Title: Disco No.1
Rom Player: mame
Reviewer: test tube

Synopsis: What in the fuck is this awful piece of shit!? As far as I can tell this game was either made in 1980 or 82. its a big black room with some red lines bordering it. So I'm guessing I'm a in a big disco that either has a black floor or the lights are out. What a fucking depressing club, a dark empty space, there are little gray women forms convulsing and jiggling around in circles. You control some poor retarded looking fellow who runs around the room leaving a yellow line behind him wherever he goes. I'm guessing since the guy looks so retarded he's pissing down his pants and itís coming out the side of his pants leg. The object of the game is to make boxes around the gray convulsing women so that they turn into big pink squares with a huge decapitated woman's head with a popped out eyeball.... ?!!! You do have enemies! One is some crazed old woman with a broom, who is probably mad cause you are pissing all over the floor, the other are the Blues Brothers who appear to be just hovering around and you die if you run into them. There are what seems to be martini glasses and beer mugs sitting on the ground and you get points for picking them up. Like I said, what a depressing disco. No bar, just drinks sitting on the floor.

Now this game sucks, but what really digs its grave is the music. DING DING DING DING DING. A bunch of dings and they are trying to be funky and disco-ey and rocking. Fucking terrible, not to mention the music on the 2nd level is the awful POPCORN SONG that um.. you know that song that is just a bunch of popcorn pops that they forced you to listen to in school. This game sucks, no one ever played it.

Best Cheats: Ni! (note that I got all my existing arcade ROMS from mame.dk which no longer offers ROM downloads cause some little whiney shit told on them, whoever you are FUCK YOU)

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 1
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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