Title: Great 1000 Miles Rally
Rom Player: MAME32
Reviewer: Shyg

Synopsis: Name sounds misleading, does it? No way! IT'S GREAT! This deserves the title of one of the greatest rally games EVER!!! It shares the gameplay of other rally games such as Blomby Car. Simply put, the original version had 10 cars, while the U.S.A version had 2 more, and TOUGHER! The graphics are realistic, cars are very beautiful, and so are the courses. Fans of V-rally crap your pants, because this is one of the greatest rally games EVER! Okay, enough time wastin', we'll get into more of the game.

This game is a little hard at first, but you'll get the "Hang-On" of it. He he he... The car sounds are great, there's only music in the car/track selection menus, but who cares?!? My favorite car is the Ferrari 250 GTO. Man that car rules! This is an example of great time 2 boys are having:

Tom: How fast!
Jim: Whoa! Let go of the accelerator before you crash!
Tom: Aggh!!! (Car spins out after hitting a wall)
Jim: Hurry up! You're running out of time!
Tom: Yes, yes, AHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Stupid racers! You made me lose!
Jim: Okay, my turn!

Time limit you ask? You gotta finish each course in less than 1 minute. It ain't that hard, it's just some of the track can be hard. If you were racing like that in real life, you'd get very sick and puke all in your racing helmet! No kidding! It's tight. I beat it one time. I haven't beat the U.S. version yet, it's a little too hard! I think you can feel the cars being different. The controls is the usual accelerate, brake and turn.

I haven't got the evolution model version yet. Wanna play it? Give this game a try! Here's the place to get this game: http://www.planetemu.net/ search for gtmr and you'll find this game! Télécharger means download. The site's in another language, but easy to understand!

P.S. Make this synopsis box larger, I hate writing in such a small box!

Best Cheats: None, but if you want to get a screenshot, go to mame.dk THANK YOU!

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 10


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