is the dragon). In
the intro, it says Art of Fighting in either English or Japanese.
Beat Kagura :
- Ryo, stay in corner and do crouching C whenever she gets close
- Robert, same as Ryo, except use standing D
- Yuri, do Ko Oh Ken at medium range repeatedly, when she's close,
use crouching D and move away

Beat Goenitz :
- Kyokugenryu Karate Team, allow life meter to drop to red, and
perform Haohshokoken repeatedly

+++THE PSYCHO SOLDIER TEAM+(Psycho Soldier Team)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"The Psychic High School Coed"
Style : Wu Shu
1st Round Opening : Tosses school girl uniform off saying, "Athena, ikimasu!"
(Here comes Athena!)
Opening : Raises hand saying the above.
Taunt : Sneezes and says, "Go...gomen nasai." (E...excuse me)
Poses : - Spins around saying, "Yatta! Gu!" (Yeah! or I did it!)
- Snaps fingers across, gives two finger victory sign, and says,
"Yay! Kampeki!" (Yay! Perfect!)
- Does a Sailor Moon type pose, winks, and says, "Watashitachi wa
makenai wa!" (We'll never lose!)
Loss to Time : Shakes her head, holds hands together before her and weeps.
Sayings : - I just love it when these battles go full contact.
- Watch me in the next fight! This time I might even try!
- Wow! That was fun. Let's do it again soon.
Example Combo : close Crouch B, close Stand A, Cancle into Psycho Sword (C)
Super Saiya Jin Athena : Hit Athena at the start of her Shining Crystal Bit
and she will be able to move with the two blue balls still rotating
around her. This will last the round.

Moves :
(Bit Throw) - close, f/b + C
(Psychic Throw) - close, f/b + D
(Psychic Shoot) - jump, close, f/b/d + C/D
(Psycho Ball Attack) - QCB + P
(Phoenix Arrow) - jump, QCB + P
(Psycho Sword) - f, d, df + P (can be done in air)
(Psycho Teleport) - QCF + K
(Psycho Reflector) - HCB + K
!(Shining Crystal Bit) - b, HCB + P (can be done in air) (can be cancelled)
During Shining Crystal Bit
!(Crystal Shoot) - QCB + P (can be directed) (hold P to delay attack)
"The Fiery Psychic Boy"
Style : Combination of Wu Shu and Kung Fu
1st Round Opening : Puts the whole bao (Chinese bun) in his mouth, then
chokes on it, turning blue. He hits his chest and reverts to normal
Opening : Holds up smoking bao, then puts whole thing in mouth and chews.
Taunt : Turns his back, waves finger, and says, "Benkyou shinatte!"
(Go study!)
Poses : - Turns around and waves finger at opponent saying, "Mada mada shugyo
ga taran na!" (You haven't practiced enough!)
- Flips backwards, looks down at shorts which are torn at the crotch
then freaks out yelling.
- Flips backwards and says, "Yatta ze!" (I did it!)
Loss to Time : Stomps toward player, swinging arms like a gorilla and looking
like an idiot.
Sayings : - Yes, I'm an original! No one does it better!
- You hit your wall, bud! And you can call it Kensou.
- Pull yourselves together! On your bellies, give me 100.
Example Combo : close Stand C, cancel into Earth/Heaven Dragon Fang Nibble

Moves :
Hakkei - close, f/b + C
Tomoe Nage - close, f/b + D
ChoKyuudan (Super Bullet Attack) - QCB + P
RyuGakuSai (Dragon Jaw Crusher) - b, d, db + K
RyuRenGa ChiRyu (Earth Dragon Fang Nibble) - HCF + A
RyuRenGa TenRyu (Heaven Dragon Fang Nibble) - HCF + C
RyuSoGeki (Dragon Talon Tear) - jump, QCB + P
!Shinryu Tenbu Kyaku (Divine Dragon Air Dance Kick) - QCF, HCB + D
!Shinryu Seioh Rekkyaku (Divine Dragon Terrific Glitter Tear) - QCF, HCB + B
"The Lifetime Wild Guy"
Style : Kung Fu
1st Round Opening : Lying, propped on one elbow, drinks from gourd, says,
"Bochi, bochi, hajimeru ka no?" (Shall we begin?) then flips upward
as a yellow butterfly/moth flies around.
Opening : Jumps in, falling flat on his stomach, then gets up saying, "Bochi,
bochi, hajimeru ka no?"
Taunt : Raises hand to forehead, looking back and forth, saying, "Hatte, doko
ita ka no?" (Let's see, where did you go?)
Poses : - Drunkenly skips across the screen, singing to himself.
- Tips sake jug into mouth froom crook of elbow, drinks, hiccups,
then puts hand to forehead.
- Puts pipe in mouth, takes a puff and makes a high-pitched cry.
Loss to Time : Lies on ground and covers face with arms and crosses one leg.
Sayings : - Pwaah! After that, I really need this!
- Winning is tough. Like the old beef jerky in my pocket.
- This meeting was destined. How 'bout a swig? It's choice!
Example Combo : Jump C (2 hits), close Stand C, cancel into Ryurin Hourai (C)

Moves :
(Alcoholic Forcing) - close, f/b + C
Sakakyaku Nage - close, f/b + D
HyotanGeki (Gourd Attack) - QCB + P
Ryurin Hourai (Willow-the-Wisp Legendary Wizard's Mountain) - f, d, df + P
Kaiten-teki Karatokken (Rolling Airstrike Punch) - HCF + K
BogetsuSui (Full Moon Drunker) - QCB + K (can be cancelled)
During BogetsuSui
Kaiten-teki Karatokken (Rolling Airstrike Punch) - HCF + K
During BogetsuSui
RoJa Hanhoh (Dragon Snake Counter) - u + B
During BogetsuSui
Rigyo Hanhoh (Carp Counter) - u + D
Suikankanoh (Drunken Twister) - QCF + P (can be cancelled)
During Suikankanoh
Kaiten-teki Karatokken (Rolling Airstrike Punch) - f + K
During Suikankanoh
ChoShuRikuGyo (Butterfly Attack ? Fish) - f + P
!Gouran EnPoh (Thunder Biast) - QCF x2 + P
Notes : There's a female version of Sie holding a riceball in the background
as well as a Chin look-a-like. The people in the back are students (most
likely classmates of Athena and Kensou). On the left side they're dressed as
Athena's 1P colors and on the right, her 2P colors (school dress). There are
2 Athena Live concert signs in the background. SNK is on the building in the
center back. Cameramen can be seen on the left and right sides. Screens
show the current fighters and their teammates. The intro says, "In Osaka."
Beat Kagura :
- Athena, use Psycho Ball continously
- Kensou, let her come close, crouching D, repeat
- Chin, continously use the Gourd Attack (from across screen) or
Thunder Biast, tick damage till time runs out

Beat Goenitz :
- Athena, when close, CD, cancel into Psycho Ball, he will teleport,
do Psycho Sword, repeat
- Kensou, Chokyuudan, he'll teleport, C throw, repeat
- Chin, far, BogetsuSui, wait for him to attempt super, Carp Counter,

+++THE LEGENDARY WARRIORS OF IKARI+(New Ikari Team)+++++++++++++++++++++++++

"The Serene Woman Warrior"
Style : Trained under Heidern (Amazon/Green Beret Training)
1st Round Opening : Stands in military uniform, backflips throwing it off
then says, "Ninmu suikou shimasu." (I shall perform my duty.)
Opening : Removes dogtags from neck and ties a ponytail with it.
Taunt : Turns away from opponent and fixes gloves saying, "Doushita no?"
(What's wrong?)
Poses : - Flexes then folds hands at chest facing player and closes eyes.
- Ties her shoelace, looks up, tosses hair from face, then continues.
- Puts one hand on hip and says, "Ninmu kanryou." (I've completed my
Loss to Time : Turns away from opponent standing straight.
Draw : Stands straight, tugs at bottom of shorts, then puts hands on hips
looking down.
Nothing : Stops moving, flexes slightly, stands straight, then loosens
Sayings : - Oh, lighten up, you wimps. It's just a tournament.
- You guys need help! There's no way you can win!
- You're lucky to be alive. Pick up your livers and go.
Example Combo : Voltaic Launcher (C), any attack

Moves :
(Killer Bite) - close, f/b + C
(Orient Buckler) - close, f/b + D
(Heidern Inferno) - jump, close, f/b/d + C/D
(Moon Slasher) - hold d, u + P
(X-Caliber) - hold d, u + K
(Voltaic Launcher) - hold b, f + P
(Grand Saber) - hold b, f + K
During Grand Saber
(Sonic Kick Finisher) - fw + D*D
!V Slasher - jump, QCF, HCB + P or QCF, HCB, ub + P
* RALF *
"The Battleground Tough Guy"
Style : Armed Forces Training & Native American Wrestling
1st Round Opening : Drinks a bottle of whiskey then tosses it past opponent
saying, "Oowah! Kakatte koi!" (Oowah! Come on, let's fight!)
Opening : Ties on his bandanna and cracks his knuckles saying, "Oowah!
Kakatte koi!"
vs. Clark : Strikes five poses synchronized. The first four the same, the
fifth different.
Taunt : Puts hands on hips, looks down, then puts hand up beckoning and says,
"Yoshi, todome iku ka?" (All right, shall we finish this?)
Poses : - Smacks fists then flexes and drops head back groaning.
- Punches down, then raises one forearm on tiptoes, then the other,
and says, "Y'sha! utsu wa ja! Nenda kora!" (Yeah! You got
smacked! What do you think of that?)
- Raises fist then draws back, saying, "Yay! Ninmu kanryou!" (Yay!
I've completed my duty!)
Loss to Time : Turns away, unties his bandanna and holds it in his hand.
Draw : Turns away with one hand gestured to opponent.
Nothing : Hops from side to side.
Sayings : - Me lose to you! Not now, or the next millennium.
- You guys fought well. Not! Get out of our way.
- You fought like a star, the guy who plays the corpse that is!
Example Combo : Jump C/D, (Stand C,) Super Argentine Backbreaker

Moves :
(Dynamite Head Butt) - close, f/b + C
(Northern Light Bomb) - close, f/b + D
(Vulcan Punch) - Tap P repeatedly
(Gatling Attack) - hold b, f + P
Kyukoka Bakudan Punch (Blitzkrieg Punch) - hold d, u + P or jump, QCF + P
(Ralf Kick) - hold b, f + K
(Super Argentine Backbreaker) - close, HCF + K
!Varivarivulcan Punch (Clunk Vulcan Punch) - QCF, HCB + P
!Umanori Vulcan Punch (Mount Position Vulcan Punch) - QCF, HCB + K
"The Laconic Mercenary"
Style : Armed Forces Training & Native American Wrestling
Opening : Faces player and spits in hands.
vs. Ralf : Same as Ralf vs. Clark.
Taunt : Gestures with hand then points to chest with thumb saying, "Hey,
Poses : - Gives silent salute.
- Pulls cap down over eyes and pulls out dogtags from pockets,
saying, "Nurui, yo...na?" (Pathetic...aren't you?)
- Lifts cap slightly facing player, gives thumbs up and says, "Hey!
Ninmu kanryou!" (Hey! I've completed my duty!)
Loss to Time : Bends over, holding knees, with head down in shame.
Draw : Brings hand across mouth, licking fingers in a disgusted manner.
Nothing : Wiggles gloved hand around, loosening wrist.
Sayings : - Hey! Don't take your pathetic loss personnally. It's just
- Now now. These things happen. Never to me of course.
- You don't know your own weakness melonhead!
Example Combo : close Stand C (1 hit), cancel into Super Argentine
Backbreaker, Flashing Elbow

Moves :
(Pyramid Driver EX) - close, f/b + C
(Fisherman Buster) - close, f/b + D
(Death Lake Dive) - jump, close, f/b/d + C/D
(Vulcan Punch) - Tap P repeatedly
(Rolling Cradler) - HCF + P
(Frankensteiner) - HCF + B
(Nepalm Stretch) - f, d, df + P
(Super Argentine Backbreaker) - close, HCF + D
After any special move throw
(Flashing Elbow) - QCB or QCF + P
!(Ultra Argentine Backbreaker) - HCB x2 + C
Notes : In the background, a set of cannons on the far left side fire a
salute whenever one of the Ikari Warrior team members wins. The plates on
the bridge move up and down as players walk over them. A sign in the distant
background has the KoF'96 logo on it. A flag on the right side is a KoF'96
flag as well. That infamous Ikari helicopter is shown at the beginning.
This stage seems like a spiffed up version of a stage in the second Ikari
Warriors game. When in the background, neither Clark nor Leona do anything
when their teammates get hit or land hit. Ralf only reacts when his teammate
lands a hit.
Beat Kagura :
- Leona, hyper jump over, CD.
- Ralf, wait till she's close, then throw.
- Clark, wait till she's close, then throw.

Beat Goenitz :
- Leona, hop forward with B, crouching D, repeat
- Ralf, Blitzkrieg Punch, he'll block then move towards you, Super
Argentine Backbreaker, repeat
- Clark, hop forward with A, crouching B, Super Argentine
Backbreaker, repeat

+++KOREA'S STRANGEST TEAM+(Kim Team)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"The Teacher of Justice"
Style : Tae Kwon Do
Opening : Rolls up his sleeves, flexes, and says "Ikuzou!" (Let's go!)
Taunt : Points to opponent and says, "Kakatte koi!" (Come and attack!) Then
waves them off.
Poses : - Wipes the sweat off his brow and says, "Nakama kama otte maire."
(An honorable defeat for a friend.)
- Does his "junbi" (defensive stance) pose saying, "Hah!"
- Smiles at players clenching fist as teeth twinkle.
Loss to Time : Falls to his knees and hits the floor with his fist as a tear
Sayings : - The only enemy I have is me...and my old girlfriend...and...
- You can't win by luck alone, but it sure does help, huh!
- You need to find the true meaning of battle. Pain.
Example Combo : Jump D, Crouch A x2, HienZan, HououKyaku (in air)
Bug vs. Choi : Kubi Kwame Otoshi does double damage

Moves :
Kubi Kwame Otoshi - close, f/b + C
Sakkyaku Nage - close, f/b + D
HienZan (Flying Slice) - hold d, u + K
HangetsuZan (Crescent Moon Slash) - QCB + K
Hishokyaku (Flying Kick) - jump, QCF + K or QCF, uf + K
KuSajin (Blowing Sandblaster) - hold d, u + P
RyuseiRaku (Comet Cruncher) - hold b, f + K
!HououKyaku (Phoenix Flattener) - QCB, db, f + K (can be done in air)
"The Human Wrecker Ball"
Style : Variation of Tae Kwon Do
Opening : Bangs his head against his iron ball.
Taunt : Hits his belly with his hand saying, "Doushta." (What's wrong?)
Poses : - Swings ball around with one hand rapidly saying, "Ora! Sukurete
koi!" (Hey! Go get some help!)
- Polishes his iron ball with his shirt, humming to himself as his
head glimmers.
- Drops to one knee and clenches a fist, grunting.
Loss to Time : Drops his iron ball then breaks his chains.
Sayings : - Ha, ha, ha. Even beating up on idiots has its good points.
- You thought you could beat us? Do you believe in Santa too?
- Hey, I could have told you I'd win before this match!
Example Combo : Jump D, Dai Hakai Nage

Moves :
Hagan Geki - close, f/b + C
Kusari Jime - close, f/b + D
Tekkyu FunsaiGeki (Breaking Iron Ball) - hold b, f + P
Tekkyu DaiKaiten (Spinning Iron Ball) - Tap P repeatedly (can be cancelled)
Tekkyu HienZan (Flying Ball Breaker) - hold d, u + K
Dai Hakai Nage (Big Destroyer Toss) - close, HCB, f + C
!Tekkyu Daiboso (Wild Ball Attack) - QCF, QCB + P
(There are six various endings to this move.)
"The Incisive Mad Slasher"
Style : Variation of Tae Kwon Do
Opening : Slashes at the air and licks his claws, saying "Kakugo suru de
yansu!" (Prepare yourself!)
Taunt : Pats his posterior and covers mouth with hand while squealing.
Poses : - Does a ballet style spin on one leg, stops and strikes a pose
saying, "Kaikan!" (Victory!)
- Does a different ballet style spin on one leg, stops and strikes a
pose saying, "Kachi de yansu." (I win)
- Covers his mouth and holds his posterior, and glasses glimmer.
Loss to Time : Falls on his back and waves his arms and legs (like a baby
that can't get up).
Nothing : Licks claws.
Sayings : - Cut and gouge. Cut and gouge. The terror of my talons lives!
- I'll carve my name into all who dare challenge me!
- I may be short, but boy! Sure know how to move!
Example Combo : In air HishoKyaku (D), Crouching D/Jump C

Moves :
Zujo Sashi - close, f/b + C
TatsumakiShippuZan (Hurricane Cutter) - hold d, u + P
HishokuretsuZan (Flying Slash) - hold d, u + K
HishoKyaku (Soaring Kick) - jump, QCF + K
Senpu Hien Shitotsu (Flying Monkey Slash) - hold b, f + K
During KuretsuZan or Hienshitotsu
HokotenKan (Change of Direction) - move joystick + button
Kaiten Hienzan (Monkey Spin) - hold b, f + P (can change directions)
!Shin! ChozetsuTatsumakiShinkuZan (Truly! Transcendence Tornado
Ripper) - QCB x2 + P
Notes : Hon Fu is on the far right with the multitude, yelling at the team.
There is a KoF'96 banner on the right side. This stage is the backside of
the team's KoF'94 stage.
Beat Kagura :
- Kim, when close, jump up with CD, she'll block, jump forward with
CD, HangetsuZan, repeat
- Chang, use light Metal Ball Crush repeatedly
- Choi, use Flying Strike repeatedly, f + K, f + K, f + K, b + K

Beat Goenitz :
- Kim, use HishoKyaku, jump away, repeat
- Chang, jump attack, Dai Hakai Nage, repeat
- Choi, same as Kim

+++HISTORY'S MOST EVIL TRIO+(Boss Team)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"The Ultimate Self-Made Badguy"
Style : Hakyokusaken
Opening : Points to opponent, says, "You!" then clenches a fist chuckling.
vs. Terry : Crosses arms, grinning as he beckons with head/neck saying, "Come
Taunt : Puts hand on hip and gestures with other hand saying, "Come on."
Poses : - Crosses arms, grins, and gives an evil chuckle.
- Puts hands on hips and laughs.
- Does sweeping arm motions ending by crossing arms in satisfaction.
Loss to Time : Puts one arm up, makes a fist, and shakes fist.
Sayings : - So how's it feel to be ruled by overwhelming power?
- Want the power to live again? Sorry your time had run out!
- Hmph! I'll break anyone who blocks my way to world conquest!
Example Combo : jump C, close Stand C, Ja-ei-ken (A)

Moves :
Tate Katate Nage - close, f/b + C
Shinkuu Nage - close, f/b + D
Reppuken (Strong Violent Wave) - QCF + A
Double Reppuken (Double Violent Wave) - QCF + C
Ja-ei-ken (Evil Shadow Slasher) - HCB + P
Shippu Ken (Gale Slash) - jump, QCB + P
Joudan Atemi Nage (Upper Stun Throw) - HCF + B (counter)
Chuudan Atemi Nage (Middle Stun Throw) - HCF + D (counter)
Hishou Nichirin Zan (Flying Sun Slash) - f, d, df + P
!(Raging Storm) - db, HCB, df + P
* MR. BIG *
"The Chrome-Dome Don"
Style : Escrima
1st Round Opening : Stands with two girls. One walks up to the opponent and
says, "Happii kai?" (You happy?) as the other says, "Kare wa sugoi wa
yo!" (He's simply amazing!) then both girls walk off the screen.
Opening : Shrugs saying "Happii kai?"
Taunt : Same as opening.
Poses : - Does two quick club swipes, then faces player.
- Does a John Travolta disco style dance pose saying, "Yeeeeaah!"
- Taps club on shoulder, rests both clubs on shoulders and says,
"Mattaku buraito da ze!" (Very bright, indeed!)
Loss to Time : Sits on ground.
Sayings : - Thought yourselves heroes, huh? It's so funny I'm crying!
- I need a reason to fight? How 'bout your ugly mugs?
- I can beat you with one finger! Now get out of my way, trash!
Example Combo : Stand A, California Romance (C)

Moves :
(Million Dollar Buster) - close, f/b + C
(High Lift Throw) - close, f/b + D
(Ground Blaster) - QCF + P
(Cross Diving) - HCB + P
(Spinning Lancer) - HCB + K
(California Romance) - f, d, df + P
(Crazy Drum Dram) - Tap P repeatedly
!(Blaster Wave) - QCF x2 + P
"The Emperor of Darkness"
Style : House of Strolheim
1st Round Opening : Shrugs off armor saying, "Let's burn it up!"
Opening : Flexes with head back saying, "Let's burn it up!"
Taunt : Brushes off hands saying, "Give it up, loser!"
Poses : - Points to enemy and says, "You can get up by yourself!"
- Raises fist and brings it down (typical "Yesss!" victory pose).
- Brushes off hands saying, "Thanks for a good time!"
Loss to Time : Looks to one side.
Sayings : - Under my absolute strength, all my foes lie in their graves.
- Yeah! I just love it when I can maim people and get money, too!
- If you can win, you'll be the world's strongest. If, that is.
Example Combo : Jump C, Crouch C, Kaiser Kick (B)

Moves :
(Cliff Hanger Drop) - close, f/b + C
(Kaiser Driver 91) - close, f/b + D
Blitz Ball Joudan (Upper Blitz Ball) - QCB + P
Blitz Ball Chuudan (Middle Blitz Ball) - QCB + K
(Leg Tomahawk) - QCF + K
(Kaiser Suplex) - close, HCB, f + C
(Kaiser Kick) - f, d, df + K
(Kaiser Duel Sobat) - HCF + K
!(Kaiser Wave) - f, HCF + P
Notes : Billy Kane is in the background (looks like he survived Iori's
beating). John Crawley is standing next to Billy and Ripper is standing next
to John. Notice the film crew following the fight in the back. When the
stage moves, after the wall area, you can see Krauser's Castle in the outline
background. There are three KoF'96 flags - one in the middle and one on
either side. There are RR engravings on the balconies (references to
Rugal?). The guys toasting look like the Mayor of Southtown (in red) and
Lawrence Blood (in black). The two girls near them (one's clapping and the
other's smoking) look like Mr. Big's girls from AoF.
Beat Kagura :
- Geese, use air Shippuken repeatedly or stay about two to three
character spaces away and do counter move, she'll go right through,
then attack her from behind, repeat
- Mr. Big, use his desperation or Ground Blaster repeatedly
- Krauser, let her come close, then Kaiser Suplex, repeat

Beat Goenitz :
- Geese, jump with D, crouching D, repeat
- Mr. Big, when close, standing D, he'll teleport, standing C, cancel
into California Romance, repeat
- Krauser, use the desperation continuously

+++THE FINAL BOSSES+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Style : The Ancient Art of Kagura
Opening : Stands still, holding out hand saying, "Saa, hajimemashou." (Now,
let's begin.)
Taunt : Adjusts her collar and hair saying, "Mada omattenai wa yo." (It's not
over yet.)
Poses : - Closes her eyes, raises head to sky, and raises a hand and brings
it down, sighing.
- She does a wierd dance and ends up with back to player, looking
over her shoulder.
- Turns slightly sideways and playfully curls her hair with her
finger saying, "Maa, konna mono ne!" (This was quite an event!)
Loss to Time : Closes her eyes and slumps her shoulders.
Sayings : - You can't beat me until you know what true power is!
- Trying with all you might is the true path to victory!
- Those with reasons to live have the true power to win!
Example Combo : Jump D, Crouch A x2, Heaven God's Truth

Moves :
(Moon Command) - f + C
(Heaven's Gate) - f + D
Hyakukatsu Tenshin NoKotowari
(100 Heaven God's Truth) - f, d, df + P (A stays on ground, C leaps)
NihyakuJyuunikatsu Shinsoku NoNokori (212 Fast Pray) -
HCB + A/B/C/D (punch for high, kick for low, strength sets distance)
After NihyakuJyuunikatsu Shinsoku NoNokori
Tenzui (Heaven's Limit) -
QCB + A/B/C/D (you must use the same button from Fast Pray move)
Hyakuhachikatsu Tamayura No Shitsune (108 Tamayura's Wonderful Sound) -
HCF + P (A for immediate, C for "dance" delay)
!Rimenichikatsu Sanrai NoFujin (Inter 1 Sanrai's Formation) - QCB, HCF + P
!Rimenihachijyugokatsu Reigi No Ishizue (Inter 85 Zero Tactics Ishizue) -
HCB x2 + K
Notes : You can see Heidern and Saishu in the background. There are some
inflated Super Deformed balloon people in the background including : Athena,
Kyo, Terry, and Andy. These are people in costumes (you'll discover this
during Goenitz's stage). The KoF'96 logo is on the stage floor. KoF'96
signs and flags are spread across the stadium. Camera crews are on either
side of the stage. The giant screen on the back highlights the some fighters
while the moving sign below reads, "Final battle...last stage." Judges are
seated on the left, while round women are on the right.
Beat Kagura (w/ Kagura) :
- ???

Beat Goenitz (w/ Kagura) :
- ???

How to beat Kagura (general) :
- For everyone, superjump over her, then CD or crouching D as she
lands from uppercut.
- For people with special grabs/throws (i.e. Goro, Benimaru, Krauser,
etc.), let her come close, then grab her
- For people with fireballs, throw fireball, then run forward, then
throw fireball, run forward, etc.
- For people with a triangle jump, at the beginning, go to your
corner, jump off wall and over Kagura, used standing D when she
lands from uppercut, retreat, and repeat
- For people with an uppercut, stand one to one and a half character
spaces away, do standing Jab, and uppercut her as she attacks.
Style : Power of Orochi (User of Wind)
Opening : Holds out arms saying, "Saa, kami ni inorinasai." (Quickly, pray to
your god.)
Taunt : Gestures with hand and says, "Nurui desu, ne." (Aren't you pathetic.)
Poses : - Looks at enemy and claps hands saying, "Mada mada desu ne." (Not
quite, I'm afraid.)
- Raises hand in front of him and says, "Kuuyara tamenasai." (Repent
while you are still able.)
- Puts hand on chest and bows to player saying, "Kami no gokamon ga
aran koto." (Your god has failed you.)
Loss to Time : Crouches low to ground and clenches fist in frustration.
Sayings : - With your pathetic performance here, ends humanity.
- Your invitation has brought your own destruction. Toodles!
- Now the world will burn in hate's flames! And chaos reigns!
Example Combo : Does he need one? (a combo that is)

Moves :
??? (???) - f + C
??? (???) - f + D
Yonokaze (Twister) - HCF + A/B/C/D (button determines distance)
Hyuuga (Teleport) - HCB + K (B is low, D is high)
Wanpyuu Tokobuse (Low Vacuum Air Slash) - QCB + A
Wanpyuu Mametsu (Upper Vacuum Air Slash) - QCB + C
!Yamidoukoku (Throw Command) - close, HCB x2 + C (can be done at anytime)
!Shinyaotome Mizumi -
QCB, HCF + A/C (A is low, C is high) (can be done at anytime)
!Shinyaotome Jittsouko - QCB, HCF + A/C (A is low, C is high)
Notes : Richard Meyers is flying around in the background. SD heads can also
be seen flying in the background including, Kyo, Andy, Athena, and Billy.
The man in the Athena costume can sometimes be seen hanging on to one of the
pillars who then gets blown away and is seen again in the distant background.
Beat Kagura (w/ Goenitz) :
- Use Yonokaze repeatedly

Beat Goenitz (w/ Goenitz) :
- Stay at distance using D Yonokaze repeatedly

How to beat Goenitz (general) :
- For characters with short range fireballs, fireball at close range,
he'll teleport behind, then use crouching D
- For characters with long range fireballs, fireball from far, he'll
teleport, then use CD attack or he will come close, jump up and do
CD or D, he will teleport behind, CD or sweep (will not work in
- For characters with special throws, let him come close, then grab
- For all characters, jump forward without attacking, throw as soon
as you land
- For all characters, go to corner and charge POW meter while he
does his hurricane (usually two or three), then hyper jump with CD
while he charges his POW, go back to corner and taunt till his POW
meter goes down, repeat

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 9


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